Ground Zero Logic - Proof that 9/11 was an Inside Job

Although this material will be nothing new to those of us in the 9/11 Truth movement - I'm asking you to pass it along to those who still adhere to the official government story.

Take a Look at this Picture:

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This picture was taken shortly after the collapse on 9/11 in NYC. Do you see the 45 degree angle cut on the steel column, and do you see the sulfidised residue around that straight cut. OK, now we must take that information and by necessity draw some very important and inevitable conclusions. These conclusions are binding, you don't get to agree with each successive point and then refute the eventuality, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. That would be like saying ok, I see the straight cut, but now I'm going to tell you I want to pretend it's not there.

According to the official US government theory about 9/11 - an airplane flew into the building 95 floors above, and the jet fuel got so hot that it transferred it's energy downward and caused the metal on the support columns to fail synchronously, as well as leaving behind all the tell-tale signs of a controlled demolition charge using thermate, which leaves a sulfidised residue, and is also the only known method of slicing construction grade steel of this strength and volume in this alloted time.

Now, given the fact that jet fuel can only reach a temperature far below that which would be necessary to melt and evaporate steel, as definitely occurred on 9/11 as shown by the following photograph taken at ground zero:

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and confirmed by satellite thermographic imagery which shows the pools of molten metal hot spots at thousands of degrees - up to months after the event:

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We must therefor conclude that the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. Especially when you consider that one of the three buildings which fell down at free-fall speed was not even hit by a plane, yet still had the molten metal.

Add to this the compelling evidence given to us from hundreds of first responders and eyewitnesses who heard and saw explosions - as well as the numerous video and audio recordings taken by news teams and others.

People like the hero and WTC worker Frank Selecchia

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who took this picture of Tower #1 showing the molten steel 2 months later.

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Gravity induced collapse due to structural failure?

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Do you really believe that?

If you don't accept the obvious conclusion that there were many explosives used to bring down the towers, then you must somehow explain:

- how the jet fuel could slice through steel like in the picture above, 95 floors down from where the plane crashed, and with a residue ONLY at the straight line cut - what you'd expect from a thermite/ thermate reaction.

- where all the explosive energy came from to disintegrate the structural steel and allow the complete collapse of these structures. There is simply no other mechanism that fits the evidence. Look at the dripping metal beams, glowing red hot - now explain it with jet fuel - a physical impossibility - unless you want to disregard the laws of thermodynamics.

- how these buildings fell straight down through the path of most resistance at free-fall speeds. Imagine a flaming arrow hitting a 90 meter tall Douglas Fir tree near the top - and then try and tell me the base of the tree disintegrates into dust as a result.

Add to these facts the media's completely criminal and reprehensible complicity over these subsequent years, and what we have here folks is a full-blown fascist dictatorship - where your government can call you a terrorist for even questioning their fairy tales about 9/11, and then lock you up and torture you without any chance of a fair trial - hell, they even put all that into law.

Even worse - our soldiers are dying in these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan based upon this horrible lie. Not to mention the one million dead Iraqis, and the millions of displaced and shattered lives in both those countries. How about the current threats to start the next war with Iran - how much proof do you need?

- rigged elections
- repeal of Habeas Corpus
- Patriot Act
- Department of Homeland Criminals
- legalized torture
- Military Commissions Act
- signing statements
- criminalization of dissent
- no fly lists
- detention centers

How can this be happening? - it's happening because of the corruption which has overtaken the government. It's happening because the 5 corporations who control ALL of the mainstream media are owned by the same people who make the machinery and the bombs of war, it is in their financial interest to keep us in a state of perpetual conflict and confusion at the expense of our freedom, our rights as individuals, and any sense of dignity as human beings.

Now, if you still don't understand that it had to be controlled demolition then go back to the first picture and go through it all a bit slower this time, and each time, until you get it.

9/11 was carried out by elements within the US government
The war on terror is a hoax
No Al Qaeda
Just Lies

The facts about 9/11 and the immutable physical laws of nature will not be altered - only your capacity for critical thought.


The 45 degree column picture is not conclusive...

You can see slag has dripped down on to debris leant against said column which would not have been there pre collapse and the unburnt "snap off corner" bottom left.

I would love it to be a smoking gun, but in my mind I’m gunna stick in the middle on this.

Personally I believe there are much clearer examples of molten metal dripping out of the towers before collapse, if the above girder was cut due to explosives or thermite then it is another smoking gun, I’m just not totally convinced.

I will not go overboard on this piece of evidence alone, as I have a gut-feeling we’re being dealt a "wrong-un".


Picture of angled cut being made

Video of angled cuts - second one down from the top. about 1:12 in to end.


Below are a couple of quotes when this was initially discussed April last year.


ICE420 - IMHO, this pic does look like a beam that has been cut with a oxy torch, I’ve worked demolition for many years and the black residue and the angle of the cut are very similar if not exactly the same as the hundreds of beams that i have cut in the past, so the question remains, WHEN was this done ?


RedPillNeo - I've worked with oxyacetylene torches for going on 25 years. The beam in the pic was cut by an oxyacetylene torch, NOT by thermite!

Mind you, I believe explosives were used at the WTC. Its just that this is the second pic that has been trumpeted as "A SMOKING GUN" or "PROOF" that thermite was used. The slag you see running down is congealed molten steel covered by "slag"- oxidized steel. Regular carbon steel slag is ALWAYS dull grey, NEVER shiny, unless the cut is performed in an oxygenfree environment, which would be an expensive process usually involving a shroud and "shield gas" such as Argon and used in high-spec manufacturing but NEVER demolition.


Just my thoughts

Best wishes and thanks

The 'grooves' are very

The 'grooves' are very similar to a torch cut (which i think it is)

Provenance of the angle-cut photos


I have seen these pictures of the angle cuts at various times. Is there any way of assessing the provenance of these photos, i.e., who took them, when were they taken, just where in the building, is the chain of custody known, believable, have they been photoshopped, and so on?

Often debunkers claim that these cuts were made by the rescue workers. How can we know?

Mike Zimmer


You made a claim, now back it up.

"This picture was taken shortly after the collapse on 9/11 in NYC."

How did you establish the picture was on 9/11, and "shortly after" the collapse, therefore BEFORE rescue workers cut it?

Who took the photo?

What circumstances led to them being there?

Were they working for someone?

What do they have to say about it?

What other photos were from that roll of film?

Etc. Basic vetting of evidence stuff.

We need to have the details on these photos

Herblay FRANCE

Bonsoir ,

I have seen and backed up these photos so many times but I have to admit that I do not know who took them and when.

Can anyone help us on this ?

I suggest that we ask Wikipédia to do a page on it.
and key words
911 thermate photographs cut beams
I found nothing on these photos.

There are perhpas others photos like this one ! We need the exact details so that we can check up on the facts !

In 2002 with a small access program I wrote , I managed to copy out hundreds of FEMA photos from their server and some I uploaded on my web site at
But unfortunately I did not managed to get the details ( dates , etc ) on the photos. I have the names of the photographers for certain photos so if someone wants to get into contact with them I can look in my access base for them and send them to you.

Yours John