Guantanamo Survivor-Hero Moazzam Begg to Discuss 9/11! today, 4-6 pm CT,

Kevin Barrett interviews Moazzam Begg: 4-6 pm CT today, Monday 10/15/07, Dynamic Duo, network 4

Just as William Rodriguez symbolizes the heroism and suffering of all first responders, survivors and truth-tellers, Moazzam Begg is the pre-eminent heroic survivor of Guantanamo and the rest of the post-9/11 global torture gulag. Begg's book Enemy Combattant has garnered rave reviews from those mainstream and left-mainstream outlets brave enough to face it--including my old friend Amy Goodman:,,1733975,00.html

As far as I know, Moazzam Begg has not yet had an on-the-record conversation with a 9/11 truth advocate, so this interview will boldly go where no interview has gone before.

Begg advocates civil disobedience and mass resistance to the neocon war criminal regime. Besides 9/11 and the horrors it spawned, our conversation will touch on activism ideas and projects. Some of my favorites include a new effort to publicize the home addresses of war criminals and other power abusers, hopefully including those who tortured Moazzam and murdered two of his fellow detainees (

and the upcoming Guy Fawkes Day-V-for-Vendetta Day festivities beginning November 5th:

Speaking of Global Peace Week/War on War Week, I will be interviewing Carol Brouillet and Sherry Clark, two key forces behind the project, tomorrow, Tuesday 10/16, 9-11 p.m., on 9/11 and Empire Radio,

along with "PC," another brave, brilliant and (excuse my sexism) lovely woman who is contributing to

The theme of this show will be bodacious babes with audacious ideas (ahem) "well-behaved women rarely make history."

Don't miss it!