Where Is The Plane In Shanksville

A short video I've just updated that includes my 2006 trip to Shanksville, news clips from 9/11 and the following anniversaries, and some interesting comments from Somerset County Coroner Wallace Miller.

Where Is The Plane In Shanksville?

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Superb Compilation of Rare Shanksville News Footage...

Gideon524, including clips I had not seen before (and I've watched a lot of footage), great job...

Amazing the efforts made to reinforce the "official" flight 93 story.

The very first clip of Wally Miller, he actually looks like he's being honest, compare that with his BBC interview, his demeanor is a million miles apart...

Thanks and best wishes

Not bad

You should credit the movie at the front. (I haven't seen any of the fictional 9/11 movies yet)

So, what happens if you walk out to where the plane crashed? Do they shoot you?

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Here is the engine...