The American Truth

The American Truth

The American Truth is the latest work by Nick Shelton that explores the controversies of the September 11th attacks.

A little about The American Truth

Part nonfiction, part novel - The American Truth paints a picture of the “secrets” of 9/11. This page-turner makes you question whether you witnessed one of the most controversial events of all of history.

The fiction section puts the 9/11 controversies into a riveting, action-packed narrative similar to that of the novel The Da Vinci Code. The non-fiction section provides an overview of the 9/11 controversies.

Purpose of

The purpose of this site is not to sell copies of The American Truth. Much of the book is actually available for free on this website. I created this site to:
• provide an interactive atmosphere for those who have read The American Truth;
• allow anyone with Internet access to learn more about the important issues addressed in the book;
• provide relevant information for those interested in the controversies surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks.