Rudy's Four Horsemen

"Maybe you love Rudy or maybe you hate him. But whatever you may think of him, check out his foreign policy team, because that's the key to knowing what to expect from a Rudy presidency. Especially for candidates with little or no foreign policy experience of their own, the folks advising the candidate are key. And Rudy's team is made up, more or less, of all the guys who were too nuts or too extreme to make the cut with George W. Bush. If you really, really want to go to war with Iran as soon as possible, vote Rudy. We run down the highlights and key bios in today's episode of TPMtv"

This pretty much just proves

to me that Ghouliani has already been chosen to *win* the next faux election.
These fascist are going to attack us again soon, whip all the brain dead in this country into a froth over "Islamofascism" and make it feasible to appear as though Ghouliani could have theoretically won and of course even though there will be overwhelming proof the election was yet again stolen the brain dead idiots in this country wont do a damn thing about it.