NYC Rejects Listing Worker As 9/11 Death

YOU ---- BASTARDS!!! Hey "debunkers", let me see you now report on how with "certainty beyond doubt" James Zadroga did not die from toxic dust. - Jon

NYC rejects listing worker as 9/11 death


By AMY WESTFELDT, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 42 minutes ago

NEW YORK - He became the face of post-Sept. 11 illness after his death in early 2006, galvanizing lawmakers and health care advocates to lobby for research and treatment for thousands who said the debris-filled air at ground zero made them sick.

James Zadroga, the 34-year-old retired police detective who died of respiratory failure after working hundreds of hours at the World Trade Center site, was often cited by those advocates as a "sentinel case" — the first health-related casualty linked to ground zero, suggesting there would be more to follow.

The city's medical examiner stunned that community this week in a letter declaring that Zadroga's death had nothing to do with the toxic air he breathed while working at ground zero.

Rejecting another medical examiner's autopsy that called Zadroga's death "directly related" to his post-Sept. 11 work, New York City Chief Medical Examiner Charles Hirsch said in a letter to Zadroga's family that his death was not caused by exposure to trade center dust.

"It is our unequivocal opinion, with certainty beyond doubt, that the foreign material in your son's lungs did not get there as the result of inhaling dust at the World Trade Center or elsewhere," said the letter to Zadroga's father. It was signed by Hirsch and another medical examiner, Michele Slone. The letter was obtained Thursday by The Associated Press.

Hirsch offered to explain his findings personally to Zadroga's family, who planned to meet with him Friday.

Zadroga became a symbol for the plight of ground zero workers whose health rapidly deteriorated in the months after they worked at the site of the 2001 terrorist attacks. He arrived after the twin towers collapsed and spent 470 hours sifting through the smoldering ruins. By the first anniversary of the attack, the nonsmoker was plagued by a constant cough.

He died in January 2006. A New Jersey medical examiner ruled that Zadroga died of inflammatory lung disease, had material "consistent with dust" in his lungs and damage to his heart and liver.

The autopsy was the first scientific evidence blaming a death directly on ground zero exposure. Lawmakers and health advocates regularly cite Zadroga's case as a key example of post-Sept. 11 illness when lobbying for billions of dollars for research and continuing care.

"It's shocking ... how can they be so callous?" said Zadroga's father, Joseph Zadroga, who broke down in tears last year before a congressional panel convened to study Sept. 11 health. "He had the acid reflux. He had short-term memory loss. ... He was on strong medications for the pain in his lungs."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg distanced himself from the medical examiner's office in a statement Thursday, saying the independent agency made its own decisions. The city is defending itself in a lawsuit filed by thousands of workers who say they were not properly protected from the dust that made them sick. Bloomberg has also lobbied the federal government for millions of dollars to treat and monitor the ailing workers.

The medical examiner's "determination in this case does nothing to change New York City's commitment to make sure that all who were affected by 9/11 get the health care they need," Bloomberg said.

Michael Palladino, president of Zadroga's union, suggested the ruling was related to the ongoing lawsuits against the city.

"I'm shocked and appalled that the medical examiner's office would send a letter to Mr. Zadroga, and stating that their unequivocal opinion, with certainty, beyond doubt, is that he didn't die from the World Trade Center, when in fact they can't tell me what he died from," he said. "I don't trust it."

Zadroga's father had asked Hirsch to review his son's case, hoping the medical examiner would add Zadroga's name to the official Sept. 11 death toll, as he did for a lawyer who died of lung disease five months after the attacks.

Hirsch decided in May that Felicia Dunn-Jones' exposure as she fled the collapsing twin towers contributed to the lung-scarring disease that killed her. He added her name to the attacks' death toll. Her name was read for the first time at this year's Sept. 11 anniversary ceremony, and officials plan to list her name on the Sept. 11 memorial.

Zadroga and others had hoped for similar recognition for his son. Hirsch has rejected at least other four families' requests to amend the death certificates of people who died of illnesses they attribute to post-Sept. 11 exposure.

Two things...

1) This further shows that scientists/doctors, etc... can be EASILY manipulated into passing off information that favors the elite.

2) Please donate to the 9/11 First Responders fund-raiser. Today IS payday after all.

A "Full And Complete Accounting" Of The 9/11 Attacks

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Was JUST about to post the same article! I just really can't believe this. And Bloomberg absolves himself by saying the independent agency made its own decisions when another medical examiner had just said his death was unequivocally caused by toxic dust inhalation??? Absolutely dispicable. These are the HEROES of 9/11 and we can't even put them on the memorial next to their comrades. The lies never end.

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

To all concerned members of the truth movement:

After just speaking with Joe Zadroga, the father of NYPD hero James Zadroga, I am, and never have been as mad as one man can be. The chief ME of NYC is a perfect example of the injustice served to "ALL" 9/11 responders over the last 6 years. All the media attention in the world will not bring James back, but your support for the Zadroga family will help ease the pain of a great family and his beautiful 7 year old daughter Tyler. Any donation will go directly to the Zadroga family and any email of support mailed to me at will go directly to Joe. I implore all Americans to stand up now and help these brave souls while federal, state and local governments deny, lie, neglect and walk all over their great work and service at 9/11 and ground zero.

God bless.

One pissed off American
John Feal
president of the Fealgood Foundation

A "Full And Complete Accounting" Of The 9/11 Attacks

Unleash Hell...

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A "Full And Complete Accounting" Of The 9/11 Attacks

Show "On Its Face This Opinion Seems Questionable" by Brainster


'...the air quality issue is completely separate from the conspiracy fantasies.'

Like the one about a plot directed from a cave in Afghanistan.


If you breathe in Aluminum Oxide dust enough, you come down with a lung disorder called "Pulmonary Sarcoidosis". THAT is what some 1st responders have been diagnosed with. And THAT is the waste product given off by the Thermite reaction. Is this conclusive? What is? But to call these "fantasies" shows you have done absolutely NO homework.

Come on, having the NYC Medical Examiner make a determination

that affects whether any other city, state, of federal agency is responsible/liable for WTC deaths is preposterous!

(May as well just have the fox investigate who stole the eggs from the hen house.)

Can you even imagine the amount of pressure that Hirsch & Slone were under to come up with the "correct" decision?

Is there nothing these people won't do......?

Unbelievable! How cold and under handed. Bastards is right !

Truly sickening indeed

and BTW the 100s of tons of "toxic dust" killing all these 1st responders could have only gotten there and been created ONE WAY, FYI.

That's brilliant, Nunyabiz. Make some more reasonalbe comments

here so you can build up your credibility, & then use it to bash Ron Paul below!

9/11 bloggers are not going to fall for your trickery.

Kiss my ass

I'm just telling the facts about Paul, live with it.

Facts or attempted smear job of Dr. Paul? Everyone should

google & research Dr. Paul for themselves!

Yes please do

I encourage that 100%.

Ron Paul on C-Span now

OT - I'm watching Ron Paul addressing the Family Research Council right now on C-Span. You may want a candidate who's willing to consider 9-11 Truth issues, but remember all the extreme right-wing ideology that come along with it - like repealing Roe v. Wade. You 9-11 Blogger may be a social conservative, but appealing to the Family Research Council is a major defect in my book.


Ron Paul is a total religious zealot, repeal Roe V Wade, would never allow Stem cell research, wants prayer in schools and on & on.
Plus he has already denounced anything concerning 9/11 so I don't even have a clue why all these Ron Paul supporters keep harping on this loon.
Might as well vote for Judge Roy Moore.

Want to support REAL 9/11 investigations? Care at all about Roe V Wade, Stem Cell research, keeping the separation between church & state? Then you need to get off your ass and vote Green Party all the way.

These people spewing this vile hatred & utter bullshit on CSPAN right now are absolutely INSANE, you can see it in their eyes, looks just like I watching Charlie Manson.

Jim Lehrer news show on PBS

Jim Lehrer news show on PBS did a long Ron Paul interview last week. Paul did a tremendous job and the interviewer did too.

The above commentary by Nunyabiz is idiotic on its face

Then please

prove ANYTHING I said is incorrect. LOL

Here is where you are wrong...

Paul looks out for the middle class...neocons look out for the rich.
Paul honors the constitution...neocons want to destroy it.
Paul wants to repeal taxes and put that money back in our pockets...neocons want to tax us more and place it in their pockets.
Paul wants our troops home now...neocons want them to stay until they get what they want.
Paul wants to rebuild our infrastructure and considers it a top priority...neocons consider it a waste of time and money spent on the riff-raff.
Paul wants health care reform...neocons would prefer for us to die...broke.
Paul wants to stop illegal immigration...neocons want it to stay so they can build their army and destroy the middle class.
Paul wants to stop waste, fraud and abuse...neocons worship it.
Paul wants citizens and congress to stop basing their actions on fear...neocons encourage it.
Paul does not support the patriot act...neocons wrote it.
Paul does not promote sanctions that will harm other nations...neocons could care less.
Paul does not want globalism or a North American Union...neocons depend on it.

The list is have obviously been misled. Considering that most repugnants are neocons, I don't see your point on Paul. Although he may have strong religious views, school prayer will never be accepted. A moment of silence each morning is standard for most public schools as a time for prayer or just to sit and is a choice. Forcing them into instructed prayer will never be. He is a strict constitutionalist and respects freedom of religion. Roe v. Wade overturned? Never. THAT will not happen. He may not be the best this country has to offer. But, in my opinion he is the best the truth has to offer.

I said nothing whatsoever about

ANY of those things LOL
In other words EVERYTHING i said was correct thank you.
I have not been mislead about anything and basically everything you just listed will NEVER HAPPEN either.

What really needs to be done in order to effect real change is to get rid of every damn Congress critter and elect at least 1/3+ Green party, at least 1/3+ Democrat and less than 1/3 rethug, then either an Independent, Green or decent Democrat like either Kucinich or Gravel, or McKinney.
Until that happens nothing is going to change, politics as usual.


watching our world fall apart with WWIII looming in the future and the possible extinction of mankind due to money and greed makes me think that school prayer and abortion are but a pimple on the great ass of life. lol.

No presidential candidate... Congressperson is going to open up full investigations into 9-11 the way we want them to. You can't rely on members of the power structure to adversely affect their own meal tickets. It is not going to happen - EVER!! You need to turn a majority of the public. Only then is change forced upon the ruling class.

Ah, no NeoCon, NWO, Bilderberg politicians will bring the real

9/11 perpetrators to justice, you mean.

Jay is correct

Paul will do nothing whatsoever simply because as ONE man he CANT, even if he wanted to do the right thing.
The ONLY things the Rethuglicans would be behind Paul on would be making this country a phucking Theocracy and 1/2 the ignorant spineless Democrats would step right in line with it also because they scared to death of their own shadow let alone the frothing at the mouth religious zealots. Doesn't matter at all what the vast majority of Americans want that should be clear as bell right now unless you are brain dead.

The ONLY way to effect REAL change is to vote out as many of these corrupt POS Congress critters as possible and start filling those seats with actual STATESMEN, ones that will start to clean up the corrupt SYSTEM that makes it 100% impossible for good honest laws and bills to be passed, for honest Elections, for Congress to actually pass laws that help the bottom 98% instead of always just the top 2%. This system is so corrupt that even if someone enters it with good intentions to do the right thing they are soon covered in shit and smell just bad as the rest.

That means to abolish the Electoral College,(this means that several parties would have equal chance not just 2) get rid of ALL electronic voting machines of every kind, all elections are hand counted paper ballots, abolish ALL private campaign funds every candidate is GIVEN exactly the same amount of Federally mandated money no personal fortunes can be used each candidate is exactly EQUAL, every candidate is guaranteed exactly EQUAL airtime, exactly EQUAL questions. ALL candidates are to be given equal FREE airtime from all broadcasters that are using PUBLIC AIRWAVES to rake in 100s of Billions of profit every year.
Each state is to hold its own debates where the only requirement is that every candidate is given an EQUAL opportunity to express their views and it is a TRUE DEBATE meaning candidates from ALL sides are on the floor at the same time actually debating the damn issue not being thrown softball bullshit questions with zero follow ups from the complicit media. (This obviously would mean both the Rethugs & Democrats would be eaten alive by Green party candidates but oh well time to stop this politics as usual lie fest)

All Lobbying should be abolished and made a federal crime with mandatory 5 years in prison for both parties involved, Lobbying only helps those with the deepest pockets namely Oil Companies and the other "Elite" nut bags which are now controlling this Fascist dictatorship. ALL issues should be brought up to Congress on an equal footing and judged on its merits not by how many Billions the lobbyist are filling corrupt politicians pockets with.

9/11 MUST be brought out and fully investigated with a federally chosen CITIZENS GRAND JURY with 9/11 family members, 1st responders etc to make up at least 1/2 the jury.
This would seriously wake up this country to the factual reality of what these Treasonous Reich wing nut bags have been doing to this country.

THEN and only then will we be on the right track, until that happens then it really doesn't matter what lunatic gets elected because we are phucked anyway, the SYSTEM controlled 100% by that top 2% is whom are making the real decisions and will continue to do so until the system is fumigated of these vermin.

If I were to bet I would say that Ghouliani is a shoe in, doesn't matter at all that he a cross dressing Reich wing Nazi lunatic that has surrounded himself with advisers that even make Bush & Cheney nervous and would attack Iran the day after he is anointed, all that matters is that he is bat shit crazy and would do exactly what the Reich wing Nazi Neofascist cabal that stole the election to put him there told him to do. These freaks can change this rigged election 100% over night and they damn well know it, all they have to do is another false flag attack, have the fully complicit Mainstream media cover up the crimes and beat the war drums and VIOLA Ghouliani rises in the polls close enough to make stealing it child's play and the media covers it up. Ghouliani was most likely guaranteed the White House before 9/11 for his role in the treasonous act.

Not only will nothing happen until at least 70+% of the American public KNOW exactly what is happening but also when that many are damn mad enough to ACT on it.
Arms will have to twisted, boot heels will need to be firmly planted on many throats and pain will need to be inflicted one way or another before these bastards give an inch and the KEY component that absolutely must be done is to TAKE BACK OUR DAMN MEDIA force them to tell the truth, force them to investigate.

No, most top Democrats & Republicans are in collusion with

each other & the NWO! I don't see the Green Party affecting much of anything. Go with Ron Paul & Cynthia McKinney. (I'd like to see Ms. McKinney start speaking up again.)

McKinney is Green Party

and the Green Party could effect everything if people would just get off their damn ass vote for them.
Congress approval rating is 11%!! that means basically probably 8-9% of that is Rethuglican nut jobs that agree with what these sorry ass POS are doing and maybe 3-4% are Democrats.

So why exactly would anyone in their right mind vote whom you KNOW for a FACT are total bullshit corrupt & worthless candidates that don't give a rats freaking ass what 98% of the American public think, are throwing that 98% under the bus, yet we in mass stupid enough to turn right around and vote the same vermin back into power so they can continue to phuck the whole country while raking in billions from lobbyist? I just don't get that, isn't that the very definition of Insanity?

Take a look at Rethug, Democrat & then Green Party official websites and tell me what you see.

Rethug (RNC) everything on here is total lies and bullshit all swimming in a sickening cesspool of religious zealotry.

Democrat (DNC) couple of shreds of truth but all to no avail anyway because they are spineless and cant fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

Green Party Now show me one phucking thing on there that isn't an important issue affecting most Americans (us bottom 98%ers)?

and you have the gall to say THEY wouldn't effect any change? They are the ONLY ONES that are from their party platform calling for a new 9/11 investigation, the only ones that have fought tooth and nail over the blatant election fraud, they are the only party that is 100% against the war and want a total troop pullout ASAP.
The only reason they cant effect change is because ignorant Americans wont vote for them because the MSM demonizes them and says they have no chance.

People in this country need to wake the phuck up

About Ron Paul

I checked his VOTING RECORD. Apparently he voted AGAINST the renewal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. That's a deal breaker as far as I'm concerned folks. Sorry. Now I think 911 was a hoax also. But asking me to vote for "THAT" is asking way too much.

Yeah, I guess you better vote for Hillary then. LOL

In 2006, Paul joined 32 other members of Congress in opposing the renewal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, originally passed to remove barriers to voting participation for minorities.[147] Paul has indicated that he did not object to the voting rights clauses, but rather to restrictions placed on property rights by the bill.[148] He felt the federal interference mandated by the bill was costly and unjustified because the situation for minorities voting is much different than when the bill was passed 40 years ago. All of Texas' representatives voted against the bill, because they believe it specifically singles out some Southern states, including Texas, for federal Justice Department oversight that makes it difficult for localities to change the location of a polling place or other small acts without first receiving permission from the federal government....

Yeah, just what we need, more federal Justice Department oversight by people like Roberto Gonzales, the AG of torture!

I personally like the fact

I personally like the fact he has gone on record to abolish the CIA, DHS, Federal Reserve and the IRS
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

Wow, Jersey Jay & Nunyabiz going off topic to bash Ron Paul!

And then their fellow shills vote up their comments (or they themselves have multiple IPs & multiple accounts to vote them up many times & vote other people down).

They grossly exaggerated & misrepresented Dr. Paul's positions as being that of some right-wing fundamentalist nutjob, and say the real issues are stopping prayer in school, protecting Roe vs. Wade, electing the Green Party, blah, blah, blah... However, none of that will even matter if the NWO maniacs who enabled 9/11 & are trying to force us under a one-world government dictatorship are not stopped!!! Ron Paul is our best, if not only hope, to stop this global fascism!!!

Exactly my point...

They are spewing about fluff. At this point, none of that matters any more. The people have lost control of their government. We are no longer a democracy and our constitution is history. There is only one person that can bring America back to its former self and that is Ron Paul. All others, save Kucinich and Gravel, are knee deep in debt to the neocons.


Reversing Roe v. Wade isn't fluff.

How about repealing the Brady Handgun Violence Act?
Fighting to repeal the Assauult Weapons Ban in 2004 and vowing to fight its reinstatement?
Ending the ban on carrying firearms in National Parks?
Authoring legislation that seeks to define life as beginning at conception?
Ending birhtright citizenship?
Pushing for a federal marriage amendment (part of the fight against the "homosexual agenda")?

If these seem like fluff to you, or you agree, that's your business. I can't support him.

(Notice I didn't insult you or Colombo?)

I merely responded to what JJ said

nothing more, and what I said is my opinion based on facts as I see them, don't agree? Oh well, get over it an move on.

I didn't say the "REAL" issues or the only issues are Roe V Wade, Prayer in Schools and the further destruction of the Wall between Church & State.
I said these are the ONLY issues of which the Rethuglicans and because they are spineless many Democrats would actually even slightly agree with Paul on, which means if you even have the slightest understanding of how Government works will be the only issues that could possibly pass.
The rest of his ideas will never make the floor, abolish the IRS, CIA blah blah is a moot point because he will have absolutely ZERO support.

You are caught up in new millennia "Paulianity" thinking this guy is the political messiah when he would be nothing but a tool for Far Reich religious insanity.

I don't know you Colombo...

....and you don't know me. I've participated on 911Blogger for some time now and no one has called me a shill before or accused me of keeping multiple IPs in order to vote myself up and others down. All I said was Paul was adrdressing the fRC and specifically touting their meat & potatoes issue, like abolishing Roe v. Wade. Paul is a right wing conservative. That's not a smear - ask him yourself, or actually LISTEN to what he says. What I'm saying is I can't support that ideology, and that's my choice, so stop with the insults and attacks.

Well you see

you cant have an opinion on here today that doesn't agree with whatever Ideologue and not be called a "disinfo agent" or "shill" its about all they have to fight back with which is strangely enough the Neofascist tactic, attack the messenger to try and discredit him so you don't have to address the message.
Paul isn't exactly a Reich wing conservative although he clearly blends in with them far better than either Independent or Democrat and certainly as far from Green Party as humanly possible, but he is and always has been a Libertarian with Reich leaning tendencies.
My main aversion to him is that he is a religious zealot and that is the only thing he has in common with the Reich wing Nazi's of the Rethuglican party, all of his other ideas even the few that are decent mean nothing if he has ZERO support from either side, but these insane religious ideas will get support probably just enough to pass which is frightening.

I think you're spewing "utter bullshit" as you put it!


A bit of a Conflict of Interest there

Hirsch is yet another bastard who is going to burn in everlasting and aeternal Hell fire and damnation.

(whenever I say that it makes me kind of wish that I actually believed in that and that it would really happen — regardless, he will suffer some equivalent, I'm sure, here on Earth, and afterwards)

(at least no one has written "And he's a Zionist!".... yet)

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Principle Investigator, Forensic 9/11ologist

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. — Abraham Lincoln

Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein

You negative voters are a bunch of whiney little girls

What kind of a crap-head votes against something they believe in and is supportive of the blog post and all of the other positive voted posts.

THIS is what is wrong with 9/11 Blogger and our movement. Look in the mirror you Idiots. Quit being self-styled Jokes. You're making the rest of us look bad.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Principle Investigator, Forensic 9/11ologist

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. — Abraham Lincoln

Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein

and BTW to those whom believe Paul

is their political messiah, just read over this speech delivered by an upcoming Presidential Candidate that you will never hear of because the mainstream Media cant afford for you to.

""Probably no lie ever spoken has done more damage to the human condition, than that wherein we deserve what we get, and will get what we deserve – eventually. That is the lie that through the ages has allowed a handful of people to flourish on the dubious merits of biological accident, while the rest slaved and suffered and counted the hours until their (naturally) posthumous reward. That is the lie that permits our leaders to indulge themselves while moralizing to us, and to exempt themselves from every new constraint upon us. And that is the lie that has cost me night after night of sleep for... years.

My name is Alan Augustson. Obviously, I'll be the cute one in the 2008 Congressional election. An election in which, chances are, you'll be voting for a Democrat no matter who or what they're offering up, in the hopes of reining in the insanity of the past several years.

I'd like to remind you though, that you tried that already.

In 2006 we sent a swarm of Democrats to both houses of Congress. By now we should have expected from that Congress, at the barest minimum:

An end to the war in Iraq,

The repeal of the so-called “Patriot Act”,

Decisive action, on the combined and inter-related threats of global warming and Peak Oil, and of course,

Impeachment proceedings against the President and the Vice President.

Now I understand completely, that radical action in any legislative body is hard. And I'd be inclined to forgive Congress if their only sin was to have failed to deliver on these things, “yet”. But that is not the case; they have in fact switched sides. The Democratic majority have capitulated to every new, and increasingly unreasonable demand handed down from the Bush Administration. They did not fail; they simply have not tried.

What more do we think we'll get out of Democrats or Republicans in 2008? Most of you in this audience, probably know transaction-cost theory as well as I do, if not better. The trade-offs, the compromises you have to make to get any piece of legislation passed. The reasons why every so-called swing of the so-called pendulum seems to bring us right back to status quo. The reasons why every new action looks suspiciously like inaction.
Therefore I ask you: why should Congress act if they know they don't have to? If a Democrat, for instance, knows that he or she has got your vote no matter what, simply because “the Republican is worse”, then why bother with the 'hard stuff'? What's the point?
The point is this. My country is turning into a big jail. My planet is turning into a big desert. Our leaders have abandoned all pretense of accountability. Words like 'freedom' and 'democracy' are morphing into their polar opposites. Militarism and flag-idolatry pass for patriotism. Intellectuals and critical thinkers are derided and viewed with suspicion. And even the word 'truth' has been disarmed: anyone who isn't buying the hype, who isn't toeing the line, can now be dismissed as a “truther”, and thereafter relegated to the Tinfoil Helmet Brigade as if they were Area-51 junkies.

And into this mess comes... me. Why? Why is a non-wealthy, non-famous and clearly non-telegenic person standing here now, prepared to face the ridicule and the character assassination from both sides of the non-argument?
Because I honestly felt that I had to. Our country is less free, less safe, less healthy, and less liked, than it has been for generations. Food and fuel and water are being depleted, worldwide, faster than anyone seems to want to admit. The jobs are virtually gone; we are reduced to a nation trying to sell real estate and lattes to one another. Our government is forging band-aid measures, symbolic measures, diversionary measures and just plain non-measures. Our people are too mesmerized by the endless procession of flags-and eagles to demand more than that.

And no one – no one – appeared to be stepping up. I don't think I've heard a single new idea from Washington, DC since the turn of the Millennium.

I'm angry. And if you're not, then I'd like to know what it will take.

When people who thought they were middle-class have missed a day's worth of meals... When people who thought they were middle-class have had their electricity cut-off mid-summer... when people who thought they were middle class, are found dead in their freezing-cold homes in the winter... what will we do? Will we just write another embittered, snarky note on our blogs? Pass around another impotent e-mail petition? Continue to preach to the same old choirs, witty and smug and self-righteous like an Algonquin Roundtable? Or will we at last get up and do something?

I'm running, in short, because you're not. And you should be. If you have enough of a brain to complain about an issue, then you need to have enough of a cojone to act upon it. You're needed. Politics was not supposed to be a career in America; it was supposed to be something from which you took time out from your life, in order that your convictions, whatever they may be, could be heard and respected. Instead, we've created a permanent political class that's looking more every year like a Roman Senate.
Democracy fails if we don't have sufficient turnover. Politicians become bounded, not by the will of the majority or their own individual judgment, but by the dimension of the feasible. The constituency is reduced to its lowest common denominator.

And what is America's lowest common denominator?

Let's take a moment to shed some political naivete. People of reason have told themselves for generations, that we need only expose the public to the light of truth, and then watch them flock to that light. It isn't true.
There are people who will gladly give up any and all rights they have to, if it'll prevent same-sex marriages. Or deprive African Americans, or Latinos, or whomever, of a few more tax dollars. Or maintain America's status as God-ordained master of the world.
There are those who have been so hypnotized by either extreme of the abortion argument, or the gun control argument, that the blinders are permanently stapled to their heads. Or who are pathologically averse to paying taxes, but still want a military that blankets the globe. Or who don't want to be bothered with any of it – just keep gasoline prices down.

These are the hearts and minds for whom Democrats and Republicans alike are vying, every election season. This is the reason why it's so easy, for money and media to define the range of choices. And this is why we have a government that has nothing to do with the people; it is of, by and for its own interests, and none besides.

What's needed now is for people of reason to do some very unreasonable things. We need for cool, considerate, thoughtful people like you to get angry. I mean, “pick-up-a-brick-and-a-torch-and-hit-the-streets” angry. It may not come to that – I certainly hope it won't – but that's the level of anger that you need to take to the primaries, to the polls, and, hopefully, to your own campaigns.

You're trying to stop American terrorism. You're trying to turn back the tide of American fascism. Is that not worth your anger? Or are you still worried about what the neighbors will think? If so, then let me tell you frankly: you're the problem. We do not get what we deserve; we get what we are willing to fight for.
Natural resources are depleting, jobs are evacuating, the infrastructure is crumbling, and all most of us can worry about is maintaining our lifestyle. The board is set; the pieces are all in place. All we need do now is... nothing. A Second Great Depression, one that will dwarf the first, one from which we won't emerge in your great-grandchildren's lifetimes.

Or – a Second American Revolution. One that won't require you to fire one shot, or break one law.

Here's how it starts: Green Party candidates are running for Congress in the Fifth District of Illinois. The Eighth. The Tenth. The Eleventh. The Thirteenth. Probably others by now. And other states are fielding Green candidates as well. Now, suspend your disbelief for just a moment – if you sat through the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, then you can bear with me another minute – and just imagine if they all won.
Suddenly you have a Progressive power bloc. It's not a big one, but it's not small enough to ignore either. And it's wedged between the parties, in an otherwise more-or-less deadlocked Congress. Suddenly the deal-makers have to make totally new deals. Suddenly they can't get a budget passed, that includes funding for the war. Or that doesn't include funding for sustainable energy.
Suddenly, unheard-of measures are being heard on the floor, instead of rotting in committee. Like ending fossil-fuel subsidies. Like restoring the right to vote, to former felons who have paid their debt to society. Like an end to the so-called 'War on Drugs'. Like Federal recognition for same-sex unions. Like returning control of the National Guard to the Governors of their home states, the better to prevent any attempt at the imposition of martial law. Like the greatest public-works project the world has ever seen, restoring the infrastructure, and good jobs, all at the same time.

Suddenly we can discuss peace through partnership, not hegemony. Suddenly we can talk about fighting terrorism, by ceasing to be a terrorist nation in our own right. Suddenly we can talk about restoring democracy to the people, through term limits, and funding for disadvantaged candidates, and abolition of the Electoral College.

And we push it. And push it. And push it. Until Congressmembers cave in and accept it, or are willing to go on record as being against. In which case, bye-bye Congressmember. And the Progressive power bloc – Green, Red, Blue or whatever – gets a little bigger. And the process continues.
If you cannot visualize just that far, if you honestly believe that we are past all hope, then you shouldn't be sitting here. You should be off in the sticks somewhere, living off the grid and stockpiling ammunition. Because your America never existed, and the illusion of it is going to come crashing down around you, very soon. But before you go, please be so kind as to lend me the vote, that you don't think matters anyway.
If you're still with me, though, you know that there is always hope, but sometimes you have to work for hope; sometimes you have to fight for hope. So join with me. Suffer a little inconvenience for the sake of hope. I have a great many unfeasible, unreasonable ideas to share with you. What I need are petition signatures, votes, volunteer hours, and definitely financial support. From you. And from people like you. If you don't live in my district, and if there's no other Progressive candidate, then please consider your own campaign, while there's still time."

Thank you.""

Can you even imagine such a speech coming from the mouth of either a Rethug or Democrat? All you will ever hear from them are lies and bald faced lies coated with pabulum.