Visibility 9-11 October Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This month I am sending out a big THANK YOU to all the researchers and activists who have contributed so much in their self-less time and energy toward bringing the light of truth to bear on the 9-11 cover-up. Our numbers continue to grow and our influence is being more and more felt across our nation as ordinary folks begin to think the unthinkable; that 9-11 was orchestrated by rogue elements within the highest levels of our own government in order to bring about a police state here in America and to wage endless, perpetual war on a new and faceless boogie man. Make no mistake about it, we are having an effect. There are many indications that tell us this is true.

One clue to support this assertion is the number of hit pieces produced for the mainstream media which attempt to "debunk" the 9-11 Movement. Millions of dollars have been spent to counter all of our work and we should be proud knowing that none of this would have been necessary for the powers that be were it not for our work in bringing light to truth.

Other clues are out there but are more difficult to see and sort out. These clues revolve around the fact that our movement has been infiltrated at all levels by what appears to be an organized and orchestrated effort to discredit us and our work. This sort of tactic is really nothing new when it comes to our corrupt government. In fact, crimes against the Constitution by the tax payer funded intelligence agencies of America have been well documented in our country's recent history.

We would all be extremely naive if we fail to recognize that those responsible for 9-11 will spare no expense to keep the truth about what really happened on September 11th, 2001 from ever being revealed, for when that happens, they know their jig is up. As 9-11 activists, we all need to learn about the tactics and methods which are being used against us. Disinformation, misinformation, and outright attacks on hard working 9-11 and peace activists are all being used RIGHT NOW in order to discredit us, divide us, destroy our work, and eventually conquer us. We must not let this happen or we risk losing everything; our country, our lives, and our future as a free people.

In order to secure the success of our efforts, we must first become aware of, and then take the necessary steps to ensure that you are not unwittingly participating in the campaign against us. Disinformation quickly spreads as misinformation by well meaning and good people. Once you learn what disinformation is and the effect it has on any movement, you can identify it, and then remove it from your talking points, film screenings, and public meetings. This does not make you a gatekeeper! It makes you a careful and thoughtful activist who researches what he/she presents as "9-11 Truth". A campaign of education is absolutely necessary and we must all actively work to educate others about these efforts to discredit and divide us.

With that said, the bulk of this month's newsletter is devoted to education about what COINTELPRO is, its manifestations, and how we can nullify its effects. In early 2007, I recognized this need when I produced a short series of programs which became my Special Report on COINTELPRO. This series is even more relevant today. That can also be said about the links to the important information throughout this month's newsletter. With our eyes wide open, and with help from each other, we can disrupt the disruption.

Thank you.
Michael Wolsey
Host, Visibility 9-11

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Great Article and Newsletter...

And there are some new videos posted at Here are three sites I regularly check and trust regarding 9/11 related news, activism, organizing. - Best site for news - Best site for activism - Best site for organizing

In my experience.

How can you tell?

The newsletter from Michael Wolsey links to some excellent articles. However, I still am in the dark as to why some truthers feel that they can, in general, distinguish deliberate COINTELPRO operations from trolls, narcissists, egomaniacs, compulsives, and just the plain opinionated and ornery. Undoubtedly, a priori, there has been infiltration. The insinuation that some people are disinformation specialists based on their behavior is tenuous, since there can be very many reasons why someone launches personnel attacks, or why they might tell lies.

I used to, as a macabre diversion, browse rec.martial-arts. I saw flame wars erupt on perhaps a daily basis. It is pretty hard to maintain that there was any COINTELPRO going on. There was little civility of course - many routinely behaved like assess. I suspect that this is just the nature of the internet - people do that. I don't think that you can readily draw conclusions about motivation. I wish it were otherwise.

You can however, censure people for incivility, and for discussions with a very tenuous connection to anything generally regarded as evidence. There is too much speculation in many 9/11 truth discussions. Speculation can be useful in generating hypothesis, but unless you can show how you speculation could be verified or falsified, it probably won't take the truth movement very far. This goes for speculation about who is or is not involved in deliberate sabotage of activism.

It is clearly possible to point out where people are engaged in unproductive accusation, of the sort where one side accuses the other of being COINTELPRO, only to met with exactly the same argument from the other side. Clearly none may be COINTELPRO, both may be COINTELPRO, or only one may be. If you think that you can tell, you are more confident in your reasoning and powers of deduction than I.

Again, I think that even on an a priori basis, there has been infiltration. I am far less certain that any of us has the ability, in general, to decide who the infiltrators are. I would consider real evidence to be vital, but you are probably never going to find the pay stub saying CIA.

I would obviously like to be proven wrong, and shown that we can reliably identify true COINTELPRO. We can however, reliably point out counterproductive behavior, and we can point out arguments that are too speculative to be useful, (at least in the short term, and perhaps always).

Hold your opinions loosely. In the long run, if you are honest with yourself, your will find a significant percentage to be wrong.

Mike Zimmer