William Rodriguez on Dynamic Duo Today, gcnlive.com

4-6 pm CT, http://www.gcnlive.com Network 4
Call-in number (866) 582-9933

William Rodriguez will join me during the second hour to discuss our recently-completed Heartland Tour (http://mujca.com/heartland.htm). We will also discuss William's forthcoming video containing interviews with other WTC survivors who verify his story, including Anthony Saltalamacia (http://www.911blogger.com/node/11949). Besides confirming Willie's story, and casting Willie's heroism as even more striking than it appears in Willie's own talks, these videos contain some rather amazing new eyewitness testimony that significantly adds to the already overwhelming evidence that the official story of the Towers' destruction is false.

We will also discuss our amazing adventures on tour, including waking up at 5 a.m. in Winona, Minnesota on Sunday, 10/7 in order to drive to the Twin Cities for a scheduled 9 a.m. interview with KMSP-TV, a local Fox affiliate. When we got there at about 8:45, the security guard barred our entrance, saying our interview had suddenly been cancelled and his orders were to turn us away. We demanded to speak to a higher-up, and eventually anchor-reporter Bill Keller came out to talk to us. He apologized, saying that the station had been forced to cancel our appearance due to their being over-booked. (Video of our interactions with Keller and the guard should be up on youtube before long.) We later learned that KMSP-TV had been playing advertisements for the interview regularly, running the last one at 8:45--exactly when the security guard was refusing us entrance to the station! Apparently the cancellation had come very late and very suddenly--presumably triggered by a call from Fox headquarters. And we also later learned that William Rodriguez, the biggest hero of 9/11 and last man out of the North Tower, had been bumped to make room for...get this...a show called How to Dress Your Dog. If you think this suggests poor news judgment, feel free to call KMSP and tell them so.

KMSP Main Number: (952) 944-9999
Bill Keller: Dir: (952) 946-5700 Cell: (612) 207-1290 Fax: (952) 942-0455 email: bill.keller@foxtv.com

Other guests on today's Dynamic Duo show will include 9/11 truth-seeker Bill Scott of the Judicial Equity Foundation (http://www.jefound.org/) with whom I enjoy arguing about religion--he has a more negative view of religion and religious people than I do--and engineering professor Joel Hirschhorn, PhD Former Professor, Metallurgical Engineering University of Wisconsin, a recent addition to http://patriotsquestion911.com/engineers.html Joel is arguing that we should boycott elections, and I'm thinking of running for congress, so this should also be an interesting argument!

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It's the Fetzer/Barrett

It's the Fetzer/Barrett disinfo connection dude. Not Willy.

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Judy 'we should not get

Judy 'we should not get distracted by calculations' Wood 'explains' the beam weapon theory. It's laughably bad.

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Judy's all time laughable low

Pretty much blew her cred as a scientist right there--poor thing...

If you listen closely?

If you listen closely, and screen all the petty remarks and miscues by Dr. Jenkins and Dr Wood, you are still left with some significant observations!

The Twin Towers should not be characterized as a collapse. There are far too many qualities such as the high degree of pulverization that discounts it as a simple collapse.

Dr Jenkins is unable to ask appropriate questions, because the arena for verbally sparing in this unknown field of technology, Directed Energy Weapons, doesn't exist. Dr Wood is correct in questioning his use of conventional terms such as evaporation and comparing it to microwave energy that is common in our environment.

I don't believe the video proves much, yes, Dr. Wood doesn't present herself well but it's far from conclusive or significant, also, her observations are pertinent and right on! If you'd only listen, but it seems too many people here want to discount and discredit rather than discuss and clarify.

...don't believe them!

Sorry that Barrett Catches Hell for Having an Open Mind

Sorry that Barrett Catches Hell for Having an Open Mind.

He's done a whole lot of good. I'd say Willie has a good
sense of character.

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I'm thinking of running for

I'm thinking of running for congress, so this should also be an interesting argument!
So which political party are you going to infiltrate, subvert and discredit?
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