Osama Bin Laden Still on the Loose

Personally I believe OBL is dead, but just this past week he released another tape, which has been "authenticated" by US intelligence agencies. As is typical his "message" coincided with a request for 182 billion dollars in additional funding for the war on terror.

It has been over 6 years and according to the official story public enemy #1 has yet to be killed or captured. If you believe the official story this is simply disgraceful and, I would bet, unacceptable to the American public.

We are fighting wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and soon Iran in response to the attacks of 9/11 and to find and kill the 911 mastermind. But this task, despite spending close to a trillion dollars, has failed and this failure is being used by the government perpetuate a policy of endless war and fear.

The reason I bring up this topic is there is a deep seeded, and growing resentment by the average American that OBL the individual is still on the loose and threatening America. Also I think that this aspect of the 911 story is being overlooked and undervalued by the truth movement and is a possible bridge issue to the peace movement.

The truth movement should highlight this topic to embarrass the administration and wake up more people to the inconsistencies and lies of the official narrative.

Most Americans are not aware of the various facts about OBL and his family’s highly incriminating relationships with the Saudi royals and the Bush family. They are unaware of the timeline of events regarding OBL leading up to 9/11and after. No one could fly on 9/11 except for the bin Laden family!They are unaware that "Tim Osman" was a CIA asset and that Al Qaeda a CIA creation. That the ISI funded by the CIA in turn funded the hijackers. The truth movement could get tremendous traction if Americans were made aware of these facts.