George Carlin comments on 9/11 Truth and the NWO

George Carlin tellin' it like it BORDERS bookstore in downtown Manhattan, NYC, Thursday October 25th, 2007 (just a few blocks from Ground Zero / WTC site)...

great job JR. Carlin is the

great job JR. Carlin is the man. i wish he would have voiced these opinions when he was on The Opie and Anthony show the other day though, they completely ripped the 9/11 truth movement despite admitting that at least half of their calls were pro-9/11 truth.(to be fair though,Carlin was on after they did this and not during.)

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Awesome - I wonder if he has

Awesome - I wonder if he has ever seen Zeitgeist
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

George Carlin

is always worth watching & listening to.

No fool.

I get the impression George doesn't need to see Zeitgeist. Like John Lennon, he was a Truther before the term was even coined.
No fool, this man.

I believe imgstacke was referring to...

this section of Zeitgeist (which features George Carlin) as it's pretty obvious the GC is very well clued up.


I'm sure imgstacke will correct me if I'm wrong.

Best wishes

Thanks for the clarification

Thanks for the clarification - still amazed at George Carlin, and yeah I wonder what he would think about the movie and how his voice/act was used to introduce Part I of the movie.
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

The real owners of the USA . by Georege Carlin

George Carlin knows whats going on, His Mother didnt Raise no fool.

He puts in away the average sheeple can understand.

E mail this to everyone that you know so they start having a clue

This is great

I've always been a big fan of George Carlin, since I was a young'un. My dad introduced his comedy to me. My dad's in his 50's and has a couple George Carlin albums on vinyl in his collection. Maybe I can use this comment from one of his favorite comedians to convince him there's some truth to this stuff.

I think George was careful with his words, not coming out too strongly in favor of this, because he is aware of his celebrity and the media frenzy it would cause. He's a bit past his prime and probably doesn't want to become too controversial at this later stage of his life. Man, I just know that in his younger years he would have come right out and said it and been happy to take the heat from it.

Thanks JR. Great video.

Very Perceptive

Carlin did sum it up, "power does what it wants, an investigation would turn out like the Kennedy(Warren) Commission."

benthere, you scoped Carlin out in a very keen manner! You're quite right, Carlin would've let it rip in his younger days and this response is pretty tepid by comparison! Age tends to do that, though. It just isn't like the first time!

Carlin's careful phrasing also reveals the seriousness of the subject, 9/11 Truth is the Achilles heel of this regime! It's as simple as that!

Thanks for the great vid, J.R.!

...don't believe them!

Too bad more questions were

Too bad more questions were not asked, like did he investigate 9/11? And precise questions to try to verify what he knows. You could have given him DVDs. I would also have asked him why he does not have the balls to talk extensively about 9/11 on stage. He is rich and old, what does he risk?
In Italy for example, the old great comic comedian called Dario Fo, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature a few years ago for his theater plays, did a theater show about 9/11, with his son, drawing a lot of material from Thierry Meyssan. His show was mainly informative, not comic. You can find it on emule. He says that the main mission of comics, already in Greece thousands of years ago, was to tell the truth freely, using any form, also the simplest one: just telling the truth, without a single joke. That is what the Italian female comic Sabina Guzzanti did on TV about Berlusconi and corruption: she was immediately fired, because she told truths seriously instead of telling jokes. Telling the whole truth on TV is strictly forbidden. That is why not a single one of us should have a TV, and we should try to convince as many people as possible to get rid of their TVs too, and be happy with their computer screen.

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amen to that

i haven't owned a tv that I watch in.....10 years at least....
the tv I do own I got for free just a few months ago just to watch movies with, and is still sitting in the living room on the floor when i first moved in. never bothered hooking it up.
I should sell the POS on ebay.

Considering most of my young life was spent watching TV, it's interesting how much I despise it now.
who in their right mind wants to bother watching whatever programming is dictated to them on their TV when they could be entertained INTERACTIVELY on the computer? I mean, there's plenty of mindless, stupid garbage on the internet that is of much better value than what the tv offers anyway. plus you can get most of it for free. not to mention the obvious fact that there's much more than just entertainment on the computer.

anyway the fact that GC is famous is surprising enough given his anti-religion tone.
Anybody seen Doug Stanhope? He's got sort of a Hicks/Carlin flavor to him. He's like half-drunk on stage every time but he's pretty funny. I know that he talks to Alex Jones a little bit. One video of a skit I saw him talking to Alex at a table after his show. He also referenced his name in one of his bits very briefly regarding 'figures' of something, I don't remember what exactly he was referring to though.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
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After watching that...

his overall answer was "ok"...but he seemed a bit too disinterested. Like, "oh well, there's nothing we can do to fight corruption in power" kinda thing. Seemed a bit defeatist to me. Oh well, I still think he's one of the smartest figures we have in this country.


True enough, he seems a bit jaded and cynical, and perhaps uninterested.

I think we can't make it too easy for the "powers that be" to get away with mass murder, insurance fraud, treason, etc.

Of course we should push for a new investigation of 911! OF COURSE.

I think he is right when he

I think he is right when he says that there is nothing to expect from an official investigation. From JFK to 9/11, it is clear that those official commissions were horrible. The real investigation takes place far away from politicians and federal agencies controlled by the powers that be: here, on internet, on independent radio, in real life with independent investigators/journalists,...There are exceptions of course, like the Church Committee that investigated the secret services, but unless someone like Kucinich becomes president, there is nothing to expect from a new 9/11 commission now. So before asking for a new official investigation, people should spend their time campaigning for someone like Kucinich, campaigning against election fraud, against the influence of the mass-media on the minds of the majority,...

Read the last genius on this Earth:

I love George Carlin...