State Legislative Investigations into 911:

National Veterans Committee
911 has a new angle.
Sun Oct 21, 2007 13:56

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State Legislative Investigations into 911:


Reopening investigations (unbiased and thorough) into the events of
911 has a new angle. Since the federal government was created to be
agencies of the states, it is only proper for the states, as
principles of the Constitutional compact, to do the investigations on
their agencies. This concept, along with model resolutions intended
to open state-level inquiries into various components of 911, are all
contained in the new book (link below) available from the National
Veterans Committee on Constitutional Affairs (NVCCA).

Help get the word out to 911 activists!

Here in Pennsylvania, we have a specific item of legislation, ready
for introduction, as well as a developing strategy to cause it to
happen. We need a handfull of 911 activists to assist in Harrisburg. This is
a video about how the state legislative inquiry process works,
specific to our research on 911. It also speaks of the biblical
obligation our nation has to purge the innocent blood from our land.
It would be an excellent item to use according to the Keven Barrett
strategy. (Call your pastor, claiming a "spiritual crisis." Invite
him over, explain how thousands of our citizens were murdered by our
own govt., then show him this video.) It can be acquired here:

This is
another video about our state-level success with the Real ID Act,
which most people now know was a notion promoted by the Kean-
Hamiliton Commission. Real ID has stirred up the population against
the fascist, International ID card coming from L-1 Identity Solutions
(which has such notables as George Tenet and Admiral James Loy on its
list of chief shareholders and board of directors). By working with
people in the Anti-Real ID movement, we can bring MUCH more focus to
the problems of the 911 commission and the subject of 911 generally.
>From the ACLU and NOW on the left to the GOA and religions on the
right, Americans are fired up over a federalized ID card. Use this
issue as a springboard to more 911 information to these allied

To become part of the Anti-Real ID network, link in with the Veterans
group ( and the activists working with America: Freedom
to Fascism. Both these teams are driving
forces in our individual states, and know the political ropes to get
you inside the state capitol and effective. We are connected with
many of the other organizations fighting against Real ID, and for new
911 investigations.

Several NVCCA booklets are now available and ready to be handed off
to members of state legislatures nationwide. (They were written for
state lawmakers, and contain model legislative documents for
introduction at the state level.)

Real ID, Book 1:
Real ID, Book 2:
State Legislative Investigations into 911:

Most of our states convene their legislatures in January, so NOW IS
THE TIME to be acquiring these books, building a team for state-
capitol activism, and planning strategies for the inside. If you
know of friendly state lawmakers, or want to be part of the action in
Pennsylvania (or any other state), contact me
( and I will put you into the state action
loop for your area.

Aaron Bolinger, Legislative Director
National Veterans Committee on Constitutional Affairs