9/11 at Mount Rushmore

Totally Cool...

Now just need a rock "Investigate 9/11" T-Shirt ;-{)

Great picture, many thanks and best wishes

Beautiful photo, great work!

Beautiful photo, great work!


Loud and Proud. Great example and image of patriotism. Thanks for taking the time and effort to get this photograph.

Great picture and great

Great picture and great work....keep it up

Thank you

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

Thanks very much for the action and picture. This photo gives me even more reason to love Mout Rushmore.

Am hoping that we here in France will do the same thing at the Eiffel Tower.

Keep up the good work.



On the subject of France...

Sorry to veer off topic, but I just read a news report that says the French government plans to triple the number of surveillance cameras in the country. Can you tell us anything about the public's reaction to this? Is an alleged 'securité' more valued than 'liberté'?

French too busy with Rugby World Cup than loss of theirLiberties

The public opinion accepts these caméras to be in better security. But we must not forget that France is still under the effets of 911 and they believe that Alkaida exists as an International organisation. They have not had the chance to see the excellent BBC documentary "The power of nightmares"


Then there are the Madrid and London attacks and lately others in Algeria.

If we can prove that the attacks on 911 and on 7/7 in London were inside jobs, our populations will perhaps wake up to the big manipulation being done on their fears.

In France at this moment most people are more occupied by the 2007 Rugby World Cup, actually held in France, than by the loss of their liberties !

Yours John

I see

Sometimes there is the impression here in the US that populations overseas must be better informed regarding the lies of the 9/11 official story, if only because they are not under the sway of the dreadful US news media. But you make clear that there is a situation where continuous 9/11 Truth activism remains necessary in Europe, just as in the US. Bonne chance with that!

More pics from South Dakota here: