Spanish language 911 truth

Hi every one this is Luis from wearechange NYC. I am here to annouce that i have a 911 truth page in spanish ready for every one to use print up and pass out to the spanish speaking americans. it located at please go an use it so we can convert more people to the movement and really sock it to the NWO and expose the lie that is the 911 commission. Please please please add it and please email me with any concerns or questions or definatly speak spanish and u want in really email me i can use the help holla lol


Necesitamos a gente de todos los paises e idiomas en el movimiento!
-We need people from all countries and languages in the movement"

"911 was an Inside Job"

Great work, I support you!

Great work, I support you!

Note this paper in Spanish at the Journal of 9/11 STudies:

I would encourage you to submit papers in Spanish -- also, French, German, etc. (we have some in the Journal already, not enough)!

You Honor me

wow are u really The Proffesor jones? if you are thank u for the paper im linking it to my page and i wish i could meet you. you are one of my heros. im am taking it upon myself to wake up all the latin americans here cause the bigger the respones the less likly this will ever happen again.