Google Video Top 100. Good news.

Loose Change: 2nd Edition
9/11 Mysteries.

All in the top 100 and as high as I've seen them.

That has to be good news for this movement. That's a lot of educated earthlings.

Motivation to keep on pushing.

Getting "911 Mysteries" on NETFLIX

Yes, Orangutan that is good to see even though my opinion of Google is not too high at the moment.

There is also currently a push to get "911 Mysteries" and "IMPROBABLE COLLAPSE" onto Netflix.

I recently contacted Sofia about getting "911 Mysteries" into stores like Blockbuster, etc. She contacted her distributor who informed her that the attempt had already been made and Blockbuster "passed" on Mysteries. The excuse was that they don't carry many documentaries. However, Netflix is a different story.
They are more open-minded and have a vast inventory that already includes some truth titles: "9/11 Press for Truth" and "Terrorstorm" are already IN the Netflix inventory, so this seems doable.

I also wrote to Janice Matthews at and Mike Berg about the possibility of getting "IMPROBABLE COLLAPSE" onto Netflix. Janice said it was an excellent idea and they would follow up with it.

What do you guys think? I believe rather than wasting time with Blockbuster we should mount a campaign with Netflix to make this happen now.

Contact: Sofia at and Janice Matthews at
Netflix: (contact page)

Let's keep moving our chess pieces into better and better position and we can win!

Don't hate on Google too much...

have you tried Googling 9/11 Truth lately :-{)

Looking a million times better than it did last week.

Best wishes

Netflix contact suggest page

Where's "Press for Truth"?

Where's "Press for Truth"? Why is that not in the top 100?

meditate on this

think about which movies are popular in theaters....

People Are Waking Up...

Our efforts are changing minds. We gotta keep on chippin' away at the Preposterous Myth.

Last spring LC2E (sub-titled in Japanese) was #1 or #2 in Japan for FOUR months
and a year and a half ago LC2E had a long run (months) in the TOP TEN WORLDWIDE!
Currently it is at #11 and the English language version is also in the Top 100.

Ireland seems to appreciate Zeitgeist.

A year ago on 9/11/06 there were 51 (out of 100) 9/11 videos in the worldwide "movers and shakers"
and 80+ percent were 911 TRUTH'

I check the Google video Top 100 about every other day to ascertain our progress.

I'll be at Dealey Plaza in Dallas tomorrow with another 200 DVDs to give away.

Thanks Orangutan for being a part of this effort.


Zeitgeist outdoor screening tonight in Santa Cruz, CA

This just in:

Zeitgeist outdoor screening tonight in Santa Cruz, CA

The Hide Gallery
131 B Front Street
Santa Cruz, CA
Oct.10th at 8PM


Soon to drop....

When I clicked on these film links it just sits there loading.... loadng....loading

Thousands of people accessing this link?...... or has it been put into bandwidth abyss???
Together in Truth!

9/11: North Tower - northwest corner view

Xenomorph911 has a slew of these videos on YouTube

9/11: South Tower Stabilized (Slow)

9/11: NBC South Tower closeups

9/11 South Tower slow motion

9/11: ABC South Tower Slow Motion

have you seen this one?

Also worth noting...

That Xenomorph911 also offers a high quality (XviD / DivX) version for free download on almost ALL of his great YouTube videos.

Next to the video screen on YouTube, just cick on the (more) option for the download link.

Well worth saving !!!


You can find his full selection at :


Also 911blogger member arie has an excellent selection too...

You can find them at :


Both the above resources are a MUST for all 9/11 researchers and those who share video evidence.

Best wishes

Youtube videos to DVD

What a treasure trove!

I have a friend who has just started putting all the youtube shorts I send him onto DVD for
distribution. thanks 911Veritas

Show "ZEITGEST" by Burning_FIRE
Show "ZEITGEST" by Burning_FIRE

Why vote this comment down?

Why vote this comment down? Burning _Fire has a well-founded opinion and IMHO he is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

I think Jesus was way cool:

Jesus did exist!
But he did not die on the cross.
They did not break his legs!

He survived the crucifiction and this was the cause celebre to found a religion on.

"Join the club of the guy they couldn't hang!.. Give us lots of money and we tell you about eternal life"

This is a very good article if you are interested in the RELIGION CRAP:
Please Jesus, save me from your followers

Regarding Rip-off... well, Zeitgeist WITHOUT the religious speculation is quite good.. I recommend it! Very nice. (just don't show people the first part about RELIGION.. leave it out.

9/11 Truth Google Search.

Another good thing about Google that I noticed today is when you search for "9/11 Truth" now comes up at the top. I think there was an issue with that a few weeks ago.

OK... They DID change it!

Yes, there was definitely an issue over not showing up at the top. Good to see they corrected that. Our efforts paid off in getting that done. There was even debate about whether or not "Googe 9/11 Truth" was worthwhile or not.

About Zeitgest Pt. 1: It is a strong and factually-based piece of reporting that people need to see. While a few points about Horus can be disputed, there is no question that the Jesus story is modelled from pagan mythology. Mithras, Attis, Krishna, and Dionysus contain all the major elements we see in Christ.

"Amen" is derived from Amen Ra. Egyptian sun disks became the halos of Catholic saints. There are artistic depictions of Isis nursing Horus at the left breast. Horus was said to be the son of god and a mortal virgin. Other "Madonna and Child" paintings depicting Dionysus are available too. I'd recommend "The Jesus Mysteries" --Was the Original Jesus a Pagan God? by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy to anyone who is interested in this research.

Don't mean to step on anyone's faith; it's important that we all have a meaningful relationship with creation, but neither should we be duped by an institution bent on controlling and deceiving us, whether it's a church or a corrupt and criminal government.


neither should we be duped by an institution bent on controlling and deceiving us, whether it's a church or a corrupt and criminal government

how very true!

You'll notice that the DOGMA is alive and well.

911 was done by arabs IS A DOGMA.


no proof is offered, references are made to a authoriative book (911 commission report) HOWEVER CONTRADICTORY, STUPID AND LOUSY this book is.

However the overriding dogma of the 21st century is the CHICAGO SCHOOL economic perversion: