9/11 Truth Utility Pole Banners

Here's activism almost anyone can do. Post banners on utility poles at intersections with stop lights. Bored passengers and drivers are a captive audience.

These are 4" wide banners with enlarged letters. The template file is attached. It is a source of inspiration to me to see some of my surviving banners months after they are placed. The banners say:

The wording was chosen based on the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).

The banners last indefinitely, when covered with 2" packaging tape on a metal utility pole. They can also be posted on a wooden utility pole. The banners are on card stock and can last through the Oregon monsoon season.

Use heavy card stock paper, such as semi-vellum 65 lb. BrightHue ULTRA LIME color is an attention grabber. The template file was too large to upload. Print the banner with the largest font available. I use OpenOffice IMPACT 96 point font. Use a commercial copier to cut, paste and expand the font about 150%. Print a copy and scan it at home.

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I like the kiss principal too

Here's the templates:

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

Go Here for Ready-Made stickers


I stick them about eye level on stop sign poles and on the backs of newspaper boxes at busy intersections.

I also use a label making program and Avery Labels. You can make-em-yourself for pennies each.

There are many stickers in my city that have been there for more than six months.

I quickly re-sticker when I find they have been removed.


Banner template available

The banner template INSIDE JOB, 911TRUTH.ORG is at: http://www2.snapfish.com/slideshow/AlbumID=180096569/PictureID=401602554...
This is an oversize font, saved in a jpeg file.