Welcome to The Mainstream: Richard Gage Interview On WTIC 1080 CT with Colin McEnroe about Nov. 3rd 911 Symposium

Colin McEnroe is a very popular Ct journalist, blogger and radio host. All of us at Citizen's For a New 9/11 Investigation thank him for this fair but brief interview and his promotion of our Nov. 3rd event. ( 911hartford.org ). As always, our thanks also go out to Richard Gage for his fine performance and continued support of our 9/11 Symposium.



Good interview, and thanks for posting.

Just wondering, who are the "Citizen's For a New 9/11 Investigation"? Is that the name of the Hartford 9/11 group?

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One of my 'favoritist' people...

thanks for posting too. Really like Gage. Very genuine. Seems to be a very decent guy.

also, AE's dvd of Gage's presentations, to my mind, are incontrovertible proof of CD. That said, there are as all here know, a variety of other events and the composite of them all provide support for the 'aspects of gov involvement' hypothesis.

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