Giuliani Resoundingly Booed @ Yankee Game

"From this day forward, EVERY person running against Rudy Giuliani can point out how most people at Yankee Stadium resoundedly booed Rudy Giuliani. If you are Joe Six Pack or Jane Housewife going about your daily life in Missouri, you are smart enough to realize that if the people at Yankee Stadium are booing Rudy Giuliani, they must know something that the media isn't telling you. After 3 more seconds of thought, Joe Six Pack and Jane Housewife make the connection that Rudy Giuliani is not a 9/11 Hero but that he did some awful things regarding 9/11. And even if Joe Six Pack or Jane Housewife agree with Rudy Giuliani 95% of the time, Giuliani just lost their vote, even if he attains the general nomination and faces Hillary Clinton.

The people of New York City booed Rudy Giuliani because they know what a scumbag he truly is. Giuliani couldn't get elected dogcatcher in New York City today unless the only other candidate running was named Michael Vick.

The people of New York City know about Giuliani's command center, the defective firefighter radio equipment, Bernard third grade detective Kerik, his phony crime statistics, his lousy education policies, his tax increases on the middle class combined with tax cuts and welfare for the top 1%, Thomas Von Essen, Judy Nathan, his defense of Abner Louima's torturers, his attempt to close down a museum over one painting, his mistreatment of Donna Hanover and their two children, Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, his halting of rescue and recovery at 9/11 on behalf of a contractor, his 2004 GOP Convention speech, his cheerleading of Bush, his silence about Osama Bin Laden, his exploitation of the 9/11 tragedy, his avaricious attempts to profit from the tragedy, his raiding of the widow's victim funds for his cronies, his business links to many of the same groups that he calls terrorists, etc...

The people most affected by 9/11 (in terms of numbers) are the people of New York City (and our surrounding suburbs). The pain of that horrific day still lives inside of me as it does most New Yorkers. If you ever want to see righteous anger, all you have to do is be a politician (Democratic or Republican) who would exploit this tragedy for personal purposes while giving a big FU to the city of New York. (Example - I and many others REFUSED to vote for Mark Green when he ran an exploitive commercial of 9/11 just weeks after the tragedy. This issue goes way beyond party labels.)

Rudy Giuliani is that exploitive politician ten times over. It's why he got booed louder than any person at Yankee Stadium since Ed Whitson."

Personally, I'm wondering how many New Yorkers have a more intimate knowledge of his possible role in the events of 911? Pretty sure they are aware that he's just another liar.

In the last debate he hinted that he'd hire Joe Torre to be part of his cabinet...... I have thaought for years that we needed a "Baseball Tzar"

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I hate to think what the "people" would do when the REAL truth of 9/11 is common knowledge...

Booing will be the least of his worries !!!

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When I first heard of this (I think it was at Crooks & Liars, or Keith Olbermann, or something.) I couldn't believe they didn't have video of the event. Unless you can't take personal recording devices into Yankee games or something. Otherwise. A video of Rudy being booed at the Yankee's game would be priceless in the campaign commercial business.

Found this...

...though, I won't know if it has any video of the actual booing until I download and watch. It was uploaded yesterday.

Countdown: Tues. Oct 9. 2007 Part Three of Five

Rudy G is booed at Yankee. Chris Matthews horns in on Keith's show to discuss and to add his two cents worth on that incident and tonight's Republican Debate in Michigan with Fred Thompson's first debate appearance.

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looks like Yankee fans

looks like Yankee fans are'nt useless afterall! (joking! angry Phillies fan here......)

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