Conspiracy Craziness: Anyone who believes our government could have successfully planned 9/11 is not only giving them too much credit, but they're also insane. Do you agree or disagree?



Glenn Back: “This is the kind of group that ‘a Timothy McVeigh’ would come from.”

This is where Beck, or his producer, got the idea from;

Conspiracy Fanatics Invade Bill Maher
By Dave Nalle

"What they don't seem to get is that being obnoxious doesn't make people respect them, it makes those they want to influence and the audience they want to reach take them even less seriously. If you have a controversial cause and behave like a whacko, then people conclude that your cause is silly even before they have a chance to consider the evidence. "Stupid is as stupid does" is the operating principle under which they seem to be eager to be judged.

As they marginalize themselves more and more with their ridiculous claims and increasingly outrageous behavior, I'm afraid we can expect to see more and more desperate and extreme attention-seeking behavior. That's the pattern of the kind of narcissistic mindset which drives conspiracy fanatics. It's even believable that in the ultimate irony, as they retreat into a world of paranoia and frustration, the 9/11 conspiracy fanatics might themselves turn to violent terrorism to get the attention they so desperately crave. It's easy to laugh at the conspiracists, but it's a grim truth that someone protesting Bill Maher this week might be the next Timothy MacVeigh or Ted Kasinski a few frustrated and ignored years down the road."

Now Beck and the other

Now Beck and the other shills are always going to say these things, but this protest GAVE THEM AMMO because it made us LOOK BAD!

why do you care so much

why do you care so much about what MSM shils say and do? do you really think if we just "perfected" our strategy they would stop attacking us and take us seriously? come on man.....

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

No, but you just don't give

No, but you just don't give them ammo dude it's simple.

Any publicity is good publicity

And, like it or not, this show has transmitted the Truth message to a wider audience.

Its not the end, only the beginng of the snow ball. The LA WeAreChange guys are heroes.

DBLS, I understand your point...

but seriously, is there ANY scenario that you can conceive of wherein we, the 9/11 Truth Movement, would be given a fair and considerate hearing on any mainstream media outlet?

It's 2007. They have left us little choice but to fight fire with fire. Regardless of how they portray us... we have the TRUTH on our side.
"Cogito ergo sum"

see below. "The Central

see below.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Let's all just be nice!!!

Gimme a break! The time has come to take the 9/11 Truth Movement to the next level. I couldn't care less what right-wing fascist bloggers, TV commentators or ignorantly blind Americans think of me or the TM. We need MUCH MORE of the type of tactics that the We Are Change LA group employed on Bill Maher's show. It's time to get in their faces with the 'facts' anyway, any time and any place that we can.

Thank you We Are Change NYC for the Norman Podhoretz confrontation. I hope we can all learn from these examples. We all are well aware that 2008 is the presidential election and we must bring this issue to the forefront for as many people as possible before the next Neocon false flag event takes place or the complicit mainstream media lie the sheep into a war with Iran.

This is OUR country people and one thing I do know for certain and swear to is that my (and your) ancestors did NOT fight, work their asses off and die in our foreign entanglements or our internal civil rights battles to let our lazy asses sit by while this country is destroyed. We've tried 1000's of times to politely try to debate the issues and raise awareness and as others here have said we are either ignored, discredited with lies or attacked.

The time for being nice is over. We must use their tools against them.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

what makes us look

what makes us look good????

one thousand people standing in NY screaming 9/11 was an inside job over and over as loud as they can with TV cameras in the face of leaders?

i still think the BM infiltration was a success...

and what makes us look

... like good Germans? Folding our hands and sitting on them? All the feedback here and elsewhere is very much appreciated by . We went back and forth on the issue of how we would be perceived, and in the end, all our expectations were exceeded. We got Maher to stop and tell his guests and the audience what all this fuss was about.

Ongoing demo outside Maher studio gate (after all, he plugged it). Fairfax & Beverly, LA (inside: who knows???) Fridays 5 PM until dusk (approx 6:45). Audience arrives by 6:30. Show goes live to the E coast @ 8 PM. Parking at The Grove structure is reasonable. 1st hr free, 2nd & 3rd hr $3. Hi Art!

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Rock on

Keep up the great work !

watch as the hateful coward

watch as the hateful coward Glen Beckkk pulls his own poll since its not going his way. the people who hate "9/11 conspiracy theories" most always seem to the people who hate and fear muslims most. im not saying its racism that keeps him and people like him from looking at 9/11 objectively but its probably a factor. not to state the obvious or anything.

EDIT: for the sake of being timely and since im on selective moderation im going to post my response here:

DemBruceLeeStyles-"No, but you just don't give them ammo dude it's simple."

you keep missing the point on this one im afraid. many people who hadnt previously heard of WTC7 or even the fact that many think there is a 9/11 cover-up are now exposed to that. they got 9/11 truth into the MSM with this action. the shills like Beck and others attack because they fear and loathe us. if 9/11 truth were to ever "win" they would all be out of jobs and they know it. they will protect the lie with all they have regardless of if they believe the official story of 9/11 or not. this is to be expected ANY time somebody gets 9/11 truth into the mainstream. "they" would like nothing more than for us to stop confronting them in public and making life difficult for them and injecting 9/11 truth into the MSM if even for just a moment. im seriously at a loss as to how you cant see this as a positive. i think you're over thinking this one. we dont need perfection, we just need exposure, the more the better. blind partisan sheep will stay blind partisan sheep for the most part but many people in this country who CAN think for themselves will likely go look up WTC7 and 9/11 truth now because of this action. the only people this turns off is blind partisan sheep who really cant be reached until their respective political party(or Maher/Limbaugh/Chomsky/insert media hero here) says its ok.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

at 9:07 am pst the poll was

at 9:07 am pst the poll was still up with about 75% disagreeing with glenn

Vote Update

Just made my vote count and figured I'd pass along an update.

I Agree 23% 1662
I Disagree 77% 5554

I really, really, REALLY dislike this man. Beck has always gotten under my skin, even before these remarks.

Canada Wants The Truth

What ! No "None of the Above" choice ?

Multi-national collaborative effort by the world's richest people as well as secret agencies of other governments and mercenaries from around the world. There were to many powerful people involved that even the Bush family dare not say "no" too.
And since the Bush family is such a family of losers, they required the 2000 presidential voter fraud to have Bush appointed into the White House by a 5-4 US Supreme Court vote that included votes from Judges that should have recuse themselves on the basis of conflict of interests.
You have to admit though that the clearing of the buildings from the land owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey was almost technically perfect. Relatively very little damage to the non-World Trade Center Complex buildings.

Sorry -

I accidentally posted the above twice

Push on Air America.

Keep Pushing on Air America Radio as well. You never know when the damn is going to break. Thanks.

Plus each show has contacts and blogs or whatever. Just remember it isn't a waste of time most of the time. Peace.

Poll Now Rigged. Cooking the books!

Results posted at 6AM today:

I Agree

I Disagree

AT 8:30 PM tonight:
I Agree 52% 428
I Disagree 48% 396
Total Votes: 824
This is not a scientific poll (THAT"S FOR SURE!)

I'm encouraged by Beck's lack of smugness

I view this Glen Beck clip as encouraging! He is sincere when he calls the 9/11 movement "dangerous"! There seems to be at least as much fear as anything!

Beck resorts to the Skeptic and Popular Mechanics for support--don't you wonder about them? I've always thought the Skeptic was government-backed, and it seems, Popular Mechanics falls under the same banner.

Maher acted more the part of an a-hole than did the 9/11 protesters. 9/11 Truth doesn't want to alienate everyone by looking bad, but it's time to take the gloves off! This piece is about containment! It failed!

...don't believe them!