Burning Man and WTC Thermite Residue Compared By Steven Jones

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Electron microscopy reveals similarities to WTC thermite residue.
Dr. Steven Jones just turned in these electron microscope images of thermite residue from the September 2, 2007 TruthBurn demonstration at Burning Man. Iron rich spheres that look very similar to WTC iron spheres were revealed by the powerful microscope at Jones' lab. An analysis is forthcoming.
Image from Burning Man sample

A short video of the reaction that produced these samples can be found at http://911truthburn.blogspot.com The TruthBurn art event was a memorial to all 911 victims, an attempt to demonstrate the steel cutting powers of thermite, its probable use in the controlled demolition of all 3 WTC buildings and to foster more discussion on the important work of ae911truth.The sign is now having a second life as a magnet for 911 Truth ideas. We are open to outstanding ideas for its use.

This image is from a WTC sample submitted to Dr. Jones.

A short documentary on the TruthBurn story is now in the works. Architect Richard Gage, of http://ae911truth.org was there to talk about thermite and controlled demolition. The TruthBurn sign is very much alive and if workable, plans are underway to have a live web cam on it at it's temporary home on an art ranch in West Marin. Viewers of the cam will be invited to leave their truth messages under the image of the sign at http://911truthburn.blogspot.com .

Correct me if I'm wrong...

But the whole idea of comparing the wtc spherules to the burning man residues under the eye of an electron microscope(?) is moot since the spherules of the wtc would've been formed not only by the melting of steel, but also by explosives scattering the molten metal like an atomizer (common spray bottle) scatters water droplets.

You just cannot make a strong meaningful comparison between the two...even if a public thermite demonstration was very educational and noteworthy.


of course it's not the same, but in a lost post (sorry) to this article's first appearance, someone noted the shared condition between each sample of extreme high temperatures to produce micron size iron rich spheres....something jet fuel fire is incapable of producing. If you look at the video of our thermite demonstration, you'll note that thousands of particles were violently ejected and widely dispersed.

I would bet

That the difference in thermite/thermate-based residues and high-explosive forces residues would look quite different.

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How Many Spheres Per Particles Of Dust ...

I wonder if there is some experiment that could reveal how much thermite may have been used against the WTC based on the number of spheres contained within X particles of dust.

Might be hard to recreate the collapse of 2 110 story buildings though.

Great selection of Thermite Pictures and Videos...

Props to 911blogger arie for discovering this fine link...

This resource has pictures and videos of various thermite configurations and how they react and other observations.

Mixes include : Iron(III) Oxide, Iron(II, III) Oxide, Copper(II) Oxide, Copper(I) Oxide, Tin(IV) Oxide, Titanium(IV) Oxide, Manganese(IV) Oxide, Chromium(III) Oxide, Cobalt(II) Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide and Silicon Dioxide.


Link : http://amazingrust.com/Experiments/how_to/Thermite_pics-videos.html


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Just a thing about HDX thermite:

I don't understand why Steven Jones insists on the extreme end of thermite.. In order to cut steel, it requires tremendous amounts of thermite (the high, extreme energy needed to cut steel) as opposed to a much lesser amount to heat weaken the steel to cause the steel to weaken, making collapse inevitable and leaving no trace.
To find in fo on this, go to this site;


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Hi Mike, Insisting might be the wrong word....

The Professor isn't professing to have absolute knowledge. He appears to only be casting light on what scientific analysis of the wtc implies. Moreover, when you see the metal pouring out of the South Tower like lava from a fire hydrant, you need to begin to consider the possibility of more extreme forms of Thermite compounds.

That link is some of the worst crap writing

I have ever had the misfortune to waste a minute reading. It should be illegal to post that link. You owe me several dollars in compensation for the time wasted that I will never get back. You bastid!

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To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. — Abraham Lincoln

Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein

The point is..Read the NIST report

And then compare the NIST report to Steven Jones' hypothesis and then to Max Photons' hypothesis. Max Photon has even wrote to Steven Jones on this matter. Max Photons hypothesis on the NIST report fits into a more plausible scenario;
The metal-fire is thermite burning INSIDE the lower end of WTC2/Column 301/Corner-panel 82-83.
Thermite powder was simply poured into corner panel (and perimeter panel) bolt-access-holes!

The thermite was ignited, and heat from the reaction was used - not to cut - but to heat-weaken the steel, to induce visco-elastic creep, to cause the columns to bow inward and fail, to synthetically initiate what would appear to be a natural and spontaneous collapse due to impact and fire damage.

This is the exact location and moment that NIST defines as the initiation of collapse.
Floor 81 / Columns 304, 303, 302, 259, 258, 257, 256, and - the collapse initiator - 301.

It so happens that there were eight column splices in a row at this location.
It is essential to note that these column splices are located mid-window on Floor 81.

Throughout the NCSTAR 1-5A/9/C report, NIST frequently describes these and similar WTC2 perimeter fires as "fires on debris." Note that NIST doesn't use the phrase "debris on fire."

By creating an obstacle at the Cold Spot, debris was purposely made to collect in front of column splices, which are at mid-window height.
Flames shooting out of box columns as the thermite burns create these incredibly peculiar "fires on debris."
At a minimum, Column 301 (Panel 82/83) was packed with thermite, at least up to a stiffener plate.

When the thermite was ignited with thermite-dusted shock-tube, the bolt-access-hole covers blew off (hence NIST's "pressure pulses" in 1-5A/9/C), and burning thermite spewed inward onto the debris pile, hence NIST's "fires on piles of debris" or similar. NIST meant to say "metal fires on piles of debris."

In other words, the corner fire is engineered - synthetic.
The column becomes sort of like a bulk grain or coffee or flour dispenser.

As the thermite burns at the opening, more thermite slides into place.

The thermite reaction is actually taking place just outside the opening (and all over the debris pile).

This is why we can see the metal fire.

This is also why the thermite is not melting the column.
When the level of thermite finally gets to the bottom edge of the bolt-access-hole, it no longer spews out.

Now the heat is trapped, the column quickly heats, and yields before melting, thereby initiating the collapse of WTC2 (at least by NIST's clock).
The iron product form this thermite reaction pooled on the floor in the 81/NE corner.
Note that other columns here may also have been spewing thermite out at different times.

This accounts for the repeated rise and fall of the intensity of the fire in the NE corner, the repeated pressure pulses - which NIST says were correlated with the metal flows - and the chucks of debris that fell from the beveled corner.

It also accounts for the "white smoke", the clean-burning fire, and 301 failing in several videos (thereby initiating the collapse).
The bright white glows and the initial metal flows are related to some of the truss and gusset seats being heated in the 81/NE corner, so the 81st floor sags below the 81st spandrel.
The larger metal flows are from the pooled iron finding a pathway.

Before anyone says anything about NIST not finding any evidence of this, remember that no steel was recovered from this corner.
In other words, thermite was used to both initiate or catalyze - and cloak! - the controlled-demolitions of the WTC towers.

By the way, is it such a stretch for Me to think it's odd that Steven Jones picks the use of thermite - cutting - that requires the maximum use of energy?

The critical temperature of steel - the temperature at which steel loses 1/2 of its strength - is about 600 C.
Melting steel requires 1540 C.
This alone makes heat-weakening a viable contender.
Furthermore, heat-weakening is perfectly consistent with NIST's observations in the NCSTAR reports.

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