Senator Norm Coleman: WTC7's Omission from 9/11 Report is 'Black Helicopter Stuff'

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Senator: WTC7's Omission from 9/11 Report is 'Black Helicopter Stuff'
Coleman Refuses New Probe; "I don't think there's a new investigation to 9/11 that's really called for" | October 12, 2007

In an act of obvious dismissal, Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman claimed that WTC Building 7's omission from the 9/11 Commission Report is "black helicopter stuff," and repeated his characterization to follow-ups questioning whether or not "the building fell on 9/11."

The Senator concluded, "I'm telling you, I think I'm being honest with you ...I think it's black helicopter stuff."

However, WTC7's collapse is clearly recorded by dozens of TV cameras-- and all angles clearly suggest controlled demolition. Furthermore, the statements of many news anchors, eyewitness rescue workers, WTC complex leaseholder Larry Silverstein and early reporters from the BBC and CNN all clearly indicate that the building was brought down in a controlled fashion.

Even the official story of 9/11 either ignores WTC7 completely-- as in the case of the Commission Report and the NIST report-- or comes to no definite conclusion-- as in the case of FEMA.FEMA originally reported that its best hypothesis for the collapse of Building 7 had "only a low probability of occurrence."

NIST has now reopened its investigation to explore the possible use of explosives in WTC7-- a report which has now been delayed.

Yet, despite the fact that Building 7 is clearly an elephant in the room and not a "black helicopter" conspiracy theory, Senator Coleman had no hesitation whatsoever in disregarding the legitimate and puzzling questions and even evaded discussing how to help the estimated 30,000 sick and dying rescue workers after praising rescue workers in his speech.

Coleman told members of Minnesota WeAreChange very clearly, "I don't think there's a new investigation to 9/11 that's really called for" after looking nervously at the crew's cameras.

He went on to mock the investigative journalists as a "bizarre conspiracy theorists" as he escaped into an elevator, repeating claims that discussion of Building 7 was "black helicopter stuff."

And so goes the complicity of our elected officials...

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Ummm this nitwit has it backwards anyway

the "black helicopter stuff" is actually NOT putting WTC 7 and why it collapsed in the 9/11 Omission report.

Why in hell would any legit report of what happened omit the total destruction in exact Controlled Demolition style of a freaking 47 story building?

Black Helicopter stuff dumb ass

Coleman knows a lot about

Coleman knows a lot about 'Black Helicopter Stuff', it's what got him his seat in the Senate after Wellstone's plane "accidentally crashed".

Second that

It's a great clip! Coleman is unprofessional almost yelling, "black helicopter stuff," as he enters the elevator!

Coleman knows his tactics well, simply, repeat your position without support, so there is little to refute!

Second the thought above, Coleman's senate race was one of the most orchestrated as I've seen! Bush and Cheney lent big hands to see to it that he got a seat in the Senate. You know, he's little more than a tool. Because of the Bush and Cheney taint on Coleman, you ....

...can't believe him!


>>NIST has now reopened its investigation to explore the possible use of explosives in WTC7

Actually, it's likely that "hypothetical blast scenarios" has nothing to do with the idea of pre-planted explosives. They are looking for a way to patch together a scenario saying there was an explosion by accident that brought the building down - a limited hang-out, so to speak, because it's so obvious.

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Just like I always say...

You are "asking" for a new 911 investigation and you aint getting one, it's as simple as that. All parties liable [ie; airlines, faa, pentagon, cheney, clark, rummy, norad, everybody] must be SUED with hostile litigation to force them to start pointing fingers at one another. The litigation must call for vast monetary damages whose numerical amount reflects the damage suffered by all survivors/witnessess as well as the incalculable value of the lives lost in that damnable black op of a false socalled flag. Kenneth Starr aint applying for this job. Lucky for you all though, lawyers are for hire and will do anything for money. If that wasn't true then 911 wouldn't have happened, because the whole government is made up of cold blooded former lawyers who only see green. The 911 *Consciousness Movement* should PAY for the right counsel to get this thing done RIGHT.

And we ALL need to chip in to finance this litigation.

Everything else is passive behaviour on the Truth Movement's part that has no foreseeable end.


but all of us working to change minds have been doing the ESSENTIAL work of growing the pool
of talent, resources, and funds from which to draw and changing the climate so that a huge leap
can occur.

We have Architects & Engineers, Pilots, Scholars, Veterans, Pilots, Patriots.

We need ATTORNEYS FOR TRUTH to which I would contribute my share.

Meanwhile this art teacher will continue to grow the pool.
I have made & distributed 9,000 DVDs. Nothing passive about that.

Attourneys indeed

"We need ATTORNEYS FOR [9/11] TRUTH"

Exactly. Where are you guys?