Open letter to Popular Mechanics - Prove your ludicrous 9/11 theories in public

By J A Blacker
RINF Alternative News

Direct challenge to “Popular Mechanics” - Show us the Physics & Maths to back up your ludicrous & “physically impossible” 911 gravity collapse assertions.

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It is physically impossible for the strongest, heaviest and (3 times working design load) bottom 80+ floors to offer near zero resistance to the falling floors except when there is a controlled demolition. Period!

If 6 months from the date of this formal public challenge (Saturday, 06 October 2007) “Popular Mechanics” Magazine can not reproducibly demonstrate a falling body taking the path of greatest resistance as a result of Gravity alone, then it is Ample evidence to everyone that the Popular Mechanics Magazine assertion that Gravity alone could destroy the twin towers and building 007 at near freefall speed IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE “Popular Myth” & deliberate “Popular Mechanics” DECEPTION or indeed honest misunderstanding Re the laws of Physics.

The following is a direct challenge to Popular Mechanics to prove their claims in public, do they have enough faith in their research to make it public?

Read the entire letter here

Good idea, but 6 months is

Good idea, but 6 months is too long. They are the experts on this topic supposedly, lets get the evidence on the table now!

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That was good! I agree 6 months is to long. Besides it's been six years..They already had enough time.
Ill bet a thousand bucks it does'nt happen.


if this made it to the front page of all u.s papers and the date went unanswered.........
pity they own the papers.

my children are not cannon fodder for the n.w.o.

I'm sorry "able" but

I just can't seem to get the knowledge about what could be a "u.s. paper"! Is it a kind of lie supplier for the people to read and not getting the news they need to understand the world in wich they live? Papers are liars. So why would they publish anykind of truth?

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

Has this been...

submitted officially to Popular Mechanics? Have they responded to this in anyway? If not we should do that.

It's a slow process but

It's a slow process but worth it to make sure everything water tight.

There is no debating the evidence (laws of physics) which is why I guess it's taken so long to check, recheck and check again to make sure 100% there is no mistakes in the maths.

Also these are the same guys that are taking the BBC to court for lying to the public for the last 6 years.