Buried Paul O'Neil Inteview proving the Iraq War and 911 was pre-planned

I wonder if you guys have seen this interview I found on Digg today. I cut out the last part which was more or less just campaign propaganda and left the important parts. To me this is pretty concrete that proves the war in Iraq was planned as well as the pre-text. 911 was an inside job. What do you guys think?

Great clip.

Very important evidence.

Original Video (2 Parts)

Here's the original video in 2 Parts :

EXPOSED: Bush Planned on Invading Iraq Before 9/11-Part 1

EXPOSED: Bush Planned on Invading Iraq Before 9/11-Part 2

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Good info, but........

the cheesey sound effects have to go......it loses it's credibility with that

Nothing changed after "911"

Some stuff changed after "9/11". ("911" is the U.S. emergency phone number)

The sound effects are distracting, detracting and unnecessary.

There has been a lot of information about this stuff. So this isn't new or unique. But it's a good review.

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annoying sound affects

I'm sorry about the sound effects... whoever originally posted it on Youtube was using this as some sort of campaign propaganda for Ron Paul. Not much I could do about what was left without butchering it.