Richard Gage, AIA in San Diego- A huge success!

Last weekend we were grateful enough to have Richard Gage, AIA here in San Diego to host two unbelievable events. His second presentation was Sunday night, and the room was full 10 minutes before the event even started. By the end of the night there were about 175 people eagerly packed in the 150 capacity room, all blown away by his irrefutable analysis. His presentation incontrovertibly proved the case for controlled demolition, and opened a lot of minds. Join Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth in demanding a new investigation!

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Thank you !......

Mr Gage. For all your efforts.

Air America

As I listen to Air America I get the feeling that Tom Hartman, at least, is beginning to see the validity of investigating 911; Stephanie Miller's Chris Lavoy is still a frightened child with his constant put downs of so called "conspiracy theorists". Tom Hartman holds a lot of sway over these other talk show hosts. Richard Gage has got to get on that show.

Tom Hartman

is definitely amping up his rhetoric. I happened to be listening yesterday and he mentioned the new evidence that the Bush admin had begun illegal wiretaps 6 months before 911. He alluded to a silent coup and several times mentioned 9-11 as a false flag event designed to promote the PNAC agenda.

I sounded to me like he was fed up!

Great talk

He gave irrefutable evidence without speculation, great for a court case. This is the way forward.

I went with someone who has never been fully convinced. She is now totally convinced.

How many Architects and Engineers does he pickup each time

I wonder how many Architects, Engineers, and others he picks up each time he gives a new presentation? The growth may only be straight line (Richard Gage has no quick way to tell apparently), but it is still growing. Here are today's stats:

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