Keep Your Hopes Up.

T H E * N E W * G O L D E N * A G E

"The entire upheaval could last from 2009 to
2016, but if "we the people" strive hard, it could end
sooner. When things are at their worst, greatness
springs from the resilience of the human spirit. It is
for us to turn the near-term adversity into lasting
bliss. We will have to persevere in order to open a
new chapter in the ever-flowing spring of
civilization. Our success is assured, because history
is about to repeat itself: after the downfall of the
American business empire will come a global golden

Excerpts from the 2007 book:

THE NEW GOLDEN AGE The Coming Revolution Against
Political Corruption and Economic Chaos
~~by Ravi Batra

"Batra has set the standard for economic analysis."

"Dr. Batra writes about his subjects as clearly as if
he were telling bedtime stories."
-The New York Times

....THE BIG QUESTION NOW IS, what is in store for
us...? My answer, coming in the midst of numerous
omens and forebodings, will surprise you: we are
headed toward a golden age, which will come after a
tidal wave of public fact-finding and a subsequent
voter's revolution. Unfortunately, there are rough
times ahead as we tackle the social, political and
economic ills of our time, but then the electorate
will vote for those who favor unprecedented economic
and political reform. So good times will follow bad,
but the end product will be so wonderful that we will
gradually forget the bad. We will come to view our
struggle as the price we had to pay to rid the nation
of the malaise, corruption and injustices that plague
us today....

....The United States does not export much, but
it does export ideas, which today mainly emit hedonism
and materialism. A new standard exalting martial
qualities and magnanimity will soon replace the
currently dominant American ethos. It will also sound
the death knell for tricklism, which is creating
povery around the world. America's revolutionary ideas
will quickly captivate the globe; they will spread
like wild fire and eradicate poverty within a
generation. The Internet will make sure that the
American renaissance spreads its fragrance all over
the planet. Verily, for the first time in history,
there will be a global golden age.

Don't Leave the Fight now.

Dr. Ravi Batra Soothsayer at SMU

Dr. Ravi Batra Soothsayer at SMU. He seems out of place at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

I love his prognosis. If I didn't see the possibility of this vision of a global golden age coming into being I would not be here.

Lies, Damned Lies, And Economists

Chapter 7 of his book is "Lies, Damned Lies, And Economists." I guess the main reason he's not at and ivy league or or "prestigious" university is that those lucrative "endowed chairs" etc. are reserved for those who serve the oligarchs by rationalizing (being apologists for) their interests ("free" trade, trickle-down economics, and so on).

I highly recommend this book, even if one has time only to skim it for his explanations of his Golden Age predictions. Though you may well find yourself staying for Chapter 7, and for his short history of Islam, and his advice for activists during this historical era we find ourselves in..