San Diego truthers check-in!

Things are gettin' out of hand there! Are you all ok?

San Diegan here...

It's been a crazy past couple of days. Lots of homes destroyed in San Diego. last count was at least 500 homes completely destroyed and it's still not over. The smell of smoke is everywhere. Ash is everywhere. My parents home might be gone and my in-law's home is in danger tonight. They had to evacuate and are staying with my wife and I. I know many people that lost their homes. Thankfully the winds have died down so the firefighters can finally fight the blaze, but the damage has already been done. Its sureal.

Glad to hear you are all right

Greetings from Malaysia.

There were no posts and I am sure that many people were worried.

Any word from the other Truthers out there?

Check out this link. Any comments on the presence or lack thereof of the National Guard to help fight / control these fires?

"The Southern California Fires:

President Bush gambled with the Mississippi river region. He literally bet the safety of all those people living along the Mississippi River and the city of New Orleans itself that he could send the National Guard on his little war in Iraq. Bush bet he could take all those resources intended to protect New Orleans from a natural disaster and spend them on his war in Iraq, and he LOST that bet, and in the process, he destroyed New Orleans. The damage from Katrina was orders of magnitude worse than it would have been had the levees been properly maintained, and the resources left in place to deal with the catastrophe.

I warned at the bottom of this article that Bush had likely stripped the rest of the nation for not only National Guard but the material resources needed to deal with disasters.

Malibu is sadly proving the point. Most of the California National Guard is in Iraq, along with most of their heavy equipment and supplies. And, just as funding was cut for flood control to pay for the war, federal funding for wildfire prevention was cut, again to fund the war.

So, now we see that Bush has not just gambled New Orleans on his war, he has indeed bet the entire country. Never mind the danger from mythical terrorists, we as a nation are now totally defenseless against real dangers from natural disasters that really do happen and they do not harm us because we are free; they harm us because we are STUPID and unprepared!

The only good news is that this is probably the wake up call for Hollywood that those of us in the film industry that were sounding the warning about Bush 7 years ago weren't just nuts and kooks to be kept off of film crews when Senator McCarthy called and denounced us as communists (or whatever the current incarnation of that dirtiest of dirty tricks is these days). All of you celebrities who stood by Bush, insisted the war was just, believed the obvious lies about WMDs and 9-11; that smoldering ruin which used to be your home is your reward for your loyalty. It isn't just the "dark" neighborhoods in New Orleans that got trashed, now it's the homes of the rich and famous.

And I hope you are as pissed as I am! "
Is the Federal Govt really as prepared for this as they should be?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at

well i'm alright

those of us by the beach have not been severely threatened thus far. The evacuations seem to be at least keeping most everybody safe. If it comes down to it i'm just gonna paddle out.

fires came pretty close to me

But not close enough for the authorities to tell me to evacuate. here's a pic taken from my backyard of mount miguel on fire i took it tuesday morning, when we were probably most concerned about safety. the wind has since changed and it's looking like i won't be collecting on my homeowner's insurance! thanks for the concern