Know your enemy: The Fascist Blueprint

To Beat the Enemy, We Must Understand Him. Understand the mechanisms of tyrany. Understand the enemy. Understand what the Truth movement is up against. This is a MUST see.

Excellent lecture by Naomi Wolf on "The End of America".

Kudos to GW for his previous post To Beat the Enemy, We Must Understand Him.

Hear Naomi Wolf

Hear Naomi Wolf in conversation with:

Daniel Ellsberg, Lakshmi Chaudhry, and Peter Laufer
“The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot:

A Citizen’s Call to Action”
Tuesday, November 13, 7:30 pm
First Congregational Church of Berkeley
2345 Channing Way (at Dana)
Berkeley, CA

Great video, thanks.

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Good video, but ...

I'm just a little concerned that she is a Rhodes Scholar, and worked for Clinton and Gore in their election campaigns. She also mentioned Bill Maher and Greg Palast in her talk as examples of activists. I'm not sure she has the full picture. Everything in her talk rings true, but perhaps her motivation is more about getting the Democrats back in office. Nevertheless very interesting.

On the micro level

I agree, she could have used far more compelling arguments, but her simple fascist blueprint is what matters.

She opens eyes.

Perhaps she covers this in her book, but in her talk, she does not mention the role of the CIA in Chile, nor does she touch on the whole host of dictatorships installed in previously democratic regimes by the CIA all over the world: Iran, Iraq, Panama, Greece, and the list goes on. But her approach is elegant because it avoids getting her audiance bogged down in too much detail. Easy to see who the bad guys are (Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, The Soviets, etc), and easy to see how the USA has recently become just like them: a dictatorship towards its very own people. Simplistic but effective because she outlines the blueprint mechanisms:

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy

2. Create a gulag

3. Develop a thug caste

4. Set up an internal surveillance system

5. Harass citizens' groups

6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release

7. Target key individuals

8. Control the press

9. Dissent equals treason

10. Suspend the rule of law

I agree, at this point, I don't think it matters what her political affiliations are. She does say impeachement is not sufficient, the criminals should be behind bars.

BTW I forgot to give credit to BrassCheckTv for bringing the video to my attention.

I could'nt agree more

She is a classic example of someone on the left that refuses to see the big picture.
I'd say it was a good video , but she left so much out and refered to Clinton and Maher
as if these people were righteous. So for that she gets a D . For misleading of course!
Mike in Florida.....

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This talk is powerful because it targets the mainstream with a powerful alarm. Miss Wolf is an excellent candidate for a confrontation and some direct questions. Afterall she has associated the Bush regime with the Hitler regime point by point except for the Reichstag fire.

I agree this is a compelling

I agree this is a compelling presentation of the direness of the situation and that they are poised at the tipping points and everything could drastically change overnight, off to the FEMA camps etc

But couldn't this fine brave woman insert just a trace of 9/11 truth into her talk? So that WE achieve OUR critical mass?

Couldn't she insert 911 truth into her talk?

Of course she could, but would this help her communicate her main message? By the time you've accepted 911 Truth, the rest of the negative part of her message is unnecessary. In the meantime, she will lose huge numbers of people who simply can't accept that the US government has gone down the toilet as much as it has.

Which is more important?

I think Naomi Wolf is doing just fine.

People, along with whatever Congress critters that have an ounce of spine left, need to start using the 'F' word - 'Fascism'.

Fine and Brave.

I think we all know what would happen if she mixed 9/11 Truth in with her message. She would be ridiculed and discredited by even her loyal followers, not to mention her "enemies."
I salute her limited hangout bravery (and yes I went right out and bought the book to learn more.) I think we should be thankful for heroes like Naomi who are mainstream and accessible enough to reach out to the people who still think "Truthers" are obsessed and need to move on. I am speaking from personal experience here. Some people I love dearly will accept Naomi Klein's truth but think I should let it go. (And I am far from being "hard core" Truther."
Let's face it we, can't win this war on Truth over nite so we should thankful when a battle goes our way.

It is a very limited discussion but

the statements in the last two minutes are nevertheless important:

She says:

"The founders did not intend for us to delegate the defense of liberty to a professional class
of pundits or politicians or constitutional scholars, the founders intended for us to do it!"

It was good for a beginner,

1 I wish she would Identify people in Government Who what and when is responsible for this mess that were in.
Suggestion: She could start a watch dog group and start watching the public servants instead of the servants watching the masters. ( call it servant surveillance)
2 I think she should have empowered the audience to do more.
3 She shouldn't act scared of public servants.

"2 I think she should have empowered the audience to do more."

Precisely, however that one statement alone can justifiably apply to MANY who call themselves activist leaders, including some within the 9/11 truth community.

People need to get their act together

Here is a more objective and realistic critique of that video. Short and quick, but to the point. It does not bode well that people are not using their critical thinking skills like they should. I don't understand it. Talk about "sheeple". Especially when it is this obvious: (from an e-mail)

Naomi Wolf is an irrational fear-monger. Most of her so-called arguments are (fairly extreme, in some cases) rhetorical hyperbole, while all the while she is assuring us they are not. It's not hard at all to take most of her arguments and suppositions apart, and point out more reality-based and truth-based "alternatives" for each of them that belies her suggested "reality."

Like claiming the Florida State student tazer event (which was completely valid by almost any reasonable definition) was some "defining moment" in her suggestion that "the end is near" and comparing it to Nazi Germany. And the same thing where people at an airport were requested to taste baby formula and mother's milk (or optionally dump it) when that ridiculous "liquid's scare" occurred, and she actually claimed that they were forced to do it at gun point, and then also comparing that to Nazi Germany Blackshirts and Mussolini Brownshirts forcing people to drink laxatives and other "nasty liquids" at gunpoint, as just a couple of examples. The Shape of Things To Come! (cue scary and foreboding orchestral music) There are many, many more.

She even admits her own cowardice and lack of bravery saying that she will stop speaking out at some point when she becomes too fearful, which I think makes it obvious where she is coming from — a place of extreme and irrational fear that is negatively and overly and wrongly coloring her thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and writing. (but she will sell a lot of books, especially in this atmosphere)


In fact, the very basis of her argument is fallacious, since the comparisons she makes to other fallen democracies, some of which she does admit were fragile and/or young, does not adequately or appropriately compare to our 200-year old very strong democracy and republic, on which some of those others were designed in part.

In that video talk alone she creates several Fear Myths that will soon be irrationally flying around the Internet, I'm sure. (a couple I mentioned above)

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