Harassment of 9/11 Truth Activists


The people harassing 9/11 activists also appear to be those promoting the theories that (1) directed energy weapons brought down the Twin Towers and/or (2) the videos of Boeings crashing into the Twin Towers were fake.

Many of us have emails and phone messages of threats of physical violence (direct or implied), harassment and intimidation against us. We are not whiners. In fact, we have largely held our tongues on the threats and intimidation we have received, because we did not want to make a mountain out of a molehill or distract the 9/11 movement.

But videos are now appearing on the web impliedly advocating violence or harassment against certain 9/11 activists, and listing their home addresses and phone numbers. Who made the videos? Folks promoting the theories that (1) directed energy weapons brought down the Twin Towers and/or (2) the videos of Boeings crashing into the Twin Towers were fake.

Is there any importance in the fact that those doing the intimidation happen to also be promoting the above theories?

Why do these acts of harassment and threats appear to be made when sincere 9/11 activists refuse to promote theories which they believe contradict the factual record and the laws of science?

Why do these acts of harassment and threats seem to be made right when 9/11 activists actually start being effective in spreading 9/11 truth?

What should we conclude about the purpose of such intimidation?

Postscript 1: If people in good faith believe that directed energy weapons destroyed the Twin Towers or that the videos of the Boeings were faked, wouldn't they want to reign in people promoting those theories who were threatening physical violence or trying to intimidate others? In other words, wouldn't people who actually believe those theories want to distance themselves from violent people, rather than associating with them and promoting their research? If not, why not?

I am sincere in my question: If you believe -- after reading the contrary evidence discussed here -- that facts and logic point towards these theories, why aren't you promoting them with facts and logic, instead of threats of violence and intimidation? I rally around whatever theory has the most factual and evidentiary support. Personally, I believe that the factual support put forward for the aforementioned theories has been totally disproven by the articles published at the Journal of 911 Studies and elsewhere. If you think there is stronger factual evidence for these theories, I am open to looking at it (but not while the people pushing it are threatening me).

Postscript 2: Of course, some defenders of the official story of 9/11 are also threatening violence - such as the threats made by Danny Bonaduce against Rosie O'Donnell. But this essay focuses solely on people calling themselves 9/11 activists who are making threats.

Postscript 3: I am ready to forgive those that have threatened me if they will just stop threatening me. And, frankly, I will feel no need to write any more on disinformation if all of the different threats and campaigns of harassment and intimidation against me are stopped.

Postscript 4: In response to this essay, two proponents of the directed-energy-weapons-destroyed-the-Twin-Towers and fake-video theories have alleged that threats have also been made against people promoting such theories. I do not know of any such threats, but I want to make it clear that I do not condone threats against anyone.

Postscript 5: I sincerely apologize if I have at any time incorrectly stated anyone's position. If so, it has been wholly unintentional.

Aiding and abetting the cover-up of 9/11

The people who are harassing 9/11 activists are aiding and abetting the cover-up of 9/11.


"Postscript 3: I am ready to

"Postscript 3: I am ready to forgive those that have threatened me if they will just stop threatening me. And, frankly, I will feel no need to write any more on disinformation if all of the different threats and campaigns of harassment and intimidation against me are stopped."

I cannot make a correlation between the harassment I endured back in Jan-May of this year and what is obviously a coordinated campaign against 9/11 Activists like yourself, but in my case, giving in didn't make the situation better - it just made it worse.

9/11 was an act of State Sponsored Terrorism. One lesson I learned is don't try to negotiate with State Sponsored Terrorists.
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

To whom it may concern---

Observe this very generous statement :

Postscript 3: I am ready to forgive those that have threatened me if they will just stop threatening me. And, frankly, I will feel no need to write any more on disinformation if all of the different threats and campaigns of harassment and intimidation against me are stopped.

I respect and support GW 's personal approach--we all have to do what is right for each of us.

But it's not mine--you should know that by now. I won't start a fight--but I will finish it. Because I believe holding you accountable--and making this as painful as possible for you lot-- is the only way to discourge you from hurting people.

It's not like you've proven you have a conscience...

Truth, justice and non-violence

All activists sincerely interested in truth and justice will denounce all threats of violence against anyone, no matter who they are or what they have done. This is what justice is about.

It would be good to provide links. You are naming names, slandering people as "liars" and "stalkers" and making accusations without evidence, which helps no one.

A question

Do you believe you're attempting to expose what you think is someone's personal information?

Because, correct or not, I believe that's grounds for banning.


Sounds like some Nico Haupt disinfo you got there....

You got a habit with that, don't you, sunbeam?

Show "What are you babbling about?" by KT

As a former moderator,

I can tell you that 911blogger doesn't condone or approve of threats of violence against anyone. If the moderators had seen any of the comments making threats (I've never seen such comments), I'm sure they would have deleted the comments and/or banned the user, or at the very least, warned the user they would be banned if they did so again.

Personally, of course, I don't approve of threats of violence made by anyone against anyone questioning the official version of 9/11.

That's 3 times--Ban the wanker

Three times he's tried to intimidate people with what he thought was personal info--it don't matter if he's correct or not, or the intimidation isn't working.

The fact that he's doing it deliberately means he's trying to create a hostile enironment for 911 activists.

I've already emailed reprehensor.

Show "What personal information have I posted here?" by KT
Show "911 activists???" by Jennifer
Show "Do you approve of SLANDER?" by KT

I understand where you're coming from...

But we should practice what we preach.

It might not be Nico's sugar daddy; unless constitutionalist has has actually confirmed this ID and has no problem with people knowing it...


Well, I will just give you one out of many.

This was posted on the Internet and emailed around:

"These vermin who slander and censor the hardworking men and women who expose the truth about 911tvfakery are the war criminals and 9 11 murderers and they will be hunted down and brought to justice one by one....

they're going to learn exactly what justice means."

This post then named ten 9/11 truth activists as people who should be targeted.

Then it goes on, talking to the activists:

"Perhaps you will wish that you had been inside the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Perhaps you will wish that you too had been inside the Bakery in Eliat (the site of a terrorist attack)."

There have been a lot more direct threats of physical violence, also. That's just one example.

I have never heard of any threats of violence being made by you, KT. My essay does not say all people who believe in directed-energy weapons-hit-the-Twin-Towers or faked videos have threatened violence. It says that all people who have threatened violence promote directed-energy weapons-hit-the-Twin-Towers or faked videos theories. Do you understand the difference?

Show "Yes I understand the difference even with your snide tone" by KT

A prominent 9/11 activist

who has been graphically threatened with physical violence, wrote me the following email (this is not me talking, this is the activist):

"simply tell Killtown that you will not add to the suffering of those whom have already been threatened by further circulating this vile threatening material.

but - also tell him that when videos and blogs are posted all over the internet accusing people of being members of an Al Qaeda cell - including the person's home address - accusing them of being a terrorist planning an attack - accusing them of complicity in the mass murder of thousands on 9/11 - accusing them of being pedophiles - while also including language about rendition and torture and 'collateral damage' to family members in the same video/blog - this threatens the safety of entire families and communities. it incites violence and is the lowest form of harassment and irresponsible free speech allowable under the 1st amendment.

then tell Killtown that his question is a transparent intentional attempt to bait and stir up further threats.

tell Killtown his question is disingenuous ....."

Again, this is not me talking, and I have no idea whether Killtown's question is disingenous. But his point (and the reason I'm posting this) is that some of the people who have been threatened don't want to publicize the threats -- some of which are very personal, graphic, or disturbing.

Show "So I have to take you guy's word???" by KT


first of all, please check again -- that quote is not there.

Second, if you're asking whether I believe in slander? No, I am totally, 100% opposed to it.

My essay does not name names, AND is totally based on truth.

One interesting point: Killtown says "PS - Tell John I said hello." in response to the anonymous message from a 9/11 activist who has been threatened. If Killtown is in fact right that that activist's first name is "John" (which I am neither confirming or denying), doesn't that prove that Killtown already knew about the threats of violence against that activist? In other words, Killtown claims not to know about any threats of violence, but then seems to know that John has been threatened (assuming he is right about the name). Or am I missing something?

Nice one, Inspector!


Just sayin'...

Actually it would be possible to guess that based on some stylistic quirks. Nonetheless, the behavior of KT in this thread and SBG's is obnoxious and mentioning a name in this context should qualify as an attempt to intimidate, IMO.


Show "Obnoxious? Intimidating? How so?" by KT
Show "Thanks for editing out that slander against me" by KT

You're on a fine line, mate....

If it was up to me, I'd boot yeh just for pushing it.

Show "Boot me for what?" by KT
Show "Btw, John Albanese used to slander me all the time here" by KT


I've been threatened with nails being driven into my skull, and I get crank called at least once a week by someone living in West Virginia. On 911Blogger.com, someone threatened to put a bullet in my head, and dz erased the post. I was also on the list that GW just mentioned.

We can also talk about the pictures of 70-80 year old homosexual men having sex being depicted as my deceased grandfather (whom I dedicated my 9/11 research to), or we could talk about how people used to talk about digging his body up out of the ground, and ______ in the ___.

What about the accusations of JDL, Zionist, Mole for Larry Silverstein, COINTELPRO etc...? What's to stop some psycho from killing me because he actually believes it?

I've taken a lot of shit for this cause. I'm a very stubborn individual which is one of the reasons I'm still here.

From people on my site...

Well, let me first say that I was one of Gold's most heated opponents way back on the Howard Stern board. I started in on him because all he did was talk about 9/11 and these weird and wild accusations about our Govt. So I played the bad guy for a long time. I was mean. But I wasn't being me. It was a character, if you can understand what I am saying.

Anyways, this guy has had his grandfather pulled through the mud. His grandfather (who has passed) was made up as pictures, screen names, and just other horrible things.

Still Gold stayed strong. I don't know how he did it. He wouldn't be online more than 2 minutes, and he would get a shit load of people making fun of him.

I was guilty as well, as making Gold feel paranoid. I would say I worked for a Gov't Agency, who was monitoring the 9/11 movement, to being a hired gun for the Republican party.

It is very easy to make someone think a certain way while you are online. Gold kept his head high, although sometimes he would get pushed over the limit. He lasted longer than I would have.

Anways, understand that if anyone who knows what you are going through, it is Gold.


I've known Jon for quite a few months now and I have seen him take more shit on BB's than most. People would even go as far as to talk shit about his family and friends. I don't even want to say some of the things that were said. I would defend him as much as I could because he is a friend and people don't talk shit about my homies! The truly sad thing is, is that people would say these things simply because he is very passionate about 9/11 and the truth.

Just ask SBG sometime about the abuse I've taken. Here's someone coming to my defense on the HSBB (Howard Stern Bulletin Board).

"Dear Gold9472, amen to you brother. I admire you for fighting in something you believe in with such great passion. At first when I started to read your posts I like many others thought you were just a crazy person ranting on about a conspiracy theory, I was wrong. So I started to educate myself about these topics at hand with the literature/videos that Gold had presented to the community. After hours of reading/watching I came to my final verdict. I was shocked at the cold hard facts slapping me in the face. I want to thank Gold for taking the time to educate me and many others. People of this board who constanly put him down, I laugh at you. You are fighting a lost cause. Do you really think he would go to such extremes just to get a rise out of you? Honestly come on now. This hate needs to stop. All the power to you Gold9472. Hopefully some day this country will wake from its eternal slumber.

"All propaganda has to be popular and has to adapt its spiritual level to the perception of the least intelligent of those towards whom it intends to direct itself."

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf ("My Struggle"), Vol. I

Let the flames begin."

I wonder if it's all because of my good looks. :D

Edit: The attacks I've taken over the years went in waves. First, it was die-hard Republicans. Then, it was "debunkers". Then, it was alleged people in the movement.

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Ever notice the disinfo

Ever notice the disinfo people never argue amongst each other? No matter how absurd the idea, or if an article differs from other ones, they'll all promote it anyway. They all agree and say, "good find!" . Every last one of them.

Your right!

I never had noticed that, but youre right. I have seen minor quibbles, but no out right disagreement. Hmmm....

bah #1 rule about studying

bah #1 rule about studying shills is they behaving in a manner of quantum mechanics, as soon as you make your observations known, the observed behavior tends to change. Remember they are learning more about us as they KNOW they are a shill rather than us about them. Not saying don't share your insights just not so openly :D

One tidbit that won't really change (behavior) is they usually don't respond to direct questions with direct answers. Linguistic acrobatics is the name of the game for them, and if the question is phrased in such a way that it makes it hard sliming out of giving a direct answer, Well they just ignore the question all together.

Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

Show "So who are the 9/11 truth shills?" by KT

We were discussing the

We were discussing the behavior of shills that WE all see as they are plain and obvious to those who care to look, just as it is plain and obvious the towers were blown up with explosives. We saw through the big psyop through mutual education and sharing despite organizations heaping on even more psychological warfare on those who remain unaware and even more so on those who are aware. We are not discussing names, for we don't need to name them, they are OBVIOUS TO US.
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

Show "So who are the shills that are "obvious" to you?" by KT
Show "imgstacke, why did you ban me at "truth"action.org?" by KT

I have zero tolerence for

I have zero tolerence for disinfo at truthaction - you are a no planer (As you stated on truthaction.org's forum) - i banned you.
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

Show "Wow, banned for merely stating my position" by KT

Is truthaction.org a truth site?

I didn't realize... I thought that place was overrun by cointel a long time ago.

Can you mention the phrase "no planes" there, or is that a bannable offense as well?

No planers are pushing

No planers are pushing disinformation as the NPT is disinformation, pushers of disinformation such as No Planes will be banned by me.
If you are a no planer, don't join as you will be banned, is this clear enough for you.

Truthaction.org is a Truth site, not a Disinfo site.
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

Thank you

Thank you IMG. It's obvious from the discussion here and the content of his website, which advocates Morgan Reynolds -


Where do I "advocate" Reynolds on that page Vic?

Also, do you support censorship?


Show "imgstacke, why did you delete my post at "truth"action.org?" by KT

You mean how most of you guys ignore my questions?

So by your logic, most of you are shills?


A message from John Feal...

To us, and the people attacking us.

It makes me sad and frankly sick to my stomach that people can be so cruel to each other, just because you do not agree on each others beliefs. The common factors you all share collectively are you all seek the truth, and you all have your health. The truth is thousand of brave souls are sick and dying and these heroes need your help, your voice and your team work to find the truth. They do not need your petty arguments and name calling. Grow up truthers. Well the ones that need too, and solve your differences, so all of us can work in an environment that is professional. Anymore talk of threats, and physically harming anyone like my friend Jon Gold or any compassionate truthers is an attack on me personally. I will cease all communication with the truth movement if this kind of behavior continues. People are sick and dying and you few have the nerve to attack those few who are helping? Then I say bring it, and make sure you bring your A game because no one hurts my friends, and those who are helping heroes of 9/11. Shame on you for acting like barbarians when you should be embracing the thought of compassion which is lacking in society today.

John Feal, protector of those who truly care and want to help.

Who Is? Archives

Mr. Feal

I'm not trying to be divisive. I am trying to REDUCE the divisiveness, so that 9/11 activists can calmly debate in good faith, based upon the facts. There is no place for harassment, intimidation or threats of violence.

Thank you for all you do, sir. You are a hero and a patriot.

I'm trying to show John...

That we are trying to educate people on what to look for, and how to deal with it. I just showed him COINTELPRO: FBI's War On Black America, and told him that there are people in existence that DO NOT want the truth to come out about how and why the 9/11 First Responders are sick and dying, and a great many other things regarding the attacks.

Who Is? Archives

Discrediting is also part of it


involved in all of this ranting, raving, bullshit because we have different beliefs and viewpoints on the movement, the direction it is going, etc. should take 10 minutes to read what John just said. And re-read it. And re-read it again, and again, and again. And actually understand what this man is saying.

We all made a commitment to something bigger than us as individuals, we made a commitment bigger than our EGOS, we all want the truth, we want justice for those who have died, those who are sick, and those still dying today.

This fighting, this discourse... is ridiculous.
This is a damn discussion board. A blogger.
If you want to contribute to this movement, get out on the streets.
Go talk to a politician and video tape it.
Go raise money for the Feal Good Foundation.
Do something worth while rather than fighting online, fighting on the 'internet.

Get off of blogger, get off of the computer.
Accomplish something bigger than the internet, do something larger than a discussion board or a blog.

... and if you ever feel the need to not be able to rise above this shit, re-read everything John Feal just said and try and let it sink in... again, and again, and again. Thank you, John - yet again - for everything.

Mark in Philly

Well, funny you would say that...

in my case, it was after I was out in public as a 9/11 activist that my image and name were used in a spate of nutso psy-op videos, complete with slander (that I am a paid disruptor) and a veiled threat against my family. (I was the emcee for the Portland 9/29 anti-war rally -- I wore a Truthaction tee shirt and made several statements about 9/11 truth from the stage. I really think someone doesn't like the idea of 9/11 truth working effectively with the anti-war movement.)

So, anyhoo, is that part of your plan? Get out in the streets then get threatened and then get harassed, but don't expect help from the rest of the 9/11 truth movement because it's a waste of their time to listen to your sob story?



>>Do something worth while rather than fighting online, fighting on the 'internet.

While I can understand your frustration, the internet is where millions of people everyday discover the truth of the events, far more people than we could ever reach on the streets, and worldwide. It's worth fighting for, and what many of us have discovered is that if you don't fight the fight, they don't go away.

Every type of action in every place has meaning. While it may seem like discussions on blogger don't mean anything -- and it's true, some of the discussion likely just feels good -- this is how people learn about who is saying what and how people are responding to that. When an event happens on the streets, that's posted on the internet, the response is discussion and passed on via places like this.

This is why YouTube is a big deal -- the info spreads worldwide faster than almost any other type of media.

Show "Why are my posts being deleted?" by KT

Every post in this thread

Every post in this thread which may have included personal information has been removed. Please see this new thread here:


This includes the posting of first names of people (unless of course they use their first or last name as their userid and therefore have chosen to put their names out there).

Blogger has been updated to allow us to ban and moderate to a fine degree, capabilities which we have not had to use much as of yet, but these controls were put in place for just such an occasion.

This is your only notice, violators will be moderated/banned without warning.

Show "What about Sparks' post where she calls me" by KT

I apologize for calling you a "sunbeam"

It won't happen again.

Show "So why did I get banned over at "truth"action.org?" by KT

Ahem--I'm sorry, but I'm not a mod there

You'll have to ask cosmos. ;-)

Why do you keep posting here

Why do you keep posting here if you think 911blogger is a "joke".

The funny part is that I think you want to be banned (again) so that you can keep building up that impressive list of sites you've been banned from.


Show "1) Why don't you leave the U.S.?" by KT
Show "Arabesque, are my questions to tough for you?" by KT


I'll humor you, just this once.

1) I like to stay close to my enemies... DC is as close to "killtown" as can be...
2) I don't know or care.
3) I don't know or care.
4) If the people who promote controversial theories are disruptive, and call people names, yes they should be banned. So should the people who claim to be 9/11 truthers if they act like this. Why should we open our forums to people who are going to do nothing but start fights and disrupt. Granted, I've never seen you do that, so I can't hold it against you. I don't believe people should call you names either--what exactly does that accomplish? Nothing. It's better just to agree to disagree and move on. Debate you or ignore you if they disagree.
5) I don't have an opinion on their decision. Honestly, I don't really care.

I have questions for you:

1) The "official story" of 9/11 is disinformation (deliberately misleading information intended to hide what really happened on 9/11). Do you disagree or agree with this statement?
2) Do you believe that there is disinformation/misinformation in the 9/11 truth movement besides the official story of 9/11? Do all theories/explanations have equal merit? How do we determine which theory is good, and which is bad?
3) If we are a 9/11 "truth" movement, what should we do when confronted with what we believe to be disinformation/misinformation based on our understanding of #2?

Show "Just once? Sounds kind of cowardly to me." by KT


i had entertained notions of the 'no planes" theory after watching a video supporting the idea. This article helped convince me that the no plane theory is untrue. http://www.journalof911studies.com/volume/200610/Salter.pdf

Even if the theory were true, the behavior of these so called activists is unacceptable. They are provocateurs by definition. If they are getting paid, they are agent provocateurs. The behavior of "activists" supporting violence against other 911 Truth activists should be viewed as originating from the opposition.

Was that video September Clues?

Some people find that very convincing. Glad you could see through it! ;-)

Show "Let me get this straight..." by Jennifer
Show "It's obvious GW wanted to smear DEW & NPT theorists" by KT


First of all, are you trying to scare others by having us share the threats made against us? Are you trying to identify those of us writing under pen names by having us disclose communications made to our real names? Are you trying to have us mention who made the threats, so that they can try to somehow make hay out of it? It seems that you may be trying to bait us. I apologize in advance if I am wrong.

Second, I have heard of no threats being made by people who do not believe in fake videos or directed-energy-weapons in regards to the Twin Towers. Could you kindly provide links?

I thought you had a policy against personal attacks?

My name is being dragged into this discussion and smeared.

This is clearly bait and switch which you are enabling.

you spoke about the necessity of protecting people's anonymity, yet you now allow Killtown to drag my name into this and allow his to claim that i am the source behind your original blog?

enforce your own policy and remove my name from this board.

Um, maybe you haven't heard--GW is not a mod anymore

I agree with you about this, but I think you'd get better results by private email...

i don't have his email address

and i think this debate is bull.

there is absolutely no justification for dragging my name into this - or ALLOWING my name to be dragged into this.

Tell it to Rupert Murdoch

Instead of whining here, why don't you spread more lies about 9/11 researchers to the New York Post? They seem to regurgitate your lies without question.

Funny YOU complain about person attacks.

Submitted by John Albanese:

"it makes it appear that your mom drank heavily during her pregnancy with you."

"we all were thinking you [Killtown] were either an idiot or a dsinfo scumbag"

"What is STRANGE about people like Killtown is how BAD they are at lying."

"what a disgrace you are [Killtown] to america"

"you [Killtown] are an embarassment."


Closing tags -- Truth

Show "No, I want to know if your claims are full of Sh*t or not." by KT
Show "YT: 'Fetzer, I will spit in your face'" by KT
Show "Dem Bruce: 'Shilltown...assclowns like you'" by KT

9/11 Truth vs 9/11 Theory

The trouble with the no-planes argument and the DEW argument is that they are both THEORIES and, for the most part, faulty, appeals to intuition...not FACTS..
The 9/11 TRUTH movement is best served by putting FACTS...ie TRUTH...into the public domain.

That WTC 7 fell in the time it did is a fact. It is the truth.
Molten metal beneath WTC 1, 2 and 7 is a fact. It is the truth.
That Larry Silverstein said "So I said, maybe we should just pull it" is the truth.
The war games with imbedded radar signals is the truth.
Witness testimonies of "huge" explosions before the towers came down is truth.
William Rodriguez and others' testimony of explosions in the basement levels of the towers is the truth.
PNAC saying a new Pearl Harbor would be needed to get the public behind military expansion is the truth.
Rudy twice saying he was warned of WTC 7 collapse is the truth.
The Secret Service breaking very, very strict protocol in NOT immediately whisking the President to safety in Florida but doing so for the Vice President when it was apparent there was no accident in the plane crashes is the truth.
Countless videos showing debris hurled UPWARD and OUTWARD within 2 seconds of collapse initiation...when the speed of descent was just 20 ft/second...is truth.
That all 3 buildings came down through the path of what should have been the MOST resistance is the truth.
I could continue but the point should be clear.

There are so many FACTS that make obvious the complete falsity of the official story and are in support of the goals of the TRUTH movement, such as putting together a new, truly independent investigation with subpoena power leading to trials of any suspects indicted thereafter, that trying to shoehorn THEORIES and appeals to intuition into the body of evidence does NOTHING toward the goals.
One minute of thought should tell anyone that the no-plane and DEW theories can only hurt the drive toward the goals of the Truth Movement. They can only act as a distraction and a wedge.
When the no-planers and DEW proponents have something more than theory they should be able to submit that to the Truth Movement. They can do all the investigating and case-building they want...independently...just as anyone in or out of the Truth Movement has done before a fact on the level of "speed of descent" is found and brought to the Movement at large and accepted by the Movement as such.

Nobody in the Truth Movement is trying to stop anyone from theorizing, pontificating or investigating in search of more facts. But belligerantly pushing no-plane and directed energy weapon THEORIES onto a dedicated group of people who have a clear goal and are armed with FACTS is not an acceptable tactic. If the NP&DEWers were sincere in their efforts to advance the goals of the Truth Movement they would realize this. Since they obviously don't realize it, one has to ask WHY are they not accepting that the facts already gathered are enough? Of course, any more facts would always help but the Truth Movement has a monumental task in getting the public at large to see the facts and understand them for what they are without having to mix theories into the task.
WHY do the no-planers and DEWers take the course they are taking when they know (or should know) that they are not helping? In light of this, it is not at all surprising that they are highly suspected of purposely attempting to hinder the Truth Movement. Belligerantly trying to insert theories into a Movement based on FACTS is exactly one of the things that a cointelpro operation would try to do. My theory on this is...if it walks like a duck.....


Show "911blogger advocates violence on Dr. Fetzer" by Constitutionalist

Even when I was a mod,

I mainly posted essays; I didn't read all of the comments (even to my own posts).

I never saw that comment.

However, while I don't condone threats, "physically removing someone from the stage" is much less of a threat than saying someone is a terrorist who should be hunted down, or the other -- more graphic -- threats which some of directed energy & the no-planers have made.

Show "Again," by Jennifer
Show ""hunted down"" by KT

I know the mods want to be

I know the mods want to be impartial - but this is a vieled threat in the form of a question.
Feigning ignorance only goes so far and KT may be many different things but he is not stupid nor ignorant, please don't assume that he is, he knows exactly what he is saying, and what the connotations are in the above post. How do I know, I have eyes and can read.
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

Threat? What???

What treat was I making???



Why don't you ask to builders of the boeings, what happens to an airplane going
500+ miles per hour and 750 feet altittud?........It would fell APART, don't believe me??
just call them.