9/11 First Responder Fund Raiser

Here we are again. I'm a little late with keeping up with the third quarter as I said I would last time, but I've been a little pre-occupied. :)

I've written so many pieces about the environmental impact of 9/11, and how it's affected the first responders, and residents of New York City, I don't want to do it again. It depresses me severely. So, I'm asking that you take the time, and read about their dilemma. This time around, I'm going to focus on the good things that have happened.

Here is something to get you started. That is every article I have concerning the environmental impact of 9/11. It was started the day police detective James Zadroga died, January 7th, 2006, and I have updated it ever since.

Also, if you haven't, please read this article entitled, "I believe my cancer is related to exposure to WTC dust and smoke."

One sad thing I do want to mention, are the people that have passed away since our last fund-raiser. My sincerest condolences to their families.

PDNY Frank Macari
PDNY Madeline Caro

FDNY Ray Hauber
Radio Repair Mechanic Glenford Pennington

As I said, I want to talk about the good things that have happened. Christine Todd Whitman's criminality was exposed for the whole world to see on C-SPAN (realplayer required).

The 9/11 First Responder Doo Wap Benefit Concert was a HUGE success.

"NY Giants Great George Martin" started his "Journey for 9/11" because "Thousands of people – first responders, volunteers, construction workers and so many others – unselfishly put themselves in harm's way for months after September 11, and they deserve the best medical attention available."

I couldn't agree more.

The FealGood Foundation has started the "Adopt A Hero" campaign which selects a certain person, and raises money specifically for them every month.

John Feal, hero that he IS, donated a kidney to Maureen Burns so Paul Grossfeld could receive a kidney of his own. On August 31st, I posted, "this is what a hero looks like..."

On September 9th, I introduced him at Webster Hall in New York City.

John Feal once said that we "ROCK, ROCK, ROCK."

Let's prove him right. Thank you.

All monies collected will be given to the FealGood Foundation.


We got our first two donations!!! Thank you.

A "Full And Complete Accounting" Of The 9/11 Attacks

The best way to counter the disinformation

is to support ailing first responders and show we care. Even if you have only $5 or $10 to spare, you can make a difference in the life of a hero.

Once again I find myself

Once again I find myself humbled and touched to the point of tears by the warmth and generosity of great Americans that continue to help the sick brave souls of 9/11. Jon Gold, wearechange, loosechange, 9/11 San Diego, 9/11 Hartford, Michael Wosley, and everyone I may have missed, Thank you. Giving a kidney was easy, fighting to help heroes everyday is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But all you incrediable people make it worth while and easier.God bless and you guy's ROCK, ROCK, ROCK. Your friend John Feal.

One more thing, a hero is someone who is noted for noble achievement. What the truth movement is showing is more then noble, it is courageous, caring, and showing the government while they lied to our country for 6 years that they will not only fight for the truth but for those who can not fight anymore for themselves. And that is every man and woman who worked the pile with pride and dignity, and is suffering today because of it.

A "Full And Complete Accounting" Of The 9/11 Attacks

I gave...

last week following our confrontation with Giuliani. John is a great man, and a hero in my eyes. Do something worth while with your money, put your heart where your mouth is, and donate some money. Let's support the real heroes of 9/11 with the gift of a continuous and prosperous life!

Mark in Philly

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Had his surgery to deal with the double hernia he got from the kidney transplant, and is home resting. FYI.

A "Full And Complete Accounting" Of The 9/11 Attacks