USN&WR Interview Exposes Plan to Use "Exercises" by U.S. and USSR to Conceal Nuclear Strike During Cold War

The 10/15/07 issue of U.S. News and World Report features a Q&A interview by Alex Kingsbury with Richard Rhodes, author of [The Making of the Atomic Bomb], [Dark Sun] and [Arsenals of Folly; The Making of the Nuclear Arms Race]. The piece appears on page 26 and in it, Rhodes states, "We now know the United States and the Soviets planned to use "exercises" to conceal a nuclear first strike." This unusual admission in a main stream media forum is consistent with what is known about the presentation of 7/7 and 9/11 which were both embedded in drills, and it may foretell the future in how the next national emergency will play out. This deception and cover technique was so well known by 1963 that it was featured as the plot of the John Frankenheimer film [Seven Days in May] in which a military exercise is used to provide cover for a military coup against the President of the United States.

Nice find

I managed to find the article online here. This is good corroboration for those of us who believe the military exercises were a key element in helping the 9/11 perpetrators commit their crime. If I remember correctly, in "Seven Days in May," the traitors who are planning the coup repeatedly refer to it as "the alert." That way, if anyone not in on the plot overhears, they just assume it is the exercise that is being referred to. I guess it could have been the same with 9/11: The perpetrators could have referred to their planned attacks as something like "the exercise on 9/11." Anyone not in on the plot would have just thought they were referring to Vigilant Guardian, or Global Guardian, or one of the other exercises planned for that day.