Iridium, Hasan Bin Laden, and the Saudi Bin Laden Group

i was doing a little research on Iridium satellite system.

Iridium was supposed to offer communications to anyone anywhere
even remote areas, because it was a satellite system and not land towers.

As an RF (cellular - radio) engineer for SPINT PCS, i first became interested in 9/11
when i heard about those cell phone calls.
They didnt happen, at least NOT at 35,000ft
We now have a video of Deana Burnette saying that she saw Tom's phone # on her caller ID.
This goes directly against what the GOV said, that only FELT, and CeeCee Lyles
were using cell phones.
Ill post more about cell phones later,
but now, back to Iridium...

This is pretty old, i think FEMA already does use them.
"DOD reserves gateway to Iridium's global satellite service; other agencies mayfollow
The Defense Department is the largest single customer for Iridium LLC’s financially troubled global satellite communications service.
DOD has reserved one of the consortium’s 12 ground gateways capable of serving up to 120,000 users and 1,000 simultaneous calls. The Army, Navy and Air Force are testing ways to integrate the Iridium satellite network into their communications plans.
FAA’s plan for using Iridium on Siberian routes is a small deal, Meehan said, but talks are under way about using Iridium as a communications element in broader air traffic control systems.
NASA is testing Iridium for its ER-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, the civilian version of the military’s U2-S spy plane, he said.
FEMA has shown interest in Iridium telephones for disaster response, said John R. “Ted” O’Brien, vice president of vertical market sales for Iridium. "

As far as communications during 9/11
Air Force One should have NOT had any problems

Iridium customer testimonials

Shortly after the World Trade Towers were struck, Verizon lost all service from their West Street Central switching office. Most carriers took some time to restore even basic level of service. In the midst of all of this, my concern was for my co-workers and friends. My cell phone was essentially useless, as was our landline home line. I walked out to a clear area on our street and turned on my Iridium handset. It quickly responded with "Registered" and the signal came up. I called the main number and one of my co-workers answered the call, the call went through! It was invaluable to know they were well and safe, and important to know what the logistics for business were going to be. It meant more than I can say to have that call go through at that moment. I carry my Iridium handset regardless of how short a trip may be. Your service is truly unique and an indispensable communications tool.
Gerald Anzano
ING Asset Management
P.S. I am an Amateur Radio operator with access to all bands and modes of operation, but that does not help me when the ones I am trying to reach do not have a license. My Iridium handset will now have a place of honor in my "SCRAM" kit I keep for response to emergency calls. Such as the shift I took at the site of the WTC attack.
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As an engineer many people i knew said that the Iridium satellite system was doomed
before it ever took off, and never made any sense.
The Gov wound up bailing out Motorola, but never helped the rest of the people
that were involved with Iridium.
Im sure that left a bad taste in some peoples mouths that were "pulled into it."

One group of investors happen to be the Saudi Bin Laden Group.
We know this because of one name in particular that was on the board
of Iridium

Hasan M. Binladin

It looks like all of the relevant documents like POWER OF ATTORNEY
were signed on September 11 1998

including this signature....

Hasan M. Binladin
September 11, 1998

One more "coincidence, is that one of the satellites was launched on
September 11 1997

yet another coincidence is that Hasan M. Bin laden keeps some familiar company...

Blair Buys New Home Next to Bin Laden Property in Arab Area in London
Hasan can see Blair's new home through his window.
He said he was a friend of Hasan and sometimes the two of them would go out to restaurants.

and a few others here...

Now, some have already reported about Hasan Bin laden and Iridium,
but it seems the only people who have were right wing republican Clinton attack dogs
Like World Net Daily, and Judicial Watch.

8/28/98 Masood Haider DAWN (Pakistan) "The brother of Osama bin Laden is a director of a US telecom giant, Iridium LLC, according to reports. Although the Clinton administration has made Osama the world's most wanted man, the rest of the family does millions of dollars in business with the US, reports say. Sheikh Hasan bin Laden, one of Osama's many brothers in a Saudi family of immense wealth and far-flung enterprises, is listed by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a director of Iridium LLC, the New York newspaper Daily News said.."

im not sure exactly who Masood Haider is, but it seems he has reported some stuff
in the past that towed the line for Bush on WMD in Iraq
According to him, the “War on Terror” is being lost badly.

anyway theres more here, all Anti-Clinton machine stuff

it seems WND, and these other people dont mind attacking Clinton,
but the research stops COLD when it comes to the Saudi Bin Laden group
and their ties to Bush.

Another guy from Iridium is pretty interesting as well...

Anatoly Ivanovich Kiselev - 1938 Born
Director General of Khrunichev State Research Space Center in 1994- 2001.
He kept some familiar company in 1999
He has been a speaker at several conferences
along with names like Dan Goldin, and the President of Boeing Jim Albaugh.
(more on Goldin here)

Kiselev was also involved in the production of UR-100 ICBMs

Another Irridium key player is
Edward F. Staiano
Chairman and Chief Executive September 11, 1998

Stanio runs a company called "Sorrento Investment Group"

Heres their address....

1600 Tysons Blvd. Suite 900 McLean, Virginia 22102


do a google search for that address
and 1 floor up in the same building are these guys...

1600 Tysons Boulevard, 10th Floor
McLean, VA 22102
Tel: (703) 251-9700
Fax: (202) 663-6363
Counsel for HRH Prince Mohamed Al Faisal Al Saud


Here are the pages i made on Iridium and a few key players.
\feel free to post or email me with more info so i can add.

Iridium also has equipment used for flight tracking.

Dont just think outside the box.
Think like there never was one.