Walmart Intercom: 9/11 Truth

This is a CLASSIC!

"Nathan Moulton shows just how easy it is to get on a Walmart intercom to spread some 9/11 truth."


Thank you, Nathan.
You're my new hero.
Very funny and very brave.
And a great idea.


So clever and fun an idea...

Amazing really! And how brave...I would love to have seen the faces of the checkers and stockers and managers as they fluttered about looking for you. You were so cool headed the whole time. We need more like you. I'm smiling ear to ear right now. Thanks for that! Oh, and GOOD WORK!

Gotta love this!

Excellent idea! This is going on my page right now!

Canada Wants 9/11 Truth

HaHaHA... Love-it - Great name for his production company...

a play on his surname...

Moulton Steel Productions

LMFAO... Top Job... Nuff Respect :-{)

Best wishes

right on.

I fell out of my chair. Thanks :-)

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

I like the brevity of the

I like the brevity of the messages.
Doesn't Mark Dice do the same thing a lot?
He tends to use the bullhorn though. I saw one vid that was pretty funny he was riding a tricycle down one of the aisles bullhorning some 9/11 messages. But he tends to get caught and make a bit of an ass out of himself.

This guy did it rather well.

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Damn...that was good stuff!

Damn...that was good stuff! I would have loved to have seen peoples expressions each time he spoke or do you think the sheep just carried on as usual...
Definitely classic.


Guerrilla shopping for the truth.


This is hilarious!! I love it. What a great idea this young man had. Bravo!

To get the code number

Go one day and ask someone to page your friend/wife/husband/child to meet you in the area where the phone is (sporting goods, etc.) and watch the person enter the code on the keypad. Then come back another day and do it yourself. Tell others the code, or post it. Unless they want to be total assholes about it, if you get caught, the worst they will probably do is ask you to leave the store. I doubt if there is anything they can charge you with. (technically, they need to ask you to leave first, and you have to comply, and if you don't (or return), then they can maybe press charges of some sort)

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great idea Mr. Moulton

a true "wake-up call"!~!~!
it's sad, but truth activism can be very exciting....

very cool, Mr. Mouton

a true "wake-up call"!~

it's sad, but truth activism can be quite exciting.

It's more than hilarious, it's well done!

Nathan Moulton has a career on the air with such an excellent announcer's voice!

It's a great job of improvising a 9/11 protest! It's a 10 any day of the week! It may even become a fad!

You made my day, Calgary! Canada trumps the states, once again!

...don't believe them!