Latest OBL tape: newsroom computer system sound in background?

Thanks to another post at, I downloaded the latest recording of bin Laden from Al Jazeera's web site at the following address:

It is a 6 minute, 18 second Windows Media File, with no introduction, featuring someone who sounds like they might be (or might have been) Osama, speaking in Arabic, with a clear edit about half way through, with the two segments likely recorded at different times.

Most interesting is this: at 26 seconds into the audio file (presumably recorded on a tiny cassette recorder in some distant hut in the mountains of Pakistan), the distinct sound of two high pitched double pulses can be heard behind bin Laden's voice. I immediately recognized this as the one-second bulletin triggered by the INEWS newsroom software (a program file entitled "bulletin.wav").

INEWS is a pretty comprehensive newsroom management system, marketed to large news outlets (and presumably Al Jazeera) to centralize and automate their operations, and also features access to multiple wire services.

When a message formatted as a bulletin moves on a subscribed wire service, the program can optionally make this particular beep through the computer's speakers, and this sound can sometimes be heard in the background of certain newscasts where the newsroom is the set. There are other sounds the INEWS program can make as well (instant message, incoming mail, flash, etc) but the bulletin sound is unique in its distinctiveness.

I plotted both recordings on a waveform to compare them (see image, attached). There are also two brief Windows XP system sounds in the Osama recording, at 3:50 and 4:00 (XP Exclamation.wav), nothing all that surprising, but the INEWS sound heard at 0:26 is proprietary, created when that program is installed on a computer, and is distinct to that software, as far as I know.

This suggests that whoever is speaking on the tape - be it Osama or whoever else - was recorded in a newsroom of some kind, where such software is used, unless what we are hearing was being recorded off a speaker in a room that also had incoming wire services (i.e. Al Jazeera) - which is also a possibility, I guess, but it does very much sound to me like the speaker is in the same room. It would be interesting to try and find out from Al Jazeera whether this is the original recording, or a re-recording of it off a speaker in their newsroom. If it's a re-recording, why wouldn't they want to offer the original recording up for public scrutiny? If it's the original, I wonder who else AVID (the maker of the INEWS software) sells their software to in the Middle East?

Note: this sound is NOT audible in the English translation provided on video by Al Jazeera, found at - in comparing these two recordings, the original Arabic is faded under the translator's voice most of the time, and when it is heard again at the 30 second mark in the translation, OBL is already at a later point in the original recording, indicating the portion featuring the beep was either faded or edited out under the translation.

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This is authentic:

Good work

Of course I don't mean to mock your pertinant analysis which always should be done. It again confirms what we all know. He always shows up just in time, like he has no political savvy:

See for example: Bush Says No To Children And Yes To War - Bin Laden Tape Shows Up Just In Time