Naomi or Noam am I

Not sure if that's a clue for a cryptic crossword, or I'm about to tell you a story.

I went to see Naomi Klein a few nights ago here in Victoria BC Canada. She was finishing up a book tour for her recently released "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" before heading abroad for the next stage of her promotional tour. In this excellent book Klein exposes how catastrophic events become extremely profitable for corporations while enabling governments to further an agenda of "disaster capitalism". As a speaker she brings together an aspect that at once encompasses her excellent research abilities while showing a personal warmth that enhances the impact of her arguments. I found her to be both very informative and engaging with the audience. She took a few questions afterwards and it was then I found myself questioning some of her views. The second speaker up to the microphone was a gentleman here in Victoria whom I happen to know named Hal Sisson.

Let me tell you something about Hal Sisson. This man is a noted author with 10 books published, he is a life-long social activist, spent 40 years as a lawyer, he's been a stand-up comic, and a few other vestments and layers I've yet to delve into. He's also 86 years old and a rare sort of individual who retains a sharp mental faculty despite their age. Most times I'm with him I forget that this icon is almost twice as old as myself. I'm heartened to think that it is possible for some of us to keep it so together despite the ravages of time, but usually it's about then I lose my thought and start looking for my keys only to find them in my own pocket. Hal is also a prominent member of the Victoria 9/11 Truth organization - amongst my friends in this group we share a quiet reverence for this man, as well as an appreciation for being able to benefit from his wisdom and experience.

Hal Sisson's question was, "In view of your remarks relating to events which create economic emergencies and subsequent capitalistic opportunities and predations - disaster capitalism - do you have any comment or opinion in regard to the fact that many of them may well be covert false-flag operations by rogue elements of western government or intelligence agencies - events such as 9/11, the Gulf of Tonkin or the Madrid and British bombings?" This was exactly what I kept thinking about all evening while she described events like Katrina, the tsunami that devastated the coasts of Southeast Asia, or the fires in Greece. In many instances governments will clearly manipulate people's misfortune to push through repressive laws and gross examples of economic opportunism after such events, but I was also interested in her thoughts on how some of these events are purposely created within the Hegelian dialectic. Although she is clearly willing to unveil post 9/11 misdeeds such as the out-sourcing of war operations to Halliburton and Blackwater, it is the event itself and the forces behind it to which Hal Sisson's interrogative bespeaks. Her answer started out all right - she said, "First of all, I'm not so sure I would put anything past these people. It's just that with these conspiracy theories I feel that we're taking away all this energy that could be going toward other issues that are so important right now". Alarm bells started ringing in my head, I immediately thought to myself "female Chomsky". I've actually seen and read interviews where Noam Chomsky comes right out and says, "It's not important who is behind 9/11, there are so many other things these people are guilty of...other things are more important." or "it's just an Internet thing". Sorry Noam - I believe it is THE most important thing. My blood boils every day when I read a news piece about the War of Terror or anything to do with the Department of Homeland Criminals, or especially the frequent reports about another one or two hundred Iraqis dead or wounded.

You have the unmitigated gall to insinuate that it is not important when our own soldiers are giving their lives away based on this horrible lie? I'm sickened to think that some people can be so callously indifferent or morally bankrupt not to connect the obvious dots in this situation. Moreover, why should it be such a mental stretch for anyone to even imagine that the US government was complicit in 9/11 when we have so much declassified material showing their guilt in perpetrating such acts. That's why Hal Sisson's question is so relevant - because we know as a matter of historical fact that the Gulf of Tonkin and many others were false-flag operations, self-inflicted wounds - we know they are more than capable of it and it is a technique used by military powers since ancient times. This is not some ludicrous idea, and to pull out the old utility-knife catch phrase "conspiracy theory" and smear anybody who questions the official doctrine is not only offensive - it represents the shoddiest form of logic I can imagine.

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance" - Einstein

You should have heard the crowd at that precise moment. As soon as she said "conspiracy theories" there was a murmur of disapproval toward the questioner, it was like a bunch of trained monkeys who stand up all at once when the buzzer goes off - and when she wrapped all of us independently thinking individuals into a neat ball and drop-kicked us in the gonads with the following summation, "It's just that with these conspiracy theories I feel that we're taking away all this energy that could be going toward other issues that are so important right now" - the audience burst into applause. The mood was something like, "There, that should put to rest you 9/11 truth idiots, way to go Naomi - we are cognitively dissonant en masse". I was crestfallen at that moment when I saw first hand the results of some studies that show greater than 80% of the public are too apathetic and will just as soon swallow up the government's propaganda as think for themselves. Sure, we've got our Naomi Kleins and Noam Chomskys to stand just a little on one side of the gate while many followers believe they lead the vanguard against the controllers - but no way will they go that extra step and take a peek over that wall. I'm not saying she is employed by them or even necessarily conscious of it - perhaps within her own paradigm she resembles many who just can't imagine our leaders murdering some of us on purpose to further their agenda, and yet that's what war is all about. That's the part that is puzzling - she has no trouble expounding on the methodologies of torture and crisis manipulation by these people, but her natural curiosity and professional assiduousness stop short at the root causes of 9/11. Maybe she feels that if she touches that truth her days flying about doing book tours are over.

Naomi's worried about how much energy I've got. Little does she know I'm a seething mass of thermo-nuclear potential. I've got enough in me to listen to her build her arguments, present her thorough research, and draw together elements for her theories. And whoa - look at that, I've still got plenty left over to examine the various aspects of 9/11 - who da thunk? As well, since when is it up to you to decide what subject is deserving of my energy? How would you feel if someone just wrote off your entire theory by smearing it with a brush and saying, "it's just not important"?

Sorry Naomi, I'm disappointed - I still think you are great author with important, well presented information that everyone should be made aware of, but your inability to step over that line and deal with 9/11 is problematic to myself and others - this is precisely the difficulty we face when it comes to the wider population's suspension of disbelief regarding this issue. The reaction of that audience demonstrates so poignantly the struggle we face in bringing forth the truth about 9/11. Thanks for not tasing Hal.

Is Naomi ignorant or afraid?

I guess that I will not buy her books, until she says something worthwhile.

The standard response

What Klein said is the standard progressive left response to 9/11 Truth. Her answer doesn't differ from a dozen other prominent pundits.

Many here have commented on this response, including myself. I would like to say, instead of rehearsing many reasonable critiques of Klein et. al., that Klein has to come to terms with the question you highlight: How often are such "shocks" deliberate acts and not natural accidents? How can someone like Klein be so smart about how power works, but so blind to the fact that power will go to great lengths to preserve and expand its power? Is it possible that even clever people are shocked into willed ignorance sometimes? I think it is.

Sad...just plain sad. I

Sad...just plain sad. I might have to reconsider purchasing her book now.

It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and expose lies. - Noam Chomsky

Victoria resident

Please advise how to link up to your Victoria group. Thx.

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even the enlightened

have problems with manifested reality. I'm afraid Naomi shares the same notions on 911 that many other Nation and Democracy Now! staff feel. Jeremey Scahil is onto something with his analysis of the alliance between religious zealots, private mercenary armies and neocons in high government, in the Blackwater book.... I plan to write to Jeremey re: his thoughts on how all this might connect to 911

So we have almost universal

So we have almost universal consensus amongst these Naomi/Noam/Amy disciples that the Bush regime lies about everything except for what happened on 9/11. Doesn't this conflict with all the polls taken which supposedly indicate that about 2/3's of the American public don't trust the official conspiracy theory about 9/11? Why this discrepancy? Unfortunately it really is mainstream liberals who are the most difficult to reach. Ironic, but true.

Their logic is universally flawed

The basic line from progressive pundits like this is: Yes, the commission was flawed (maybe worse), but, no, what we don't know doesn't matter.

In other words, they always suggest that what remains "unknown" (in terms of the official story) is unimportant. How do they know this about what is unknown? Sounds like something Rummy would say.

A lot of these cannot think for themselves but rely what is ..

told to them by their gurus. They are clueless that the great one they worship is actually
False-Opposition- there to provide them with a sense that there is hope and they are doing
something about the grotesque state of affairs. They are ineffectual, thereby maintaining the
Status quo.


Richard D. Brinkman

Richard D. Brinkman www.edmonton9/, For myself I believe these two influential, insightful people are either not ready or are not willing to question 9/11 and it's realities that exist today, They just have not reached that awakening as most of us have . And that's okay...

I respect both people for there work and for them to not being entirely open to seeking the truth of 9/11 does not take away their respectful contributions . For these two and others I'm willing to be patient and would encourage them both if they read this not to be quick to judge this 9/11 truth movement for the risk of being wrong. Respectfully Noam has been wrong many times before.

To the one commentator above who won't buy Naomi's book I would encourage you to re-consider. Just because she's not ready to accept the realities of 9/11, she may a wealth of knowledge to share and can only make you wiser for that. You know the saying, two wrongs don't make a right! Be open minded too...

“Terrorism doesn't just

“Terrorism doesn't just blow up buildings; it blasts every other issue off the political map. The spectre of terrorism - real and exaggerated - has become a shield of impunity, protecting governments around the world from scrutiny for their human rights abuses.” - Naomi Klein

Hopefully you're right.

There are many other more important issues.....

Like all the ones I talk about in my new book! Wanna buy a copy?



The 911 Perps don't want the official myth of 9/11 challenged...

...because trotting out the OCT of 9/11 trumps everything else the anti-war crowd can come up with (no matter how right they are about everything else regarding neo-con criminality)...FEAR always wins and 9/11 means "fear"...."we have to preemptively attack/invade/occupy an oil-rich country because of 9/11 (brown people in strange clothing with an unfamiliar religion want to kill you)"

As long as the perps have the myth of 9/11, they furthering their agenda...(and they know it).

So Klein is helping them far more than she hurts them.

The perps and the 9/11 Truth Movement both know that 9/11 is the foundation that either must be preserved or destroyed each side to win out.

Plus, exposure of false-flag terrorism (i.e., making it a house-hold term) makes it impossible for similar forces to use it again every 20 years to manipulate and exploit our citizenry into another extended period of war-profiteering. So, the myth must be preserved for that reason as well.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars