911 Truth Music

I don't see a lot of 911 truth music out there - so I created some. It leans toward hard rock.

You can find it at http://myspace.com/tossthekitty

The entrance is from a real 911 protest.

Here are the lyrics:

911 was an inside job

world trade center seven came falling down it's clearly controlled demolition
they packed it with thermite and called a count-down go google this so called fiction

people need to wake up fast and stop this mad oppression
they'll bring in the draft and then you won't laugh they'll drive you to depression

Why did all three come crashing down .... without any reason
is all of this just some damned crack-down ... we that treason

Enjoy -

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I worked hard on this song - spread it ..it will have impact on some :)

Global Warming is the biggest scam to infect the planet.
Global Warming = Global Tax = Global Police = TOTAL CONTROL

Their goal is a ONE WORLD DICTATORSHIP. COMMUNIST or FASCIST it matters not.