No Paranoia Intended, But Could We Be Set-up?

What is going on here, is this just slander or something worse;

O'REILLY: "Now let me make a prediction here. Driven by crazy websites, the far left in this country is so out-of-control that somebody's going to get hurt. No American has a right to intrude on church services, television programs, or any other private gathering. If authorities don't wise up fast, bad things are going to happen. Wait and see."

Glenn Beck: This is the kind of group that ‘a Timothy McVeigh’ would come from.”

Dave Nalle from "Blog critics": "It's easy to laugh at the conspiracists, but it's a grim truth that someone protesting Bill Maher this week might be the next Timothy MacVeigh or Ted Kasinski a few frustrated and ignored years down the road."

I really don't like this new "9/11 Truth = Terrorism" rhetoric suddenly being spewed by the shills. It started with this individual Dave Nalle from "Blog critics", and I thought that was just some absurd one off garbage. But now it seems to have found its way onto the autocues of Glenn Beck and O'Reilly, with O'Reilly even making "promises" about it. I find this slanderous against the Movement in the least (considering we're a Peace Movement!!) and at most potentially quite disturbing if this actually runs deeper within the criminal apparatus of the system.

As a proposed solution/counter move to this new strategy to implicate us as "terrorists", I think this can't hurt regardless and is long overdue anyway;

"We should really begin a campaign that will require 911 Truth sites and organizations wear a badge of allegiance to absolute non-violent activism." - Comment by Jpass on 911blogger.

^ I agree.


Also as a side note it's worth mentioning these suspicious comments made on the We Are Change forum by an anonymous individual;

"Words don't work. Force needs to be taken. But yes, force with intelligence, not brute force. A lot of planning needs to go into our revolution. I feel that it needs to start with an assassination, but we need to be able to put up a fight against retaliation, and for that we need a sizeable militia."

"Knowing the police and the way things are run in the country, especially around Washington, peaceful intentions don't always make peaceful situations. If I were to be part of a peaceful march on Washington, I would come armed..."

I don't think...

we are being set up. I think the action taken during Bill Maher's show last week took them completely by surprise and they are now clutching at straws by throwing every ad hominem attack they know at us. I don't think they are preparing a new false flag terror attack to blame on us. If there is one in the works, it is to blame on Arabs or Iranians (who are not Arabs.) I understand where you are coming from looking at those quotes, but they seem to me more like MSM shills desperately trying to earn their paycheck by tarnishing our reputation, and it is not going to work.

We can all sign a

pledge of non-violence.

you continue to pay too much

you continue to pay too much attention and give too much weight to the words of MSM shills. they are deathly afraid and infuriated at our progress. dont let "them" shape your activism and tactics. 9/11 truth=terrorism was an inevitable tactic, im surprised they didnt use it sooner and more forcefully to be honest. it shows true desperation. i obviously agree with the non-violence thing, thats a given. and that anonymous person on the We Are Change forum is likely an agitator.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

What exactly....

will a pledge of non-violence accomplish? If they want to come after us and round us up do you think a pledge of non-violence will stop them? I am not advocating the use of violence, in fact I am very focused on mass education and non-violence. I just think signing a pledge is basically useless against fascist madmen like them and it is going on the defensive when we should be going hard on the offensive.