ENDGAME: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

This is Alex's finest work and an absolute masterpiece in my opinion! Check it out and SPREAD IT!


endgame is

A mind-blowing look at the bigger picture and the real reality. I'm sure Alex will get plenty of flak for this from the powers that be. It'll be interesting to see how the debunkers/hired help go about disputing the facts presented in endgame.

Has anyone got any dirt on Richard N. Hass, president of the CFR? Haas was once our 'Special Envoy' from the US (i'm from Northern Ireland, btw). Thanks


I had been aware

of the general theme and structure of the NWO but Alex Jones makes it available in a polished presentation that will be compelling to many. And regardless of the disinfo and distortion that will now be directed against this documentary, as accurately pointed out above, I believe a good number of people will be persuaded by much of what is in the video. Will it be enough? Will it be soon enough?

Closer to home, will the 9/11 movement, which much of the current awakening (in all respects) is predicated upon, be able to move from - just - focusing on arguing the empirical data and rationale of 9/11 to the role of that event in the larger picture? Obviously, at least to me, the persuasiveness of 9/11 and effect of travelling down that 'rabbit hole' has made many aware. I believe the concerted cointelpro and disinfo directed against the movement does underscore its importance as a catalyzer of change of view. But, as other threads have argued, we must always seek the best ways of effecting change. Endgame actually appears to have a significant chance to become a factor in this process by expanding the argument in the sphere.

However, We must not forget nor neglect the basic 9/11 truth message. It has proven, I'll wager, the most potent beginning argument. Continue to fight to inform those who do not know.* But do not shy from considering and discussing the issue of the broader picture as well.

*I believe only a part of that battle is on the web...(and much of that is with 'professional' antagonists) - I believe the most important place to be is within communities, talking and persuading.

on edit: Others, braver than I, have not only encompassed these issues but have confronted persons of 'Power'; e.g., Confronting President Clinton in Mn. as a visitor to the Bilderberg Group ........

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Alex Jones finest work!

This film really puts the New World Order plan together. The Eugenics plans are something I needed to see to understand just how evil the elite are. I hope everyone sees End Game and spreads it to everyone they know. It may be hard to take for some but thats why I love Alex Jones, because I know I am getting the straight goods unfiltered.

A masterpiece! Alex exposes the NWO, the ultimate culprits

behind the 9/11 false-flag, their plans for population control via eugenics, & a one-world-government dictatorship!

If anyone tells you that eugenics, false-flags, & mass murder is too gruesome or far fetched to believe, just remind them of Nazi Germany merely 65 years ago. A civilized, advanced society went from listening to Bach & Beethoven to blindly following "patriot" Hitler, into exterminating countless innocents in gas chambers! Physicians eagerly performed grotesque experiments on children that ended in horrifying mutilations and/or deaths! Some people are just totally goddamn evil, period!

If the above could & did happen to Germany not long ago, then Bush, Cheney, & their NWO masters could well have been behind 9/11, & evidence shows they were!!!

A definite step down

This will likely be buried but I just want to say I found Endgame to be a rushed endeavor. I was disappointed further than what I thought I was going to be from having seen the trailers. Alex's sometimes laughable gravitas and bold claims really annoyed the piss out of me because of how easily anybody could challenge them.
What bothers me the most is how Alex seems to completely disregard the fact virtually anybody not in on these 'underground ideas of new world order' is not going to maintain an open mind to his total lack of concessions and quick conjecture.
I understand what Alex's problem is with Global Warming and eugenics.
But Alex's delivery of his concerns leads people to believe that he totally denies any truth found in evolution or that of the fact that greenhouse gases aren't HELPING.

Of course, Global Warming, whether it be by the sun, natural, etc, is worsened by waste emissions. I don't care how much of a scam Global Warming is being made into, people are going to think that Alex sees no problem with greenhouse gases at all. No problem because it doesn't exist > since global warming is nothing more than a scam and purely by the sun, according to Alex. Oil dependance also a problem to be overlooked.
Of course, Alex may know that greenhouse gases are adding to a possibly purely natural occurance, but he certainly doesn't clarify this in the video. He hasn't clarified it in his articles nor his radio shows. At least to my knowledge.

As far as evolution. this really pissed me off. I can see how evolution has been totally twisted into social darwinism by elitist leaders...and that is bad. But the way Alex presents it, he's saying evolution in any sense is pseudo science because Darwin had wishes to interbreed his family to make a super race.
This will go absolutely NOWHERE with the average person. Unless Alex clearly states how the theory of evolution has been hijacked into something far more sinister than it's emotionally displeasing reality, people aren't going to think this man is sane. Unless they are creationists. Who see no problem whatsoever with overpopulation and a great deal of genetic misfires from irresponsible reproduction and troubled children from bad parenting.
Many people, including myself, are all for natural selection. so long as it's NATURAL. Not forced by people since nobody really has the right, nor the knowledge to know where to draw the line on where to kill people/prevent breeding, unless it is their own personal choices in responsible reproduction and parenting (not the killing part).

Then enter Alex's apparent demonization of Bertrand Russel. Russel may have written about such evil deeds, but where is the idea that Russel is supporting them? Certainly not in what Alex tries use as evidence. In the quotes he says "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of characterand the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable" from his book titled "The Impact of Science on Society"
Is it not evident in his wording and even the title of the book, that Russell is more likely prophecizing what bad can come of science on society?
He may as well demonized George Orwell for writing 1984, using such grasping-at-straws perception.

Possibly the most ridiculous sloppiness in this movie is his statement, "Pilots were forced to fly through mushroom clouds"...while showing a clip of the Castle Bravo test with the jet in the foreground and the explosion many miles in the distance. Regardless of the clip for film use, no jets were flown through the mushroom clouds. Needless to say, if he is so blatantly wrong about this detail, people will wonder what stops him from being wrong about a great deal of other information in the movie?

I know I'm really sounding like a 'sheeple' type with my criticism of this movie, but I would suspect a great number here at 9/11 blogger are aware of AJ's apparent hyping up of anything they can get a hold of and their rather patchy sense of journalism.
I really enjoyed Terrorstorm, save for a few things that didn't need to be in it. In fact I'm a big fan of AJ. He's been a great trailblazer for the truth movement and other troubling subjects. Lately he seems to have his hands in too many cookie jars to be focused. Otherwise, not taking the time to carefully craft a mindblowing movie that will attract the average individual.
Doing so, he's unconsciously giving his detractors more ammo to paint him as a nut who gathers any loose fact imaginable to formulate whatever master plan he can think of. I do believe a NWO is in the works and it's not good. But Alex's format with this movie fails with me, and I suspect with a great deal of people not already on his bandwagon. It still has a lot of powerful moments and interesting parts...but the divisive and inconclusive crap AJ has sprinkled throughout the film has sort of spoiled the fruits of his good intentions.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosophe

"But Alex's delivery of his

"But Alex's delivery of his concerns leads people to believe that he totally denies any truth found in evolution"

I didn't get that impression from the film.

Then what about the countless slams

On Evolution that Prison planet has done for years? What "impression" might that give you?




Here he is slamming the ACLU and Evolution with a bunch of totally off the wall bullshit allegedly backed up with purely Christian lunacy.


allow me to quote Alex Jones here.


I think that makes it pretty clear that in many areas because of his clear religious insanity he is out of his freaking mind.
Some people, David Ray Griffin for instance can handle his religious "belief" in concert with what is FACTUAL REALITY and basically he manages to believe something that is clearly ridiculous yet at the same time manages to remain connected to what is real. Steven Jones is the same way.
But once someone has divorced themselves from reality to the point to where they believe the Earth is 6000 years old, that some mythical invisible being waved his magic wand & spoke a few choice words of Hebrew and *poof* created the Earth trillions upon trillions of stars, 1000 species of beetles and everything in the Universe then reality takes a back seat to fantasy way to often and without any evidence whatsoever because all they need is faith.

Sadly Alex Jones marginalizes himself with such totally off the wall & insane religious psychobabble.
His religious "beliefs" has made him question every Scientific Theory and Scientist in general, he believes for religious reasons that 100s of 1000s of Scientist the world over are all LYING, lying about Evolution, Lying about Global Warming, Lying about Peak Oil and on & on & on.
Sorry but that is utter bullshit.

I think that Thrashaero is the only one here that has a solid grasp of this.

This is just so ridiculously

This is just so ridiculously stupid, Alex Jones doesn't deny evolution! Where's that "quote" from? Not one of those articles that you linked to was written by him. I've heard him rip into "cult member fundamentalist fake Christians" a million times for pushing garbage about the earth being "6000" years old, or whatever the crazy garbage it is that they "believe in".

You're just trying to create strawmen because you're ironically immensely fanatical about you're own beliefs.

I don't have "beliefs"

in things like this, just like I don't "believe" that 9/11 was an inside job I damn well KNOW IT IS because the EVIDENCE proves it to me.
I don't "believe" in Evolution, I damn well KNOW IT, I have been a Marine Biologist for 24 years of my life, everything I have done in 24 years has been based entirely on Evolutionary Theory, it is scientific fact.
I don't "believe" Global Warming to be a hoax because of all the overwhelming scientific data that I have personally seen from many scientist in various fields of research, these people I know are not making this up and they have no nefarious agenda at all.

The only things I have beliefs in are I believe I will have another beer.

You may of course believe whatever bullshit you wish but when you spew bullshit I will call you on it.

Show "Yea and when you "spew" by Dem Bruce Lee Styles

about the only place you can find it

I'm Calling You A Liar

The "quote" which you attribute to Alex Jones is in the comment section of the page you referenced, and it is clearly written by someone talking about Jones, not by Jones himself.

I have been listening to AJ for a couple years and have never once heard him advocate creationist views.

This quote is written as a parody of creationist thinking, that is why is is in all capitals.


Nunyabiz, you are a liar and a fake. I apologise if I am breaking the rules of this website by "name calling" but in this instance it is necessary.

Editor - www.911oz.com


Then you are calling the person that wrote that a liar not me numb skull.
and it did used to be on the other link because that is where I used to find it.

I have hear AJ go on about the evils of evolution and the bible this and that many times, believe whatever you wish.
Jones is a Religious zealot.

I see from visiting your website that you are basically a AJ sycophant to I see where you get your misinformation about Global Warming and Peak Oil & probably Evolution also I guess.

You totally misrepresented Alex Jones & Endgame in your nonsense

Any immediate threat due to Global warming is a scam being promoted by the likes of Al Gore, the shill NWO politician who provided fake opposition to Bush in 2000, actually won that election, yet did nothing to contest it.

Global warming is being used as a scare tactic to further control us & tax us. (While global warming is a scam, the "waste emissions" you refer to are commonly called "pollution" and are being produced by corporations {think Haliburton} with impunity, which Alex is very concerned.)

Alex also has a far better understanding of evolution than you do. Again you slam Alex as being some sort of creationist, he is not. (Hitler & his madmen twisted evolution as to a tool to justify eugenics. Alex demonstrated this.)

How the hell do you know that no pilots were ordered to fly through mushroom clouds during the nuclear experiments & tests of the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s...???

Lastly, you have a moronic way of of spreading truth & fighting the NWO--by bashing Alex Jones & the best video ever made on the subject!!! (You claim to be an Alex Jones fan; sure you are, I don't believe you about anything.)

LOL all of you Anti Global Warming

Loons need to take your meds. How in the hell you people believe that somehow Al Gore is some supreme dictator to 99% of every Climatologist on the planet is absolutely mind boggling.
Global Warming is a Scientific fact proven by overwhelming evidence of which 99% of the Scientific community are in agreement on. These Scientist have no "nefarious agenda" how pathetically paranoid you people are what the hell is the matter with you?
You sound like a bunch of complete idiots and then to top it off you even slam "EVOLUTION" ROTFL
Are you all really trying to completely destroy the 9/11 Truth movement or what? Because coming up with this kind of bullshit is a sure fire way to make everyone think you are utterly insane so they can just ignore everything you say.

Show ""LOL all of you Anti Global" by Dem Bruce Lee Styles
Show "Also check how ironic it is" by Dem Bruce Lee Styles

I don't deny what I know to be

Scientific fact if that is what you mean.
You are full of shit, show me anything that doesn't come from some Faux News bullshit or some clearly oil company paid shill that shows Global Warming to be a hoax.

You have nothing.

Meanwhile I will stick to what 99% of the Scientific community have to say, we have no secret agenda we are stating fact that is backed up one hell of a lot of data.

It is shit like this when I see so many in the 9/11 truth movement that bring up such utter bullshit as this that actually gives me pause and makes me wonder sometimes.
So many 9/11 truthers believe so much complete bullshit that frankly I think in the end it will kill any chance we have of bringing 9/11 truth to the mainstream.
We have so many Global Warming deniers, Holocaust deniers, Moon Landing deniers, Peak Oil deniers, Evolution Deniers etc that we will be so marginalized that even I feel like we ought to be wearing Tin foil freaking helmets sometimes... Just WTF is the matter with you people?

"stating fact that is backed

"stating fact that is backed up one hell of a lot of data." - no, it's based almost entirely on computer models, which are devices used to make predictions not "facts". And when those models get tweaked a little for "more dramatic results", that's when the "Doomsday" propaganda gets into the media and we see pictures of “stranded Polar Bears”. You mix in "Man-made" global warming scepticism with "Holocaust Daniel", "Evolution Denial" and even the damn Moon landings to cap it off, your argument is absurd.

Here's some "Reich Wing Faux news" reporting for you;

Scientists blame sun for global warming

The truth about global warming - it's the Sun that's to blame

Dissidents Against Dogma

Is Global Warming a Sin?

Climate Momentum Shifting: Prominent Scientists Reverse Belief in Man-made Global Warming - Now Skeptics


yeah I guess I cant argue with a article that doesn't even list the ONE so called "Scientist" that spews this the Sun causes all Global warming crap.
plus 2 articles by a known Reich wing nut bag "Alexander Cockburn" and then a BS report by Reich wingers in the Federal Government that we all know are in the pocket of Big Oil.

Yep you got me there. LOL

At least make an honest effort otherwise I see no reason to waste time setting you straight.

"plus 2 articles by a known

"plus 2 articles by a known Reich wing nut bag "Alexander Cockburn"

^ Seriously, that's again quite ridiculous, Cockburn is as "Left" as you get.

"ONE so called "Scientist" that spews this the Sun causes all Global warming crap."

Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says

Canadian Climatologist Says Sun Causing Global Warming

Top scientist debunks global warming

"At least make an honest effort otherwise I see no reason to waste time setting you straight."

You're not setting anyone straight man, you need to go set yourself straight on this.

I'm done with wasting time on your BS

You are an idiot pushing pure bullshit that you know nothing about.
This is senseless garbage, I can list 10 sites for everyone you list stating exactly the opposite. The position you are pushing here is literally just a tiny fraction of climatologist and most of not all can be traced back to oil company shills.


"You are an idiot pushing

"You are an idiot pushing pure bullshit that you know nothing about." - more emotional, contradictory, unscientific, dogmatic attitude. Why don't you just tell me to "Shut up" like Podhoretz or O'Reilly?

I've had enough of this to, keep being a fanatic all you like, just as long as "you are right" and the one to "set people straight".

Show "Sure why not" by Nunyabiz

"a "Geologist" you know the

"a "Geologist" you know the ones that work mostly for oil companies"

^ Yea, like Hubbert did for Dutch Royal Shell. I'm sick of this, carry on thinking ONLY YOU are right about everything.

Umm you mean "M. King Hubbert"?

You cant be denying that he worked for Shell I assume?
He worked at Shell oil for like 20 years and his Hubbert Peak Theory is literally the basis for Peak Oil.

Kinda odd

that just simply stating a known documented fact about a person is voted down.
Are that many people on this site really so delusioned & misinformed about Global Warming?
That is really saddening, in all honesty it is shit like this that can so easily ruin the 9/11 truth movement. (Meanwhile I am the one being called the disinfo or whatever other buzzword of the day even though what I'm saying is backed up by the vast majority of the Scientific community)

Having so many within the movement that deny the scientific facts of Global Warming, Peak oil, Holocaust, Moon Landings and so on is exactly what gives these Reich wing nut jobs like O'Reilly, Limbaugh ammunition against us. This is what they do, they attack the messenger & ignore the message because they know damn well all they need to do is say hey this guy denies the Moon Landings actually happened so who you going to believe him or me?
You people either need to WTFU or at least STFU about things other than 9/11 because you are seriously marginalizing ALL OF US when you spew this bullshit.
I have been embarrassed several times on other sites several years ago when I brought up the excellent work done by Steven Jones, work that I believe to be outstanding and a big piece of the Controlled Demolition puzzle only to have it completely marginalized because of his crazy Mormon religious bullshit....BAM! just like that great work totally marginalized because of bat shit crazy religious crap he has promoted.
We have no chance of going mainstream when such a large (I'm just assuming large % based on responses here) percentage vehemently deny things like Global Warming, you will only appeal to the true "Lunatic Fringe" if shit like this continues.


Nunyabiz, i dont know about where you are, but where i am, questioning the MAN MADE global warming theory is pretty mainstream.
A whole lot more mainstream than 911 truth is, thats for sure.
National TV and several big newspapers have been covering this. And it was far from "lunatic fringe" stuff.
Just so you know. Im not gonna get into a discussion about it on here...
Oh, and, i hope youre aware that the controversy is about the "man made" part, and not wheter there is global warming or not.
Youre use of the word "denier" makes you come across like those debunker guys.

The ONLY thing I ever see

comes from Reich wing fascist and Oil company shills which is no doubt what you are seeing. Its made "mainstream" by the very same corporate media that has covered up Election Fraud & the false flag attack of 9/11, it is made to look "mainstream" by the same Media that are owned by War Profiteers that make Billions off of War and it is all tied to Oil Companies.
This is NOT a controversy, it is basically 99% of the scientific community Vs a small handful of paid shills for Oil companies.

It is the same thing the lunatic fundies tried with Evolution Vs Creationism, they keep repeating the mantra of "Teach the Controversy" only problem is that there is no controversy.
99.99% of Scientist agree with Evolutionary Theory, a small handful of Creationist nuts with ZERO evidence of any kind to back up their ridiculous claims keep trying to pretend that Creationism has any basis in reality.

I'm simply stating what by far the vast majority of climatologist world wide are saying, now do I believe them or a small handful of oil company shills & the Bush administration?
That's no contest.


"it is basically 99% of the scientific community Vs a small handful of paid shills for Oil companies."

This is total bullshit, Nunyabiz. 99%, you got to be kidding me.
If you want to call a pretty large %ige of scientists 'oil company shills', then so be it.
It just sounds pretty fringe and far out paranoid to me.
and then you bring up evolution as a comparison. yet another "debunker" method.
im done with this topic.

Believe whatever you wish

I know I'm not wrong on this topic.
I have personally seen way too much data that proves to me "man-made" Global Warming is happening.
You can close your eyes to reality, call it all bullshit all you like, in your little world the case is closed and you have chosen to believe Reich wing fascist and oil company shills. Oh well.

I have an idea!

How about everyone shut the fuck up about global warming (no matter what your view is on it) until after the 9/11 truth and justice movement has attained its goals: truth and justice. Discussing it now provides fuel for disinfo personnel to exploit the disagreement. I wish Alex Jones and co. would stop talking about it as well.

I'm about to contradict myself for a brief moment right now by stating that David Ray Griffin believes man-made global warming, due to pollution, emissions, etc, IS a reality. Maybe he's wrong, but there are some geniune truthers who do believe it's real. So don't accuse someone of being disinfo just because they think global warming is being caused by human actions and inactions. What's MY view on it? I don't know. I have other priorities right now.

Now...back to 9/11 truth and justice. Please?

I agree

I think everyone in the Truth movement basically needs to stick to JUST 9/11 truth and STFU about Global Warming, Peak Oil, Moon Landings, Holocaust, and every other damn thing that will only marginalize you if you don't what the hell you are talking about.
Of course DRG knows Global Warming is a fact, he is able to think rationally.
If dingbats come out stating that Global warming is a hoax then I will call them on it every time because they are spreading pure bullshit that they obviously know nothing about and making all 9/11 truthers look ridiculous in the process, we all get lumped together with every known nutty belief as it is.
How many times have you seen "these are the same people that believe the moon landings were fake" The same people that believe they were abducted by aliens etc?

The more idiots that come out spewing that Global Warming is a hoax and some NWO commie liberal plot to tax the world the more we ALL get painted as nuts.
Just STFU unless you KNOW what the hell you are talking about.

I agree also that this is

I agree also that this is divisive and we shouldn't pointlessly agitate each other like this. But you are being rather unnecessarily provocative Nunyabiz, and to remedy that you should also take your own advice;

"Just STFU unless you KNOW what the hell you are talking about."

A true scientist knows NOTHING for certain, science is about challenging your own bias constantly, you seem to have embraced what you consider to be certainty though which renders your logic entirely contradictory and unscientific.

except that I DO know

what the hell I'm talking about you do not.

As a Scientist I am certain of several things that have never been disproven EVER such as Evolution, for over 150 years Millions of Scientist in virtually every field of of the natural sciences have tried to DISprove Evolutionary Theory to no avail, it has stood the test of time and has taken everything that millions of researchers have thrown at it.
Some things you just have to be certain of because there is simply no other logical explanation.

Global Warming WILL be that certain very soon. Right now the evidence for Global warming being pushed into it current state because of the last 150 years of man made pollutants and destruction of forest etc is overwhelming and nothing else comes close to prove otherwise.

You may believe the Reich wing blogisphere and oil company shills all you wish. I will stick to the vast majority of Climatologist that have no other agenda but to do their freaking jobs that they have spent their lives doing.


Please take my advice, your own advice, as well as Dem's advice to shut the fuck up about global warming...seriously, shut up. You're making yourself look very stupid. First you agree with me that talking about global warming (here and now) is counterproductive...and then you rant on and on about it. Stop?

You can seriously kiss my ass

I'm going to continue to expose pure bullshit when I see it.
I am not the one that brings it up in the first place but I will not set idly by while people that know jack shit about Global warming spew Reich wing talking points like they have a clue.
and that includes Alex Jones, he is correct about 9/11 but he doesn't have the slightest idea of what he is talking about with Global Warming, Peak oil and Evolution.
I can only assume his religious insanity is phucking with his mind on these subjects, he should stick to 9/11.

Dude, I'm on your tail and I'm going to take you down.

Please substantiate your slanderous accusations about Alex Jones' "creationist views" or remove yourself from this debate.

Editor - www.911oz.com

Please do

nothing like having a freak of nature stalker .

Its Worse Than That...

Bruce, Nunyabiz promotes bold faced strawman lies about what AJ has said in relation to evolution and creationism.

He does not "play fair" and you cannot rationally argue with him. I have seen quite a few provocateurs like him in my travels, and I will always identify and destroy their dishonest games - wherever and whenever I find them.

For me this is definitely part of the wider Truth movement of which "9/11 Truth" is one one of the main battlefields. It would be crazy to make some self conscious decision not to stray from the narrow confines of 9/11, because all of these topics are interrelated, with one of the most important connections being the fact that the media is feeding us lies and propaganda ALL THE TIME.

You can't call out the 9/11 lies while allowing the global warming lies to just ride on by. Its ridiculous.

Editor - www.911oz.com


Oh yes here we go with the freaking "disinfo " bullshit again.
I have been fighting FOR 9/11 truth since Dec of 2001 back when every time I opened my mouth about it I was shouted down and banned from every website.
I don't spew ANY lies about 9/11.
Just because I tell the FACTS about Global Warming that somehow translates to you freaks as "disinfo"? LOL that's hilarious.

You can go phuck yourself, I find it extremely embarrassing and sad that so many people in the 9/11 truth movement are so screwed up on the facts of Global Warming.
You have swallowed the Reich wing talking points hook line & bullshit.

my nonsense

Perhaps you should calm down a bit and re-read my post very carefully. I made concessions to what Alex may actually believe. His DELIVERY poses that what may be believed by watchers as him not believing in evolution or that he's concerned about POLLUTION (sorry mr. semantics!) adding to the problem or oil dependance, regardless if he is concerned in reality, it's not in the movie. You have no idea what my understanding of evolution is, so don't exalt Jones over people who criticize his method of talking about it.
If all Alex is saying is that evolution is being hijacked and manipulated into something that humans are trying to accelerate because of their elitism, then I'm fine with just that angle. It's not how it comes across in the movie however because of his demonization of Darwin and easy linking of his theories as pseudo science being spread the world over.
All he had to do was cover the subjects of evolution and global warming in a way that while they exist, they're being manipulated.

How the hell do I know that no pilots were ordered to fly through mushroom clouds? Fair enough, I might be appealing to ignorance here. But maybe you should ask, how the hell does Alex Jones know? All we are shown is a completely non-representative clip of his statement. Find me any form of evidence of pilots flying directly through mushroom clouds. It's highly unlikely given the fact that they already knew what the hell would happen to a plane that would fly through one. Utterly pointless. They saw what happened to unoccupied buildings and vehicles on the ground. The closest anybody could come up with is the plane that drops the bomb has to fly as fast and high as it can the hell out of there before it gets screwed with by the emp and shockwave. Kind of the opposite of going towards it.

You have a moronic way of bashing anybody who is a fan of AJ but is independent enough not to cherish everything he does. There's a difference between being a supporter and being a blind-faith devout follower, like you.
Look who wrote the only definition. ( though I recant my reference to WTC fall speed in the conversation peice as being fast and faster than freefall)
I happen to have the wmv of the movie as well that I acquired through the subscription service.

Like I said, the movie has a lot of powerful and interesting parts...it just needs some major cleanup. Otherwise it is pointless. only to be cherished by those who think AJ can do no wrong. He's human. He doesn't do everything perfect. I don't expect him to. But covering such a massive topic with such massive implications needs to be done a bit more carefully.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosophe



A few points.

I remember reading on some sites that AJ and Tarpley were not considered assets to the truth movement. Wasn't sure what to make of that.
A few points:
- He and/ or his writers are quite good historians. There's some good stuff here.
- I think he's spot on with things like the North American Union will erode sovereignty and harm, if not destroy, the middle class.
- Carbon tax is suspect, but does he not think the environment should be protected.? Groups like Greenpeace certainly didn't evolve from the Global elites. Very few advocates of environmental protection come from Canada's oil province Alberta. Is it the same for Texas ?
- the Bilderbergs evolved from the ashes of Europe. The original idea was to provide a discussion group of world leaders business or otherwise, to help prevent another Hitler emerging and destroying everything. Some of the early members like the Brit Colin Gubbins, former head of SOE, were very highly regarded internationally. The Netherlands, where this group is based/started, is a small, essentially egalitarian society that was nearly wiped out by war. I don't find the Dutch scary. Are the Bilderbergs all bad ?
- AJ seems to imply a total "us or them" outlook. Just because some of these people inherited a lot of money - they are evil or have no soul ( I'm sure some of them don't) He then transposes this to anyone who even gets invited to one of these meetings. AJ seems to totally disregard any chance of religious thought or altruism coming from these people. Why is that I wonder ?
- AJ says he will confront the governor of Texas after his attendance at Bilderberg, and AJ - a working journalist in his home state - simply yells into his blowhorn at a darkened house. Could there not be a better approach ?
- AJ mentions the Logan Act a number of times, yet he seems not to have a problem with policy makers with dual citizenship helping formulate American policy.
- As I said the history was great, but I thought it lost its focus.

couldn't agree more..

I am a massive fan of AJ, and what he has done in exposing the NWO. However End Game although being very compelling, and having a great deal of fascinating inforamtion fails as a truly perception altering documentary. It is preaching to the conveted (whether they be truthers, creationalists etc..).

Basically Thrashero puts it very well.. however there is couple other other glaring 'inconsistencies':

if the 'End Game' is to wipe out civilization to 500,000 or whatever, why do known leaders of the NWO (Pope/church) preach against birth control, and infact aggressively push for anti-birth control. Not to mention the basic formula that more people = scarcity, and so those with assets can charge more for things - energy, food etc.. This gives greater power to the eilite.

My final problem with this film, is that it provides no 'solution', you are left feeling battered: and understandably, the subject matter, and information is deeply depressing. But I think to just put it out there, without trying to show how ordinary people can counter these dark forces, alex inadvertently is helping them in a way : I am not saying he is trying to do that - I truly believe that his passion is real, and his heart is pure. It boils down to (coming from the UK this is very evident) that he is a true texan, and that this film will do well in the south. But that same thing is a hinderence in true accademia.. and will be written of very easily by debunkers.

Please don't stop what ur doing tho AJ!!!

"My final problem with this

"My final problem with this film, is that it provides no 'solution', you are left feeling battered"

PRECISELY. But...this is the problem with EVERY Alex Jones film. He never never ever ever offers any tangible solution. He knows how to scare, and throw in some juicy tidbits of information, but he never provides his own ideas of "what we can do about it". (correct me if I'm wrong on that)

Vote me down all ya want, but I'm becoming less and less of an Alex Jones fan by the day. Something about him I just simply do not trust. I think he may be some sort of trojan horse.

Very important - and frightening - documentary

Everyone should see this. It shows the larger picture, which is just as important as 9/11 (or 7/7, or...).

Alex is calmer now, which helps get the message across to many.

Hmm... There really seems to be a "downvote patrol" here.

The first few minutes of

The first few minutes of this seem to border on self-parody.

I watched the film and hmmm.

About an hour and a half through the film I was sitting in my chair think "Holy crap this is amazing work...everyone should see this". By the time I finished it I thought, "Ok wait a minute, where did I get lost here?"

It seemed like the ending had a rushed quality to it. The historical set up within the first two thirds was dead on and brilliant. But I was left at the end wondering what the end conclusion is. I don't know "what " it is exactly that threw me off, but it's there.

Regardless of my personal feelings for Alex Jones, I think the film started out INSANELY great. I was actually thinking this rivaled many Docs that I've seen. But there is something about the last 45 minutes, when it got into conjecture, that felt vague or loose to me. Like the "future plans for global enslavement" by means of eugenics or something similar, rested on the words of a few fringe people. Not that I don't believe it could happen, but it seemed almost too simple and convenient as a unifying "reason" for all this chaos.

Hope someone else can word it better than I can if they agree. It seemed to have elements of hype that I just couldn't grasp as a real THREAT. I found myself running through every scenario and past genocides, wars, famines, cataclysms, mass murders, police state tactics, to find myself saying "It's all about mass culling of the population because of the "Guidestones" or words from Kissinger?
I feel Alex was right about the merging of nations into Unions, the carbon tax scam, the Social Darwinism of the past and present, the Rockefeller role in so much of it, the sterilization programs. But I could have used more evidence that all of this was the Master Plan of the ages. Maybe I have to watch it again to see something I missed.

I'm kind of in the same boat..

as you, CP. When I wrote above, I had seen maybe the first third or half.... and I stupidly thought the rest would be of similar calibre and i could modify or amend my earlier statement if my presumption turned out to be false. This what I get for being impatient in my initial enthusiasm. Because, as luck - or the fortune of electrons would have it. I never could get it to begin downloading any further last night once I'd paused. So I'm stuck wondering - and will be until later today - whether I supported the movie too much too hastily (I'll blame it on the rum). Your comments make me wonder. And there are specific issues of Jones' with which I already disagreed. Such as PO , choice and, if Thrashaero's correct about the 'evolution/Darwin thing I'd have to add that too. Although I will still maintain that 9/11 truth needs to expand its argument, now I can't even tell if Jones makes the -his- arguments hit home. Your comments above makes me wonder. In any case, it will have to wait until tonight and then perhaps I can think more intelligently ('dream on', I know) about the issues you and Thashaero brought up. But my suspicion is to give credence to what you both articulate.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Well I watched it again.

The last 45 minutes at least, and I think maybe I had some sort of "fact fatigue" at around the 1:30 minute mark. So maybe it's not all the film, but there. I must admit there are certain things I didn't know exposed in the film. I don't want to ruin the rest for you past the 1:30 mark. But I have to admit Alex takes some jumps in the connections. He threw me off with a "two separate species so the elites can live forever and travel the cosmos".

I happen to agree with Alex about the environmentalist maybe being used as a back door for human social engineering, but then it goes to eugenics, which may be possible, but I don't think he tied that part together well. A hint that this was also the main driving force of the Bilderbergs, I don't know if I can agree with that. I sometimes think that class enslavement doesn't always equal class extermination, at least not outright genocide of 80% of us.

But hey man, for all I know Alex could be correct and a very REAL need for action. This isn't really the "alarmist" film I thought it would be though, and it is very professionally done. The research and factoids are spot on. It's just the conclusion that doesn't seem so convincing. I would recommend maybe watching an hour first, take a break, then watch the rest. It's hard to critique this one. It's so well done, but left me hanging for some reason. It's not a "Terrorstorm" though, but it does make you think and it does educate, that's for sure.

I have to say too, the whole "New World Order" phrase has always been a thorn in my ass. These people come from specific groups and I personally like to distinguish those groups. But again, Alex has never convinced me that all "New World Order'ists" are out for destruction of 80% of the planet through means of eugenics. Control and domination of a new global proletariat? Yes, almost absolutely. But I would think these people know better by now than to kill off their working cows(us), at least that's what they should have learned through their studies of class warfare and banking systems or socio economics of the past. And the Marxist theories they ALL have studied conflicts with so many of the premises of the virus killing the host.

And so much stock in the Georgia Guidestones even though they are a monument to doublespeak itself? He seems to think they are prophetic in nature and gives them more power than I think they deserve. Just had to get that off my chest.

You know when you watch a film and you think that 95% of it is hit on amazing, but there's that little 5% that makes you nervous and gives you a feeling of not really "there"where the filmmaker is at? That's what this film did to me. But then , a year from now we all could be herded into camps for injections and tagging and I'll gladly eat my words, and never doubt Alex again. Shit happens.

If I may briefly answer, Alex crammed an enourmous amount of

key information into that 2 hour video. He needed to, because I don't think there was time to make a 10-volume collection or anything like that for now. His budget is not huge, either.

I believe complex material like this, and like that of the video Zeitgeist, is best viewed several times anyway.

Bertrand Russell is misquoted in the film

Thanks for this!

I was trying to find the source of that quote.

I have made a few comments here:

Editor - www.911oz.com

I pre-ordered mine but have not received

I hope I get it soon!!!


EDIT: The first part of this will sound like a promo, and maybe that's why I got modded down, but whatever. Paying made me feel slightly good.

I just wanted to add that you can get this from PrisonPlanet.tv along with several documentaries and weekly reports by subscribing for about $6. I just restarted my subscription to get the HQ download. The QuickTime high quality version is 1.2 GB and looks like DVD quality. Worth the $6 as far as movies go. And if you want to support any of what Alex Jones does, it's a good option.

That said, I was hoping for a documentary with more 9/11 Truth in it. This documentary spends a lot of time on Bilderberg and NWO stuff, but is not the next great 9/11 documentary I had my hopes up for. Let's hope Loose Change Final Cut is.

Both/And, not Either/Or

The Big Fella (AJ) has it seems to me a track record of being way out in front as a dot connector. A big picture visionary, a debunker of offical history, a retriever of buried facts.

Does "Endgame" have weaknesses? Of course it does. Is he essentially correct about eugenics and genocide? I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt because, like I said, I have been impressed with that rare intelligence that oftentimes compellingly ties the hidden histories together.

"Endgame" though will be indigestible to the uninitiated, to those who have only the dimmest awareness of "Bilderberg." Someone here made the excellent point that "Endgame" will lose people because it has no concessions. I have always thought that an argument gains strength when it concedes points. Like when Aaron Russo (R.I.P. Great Man) says Dan Rather isn't aware of the nefarious ends of CFR, of which he is putatively a member. The Big Fella indeed comes off as being an evolution denier, however I do think he cut corners in making such acknowledgments because his priority was to fit everything the NY Times ignores and suppresses into a long film

I do not consider myself well-educated but I think "Zeitgeist" makes a tremendous case for the essential fraudulence of Christianity, which of course puts it at odds with AJ, which in turn defines his limitations

nevermind - wrong thread...

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After having viewed the rest of the flick......

In the final analysis, Endgame unfortunately is yet another 'almost'. There are many pieces I agree with but.... It is not a movie I will copy and disseminate to folks I know. Among the problems I noted the following:

Misleads, to my mind, about Darwin.

Can't handle global warming. Can't see that it is an emergency and it is being manipulated for the gain of the globalists. Not and either - or.

Lies about Bertrand Russell. Not good. Throws everything else under a cloud of doubt if they will lie about something so unessential to the plot. On edit: there are other things BR said that could have been used but were not.

Re: Peak Oil. It appears the Jonesians can't handle the possibility that peaking resources may be in fact the case AND that the elites are manipulating it. Duh. Hard concept for them. The fact I was banned from their forum for merely voicing that possibility regarding PO is proof to me of their intolerance for open discussion.

Anti-choice - against a woman's right to choose and to be informed of that right. That was implied in the flick. Planned Parenthood has done a great deal of good.

Can't seem to figure that the human race is indeed bursting out of the seams and the planet's eco system is seriously threatened. One can handle that fact and work towards humane and just measures to help reduce it.... though I agree with the theme of the movie that the elites are, as is usual for those asswipes, simply willing to exterminate huge numbers.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

I agree

that about sums it up

Your comments merely

Your comments merely reiterate the tired slogans we wear every day bleated out on TV radio and Newspaper headlines.

You make no substantive argument, and you can't offer any specific evidence. I have looked into the issue of whether he misrepresented Russell. Have you?

Editor - www.911oz.com

He is correct on all counts

Global Warming is not a controversial debate with 2 sides anymore than Evolution is.
While virtually ALL Climatologist world wide agree the very few that claim otherwise can almost always be traced back to Oil company shills.








As for Bertrand Russell he appears to have tried to squeeze a lot more out of what Russell said to try and twist it to his benefit.
Basically the way Christians interpret the Bible which is why there are some 33,800 different Sects of Christianity, you can interpret it any way you like.

Your comments reiterate what we hear ONLY from Reich wing nut bags, Oil company shills and Faux news minions.
Why you insist on being a water carrier for oil companies & the Neofascist is beyond belief.
Just because your Messiah (Alex Jones) says it does not make it so, to believe that for some bizarre reason 10s of 1000s of respected Scientist the world over are all lying about Global Warming is schizophrenic.
Same goes for Peak Oil, how anyone in their right mind could possibly believe that oil reserves are basically endless just doesn't make any sense at all and is again schizophrenic.
These Fascist pigs that are in total control of the country right now don't need "Peak Oil" to raise prices of gas, all they need to do is create perceived (real of not) disruptions in the supply, attack Iraq gas goes from $1.50 to over $3.00gal, attack Iran gas goes from $2.50 to $5.00gal, hire mercenaries to attack various oil production sites in Africa or where ever, the sky is the limit on what they can blame it on.
Peak Oil is just a natural fact, you keep sucking oil out of an underground pocket and sooner or later you have to go deeper and deeper and the crude is dirtier and harder to get out until after awhile it runs dry. That is why they have to keep looking for new reserves and drilling everywhere they can, if oil were basically endless and was created or "replenishes" by the Earth's mantle which if I'm not mistaken is what your Messiah spews then why the hell have more than one damn well?
Crap like this makes Alex Jones appear bat shit crazy to people just now waking up to the fact that 9/11 was an inside job, if these people wanting to find out more so they can make their minds up go to a site like infowars or prisonplanet and get side tracked looking at his babblings on Global Warming, Peak oil, Evolution etc then they are going to dismiss him as a lunatic and quite possibly the whole damn movement if there are too many like you spewing this manure they will think we are ALL freaking nuts and that the Reich wingers must be correct for once, we are just all part of the Tin Foil Helmet Brigade.

It is not good for 9/11 truth to spread such BS it will come back to bite us in the ass of we do.

do tell

elaborate your findings on whether he misrepresented Russell, if you could please. Because the very wording Russell used and the title of his book reflect his obvious position of warning about what he thinks may come in the future. Not what he would like to see.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosophe

The time has come.

The solution is quite simple, if what is said in this movie be true, The human race then has to EXTERMINATE the global elite by strangling their profits before they eventually wipe out the human race for self gain, Good will prevail over EVIL at all times, they just don't know it yet!!!!