LA 9-11 Truth and Justicers Hit Washington DC aka the District of Criminality and/or Complicity

After participating in the 6th anniversary events in NYC, LA 9-11 truth and justicers David and I (Jeremy aka Shumonik) proceeded to Washington DC to truth-up the streets of DC and the halls of Congress. One of our first acts in DC was to do a banner drop on the steps of the Supreme Court under its statement of purpose "Equal Justice Under the Law." We quickly found out that was illegal and were told that the Supreme Court is private property. We didn't get to meet the people who own it.

Our journey included the peace march, and two days of giving Congress (including McCain, Clinton, Biden, Dodd, Kucinich, Obama, Paul) info on 9-11 and and reminding their offices of the legal implications of treason and misprision of treason. Along the way, we met the great guys from MN CHANGE and the hospitable folks from DC 9-11 Truth. This is just a snippet from a larger project about 9-11 truth activism that David is working on, so stay tuned.