New Film Exposes How Rudy Failed Firefighters On 9/11

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald has released another explosive short documentary film about Rudy Giuliani, this time highlighting the former New York City mayor’s controversial handling of radios used by the city’s fire department on Sept. 11. Greenwald is also petitioning the New York City Council to launch an investigation into the matter.

The web video, released Monday by Brave New Films, alleges that during his administration Giuliani failed to equip the FDNY with adequate, let alone functioning, communication equipment. That in turn created massive problems on 9/11 and may have contributed to the unnecessary deaths of dozens of servicemen.

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The radios are only 1/2 of FDNY's problem...

...because the FCC license that covers the FDNY's VHF repeater input frequencies is defective, in that it does not contain geographical coordinates because the license is very old. This is a huge problem because radius searches in the FCC's ULS database don't turn up the FDNY license, so new licenses in nearby N.NJ and in even in NYC have been coordinated and granted on, and right next to, the FDNY repeater input frequencies. The worst-hit frequency is 154.070, the input for 154.190, which is used by Bronx and Staten Island. FDNY is often "stepped on" by co-channel and adjacent-channel licensees and their communications become very difficult to impossible. I get the impression, IMHO, that FDNY's radio people don't have a clue about the interference. They seem to know about it, just not what, where from, or why.

I became aware of this in the late 90s and contacted FDNY and Rudy's office by phone on several occasions but got nowhere. In 2003 and 2004 I tried again, and finally in mid-2004 I had an email exchange with the person in DoITT responsible for FCC licenses, wherein I laid out the problem. I have no idea what if anything happened afterwards. There's been no update to the FCC license, which doesn't necessarily mean nothing was done, the FCC may have responded, "Pound salt!"

The defective FDNY license is "KV2288" and the FCC's ULS database is at:

On the "Locations" tab note no coordinates, then click "Location: 1-Mobile" and note "Other Area of Operation: Other:VIC:NEW YORK CITY NY" Yeah, that's what you want!

Next, do radius searches on the FDNY frequencies, and on the new narrowband channels 7.5kHz above and below. For example, WNKT502 rips up Bronx and Staten Island pretty good because their repeater OUTPUT is on FDNY's repeater INPUT. Yeah, that's what you want!


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From the moment I got a

From the moment I got a notice about this film, I've been suspicious that this is a very insidious form of limited hang out. The radio snafu was fairly well covered in NY, and it CAN suggest a bureaucratic eff-up as much as a malicious action or coverup.

Considering that Greenwald has information that RG knew the Towers were going to collapse and didn't inform the firemen, that he's never answered for WTC7, the crime scene destruction, the larger question of the air quality, the millions he's made off his post-9/11 security swindles, his good pal Bernie, his coincidental Waldo-like presence at the 7/7 London bombings, etc., doesn't it seem as though he's chosen to "expose" him for as little as possible while maintaining the illusion of being a hard-hitting documentarian?

To maintain the status quo whilst simultaneously maintaining a bogus and polarizing left/right paradigm, it is important to limit the terms of the debate to the narrowest of parameters and then encourage vigorous debate between them. Reminds me of how many people know that Dubya callously mocked the pleas of death row inmate Carla Fay Tucker on television, but almost no one knows that the only death sentence he commuted during his entire tenure as the "hangingest" governor of all time was that of Henry Lee Lucas, the most prolific and gruesome serial killer of all time, who coincidentally confessed that some of the hundreds of mutilations and killings were ordered hits. By limiting the issue of his executions to Carla Fay, the Right thinks it's a tempest in a teapot and that he's righteous for being tough on crime anyway, and the anti-death penalty Left thinks it's just more grist for the callous Right's mill. Get people's dander up within limits, but keep the big ones zipped.

Ask the New York City Council to Investigate...

They have a petition you can sign to encourage city officials to investigate the claims being made in the film.

Worth noting that the radios were first discovered defective

during the 1993 WTC bombing. Then it took 7 years to get new ones, which also turned out to be defective. So in 2001, the FDNY was issued the same defective radios that they had in the first WTC bombing.

Video "Rudy Giuliani: Urban Legend" by the IAFF.