What is the Neither Party?


What is the Neither Party?
We are a new internet-based political party representing a new paradigm of political activism. We represent the virtual voice of the reality based community. What we are building is the next logical step, after first admitting the present two-party system is dangerously flawed, and needs fixing. Now. Yesterday.
We intend to be the catalyst required to mobilize those who are discouraged, dissatisfied, outraged or terrified at the direction our two party system is leading us, or those who feel that the political process is simply not worth their time or efforts. What could possibly be more important than the future of humanity and our planet?

We will bring together many of the existing third parties under "one tent" and unite us rather than pitting us against each other. The Neither Party extends the olive branch of welcome to Republocrats of both wings, as well as all of the other niche or one-issue third parties. United we stand; divided we fall.

If you are disenchanted or disgusted with your present political party, we encourage you to join us. We encourage intra-party discourse and dissent, and trust that vetting of platform planks, party positions and candidates by party members (directors) will ensure that our member support is broad-based and inclusive.

Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to fully participate in the VBOD Forum (Virtual Board of Directors Forum). In the VBOD Forum you can share your thoughts and ideas, and offer suggestions for edits concerning any or all issues. As a paying member (a director), you will be vetting the Neither Party Platform (participating in the evolution of various positions) and nominating those who also believe a fundamental change of direction is necessary for the survival of our Nation.

The sooner we start, the better chance we have of succeeding. We must start now!

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A Progressive Democratic/Republican/Conservative/Liberal/Libertarian/Socialist plan to take back America

American citizens of all stripes are finally getting fed up with the manner in which our nation is being governed by their elected and selected officials, yet they continually go at each others’ throats as to the cause of these problems, not realizing they are being marginalized by the tactics of ‘divide and conquer’ and then rule.
The following is a plan meant to combat the divisions nominally between Republican/Democrat or Conservative/Liberal or Libertarian/Progressive ‘talking points’ meant to obfuscate and hide the principles which unite us all.
A Candidate’s Neither Party Pledge:
1. I pledge to put the full power of my office behind efforts to thoroughly investigate 9-11 and the events leading to our attacks upon the sovereign nations of Afghanistan and Iraq. In the event high crimes and misdemeanors are deemed to have been committed, I pledge to seek trials and sentences to the fullest extent of the law and/or turn the perpetrators over to appropriate world courts for war crimes trials and appropriate punishment.
2. I pledge to re-establish control over our currency and eliminate the Federal Reserve and furthermore to abolish fractional reserve banking.
3. I pledge to reduce government through the following mechanisms:
A. Attrition through retirement, with the last quarter of employment devoted to the orderly transition to a reduced manpower allotment including transference or ending of duties/responsibilities.
B. Elimination of all governmental agencies which participate in the political, military or economic destabilization of other sovereign nations.
C. Make every effort to reduce/eliminate the prison-industrial complex especially with regard to those charged or incarcerated for marijuana and other minor ‘drug-war’ offences
4. I pledge to put the full powers of my office behind a single-payer health care system—one that includes mental health parity.
5. I pledge to put the full powers of my office behind an investigation of all “executive orders” enacted since 1913 and to eliminate those found to be illegal.
6. I pledge to put the full powers of my office behind eliminating the Security Council of the United Nations or failing that, the withdrawal from that body as well as NATO.
7. I pledge to ensure a voting system which is inclusive and ensures every legal vote is counted.
8. I pledge to pass legislation to eliminate the recognition of corporations as persons/individuals, and to eliminate the automatic re-chartering of corporations that engage in illegal activities.
9. I pledge to eliminate all subsidies which create unfair advantage.
10. I pledge to withdraw funding and participation in the World Bank, IMF the IBC and other sources of destabilizing funds, the purpose of which is to divide and conquer.
11. I pledge to open the workings of government to scrutiny in every possible way.
12. I pledge to overturn the archaic drug laws in the USA to include the legalization of pot, coca and indigenous hallucinogens and to treat drug abuse as a medical issue rather than as a legal issue.
13. I pledge to investigate in an open and honest manner the wrongs of previous administrations to ensure they are not allowed to be committed in the future. Such admissions will necessitate victim compensation and/or apologies where warranted.
14. I pledge to support an article V convention for the purpose of updating our constitution to prevent abuse of authority such as the ‘principle of unitary executive’ which has the effect of making the constitution irrelevant against the diktats of fascist governance.
15. I pledge to institute a gradual transformation of our military/prison-industrial-based economy to a green and sustainable economy by promoting energy and natural resource conservation, alternative energy and technologies to dramatically reduce pollution and global warming.
16. I pledge to support legislation increasing penalties for abuse of public trust in cases of both government and corporate malfeasance.
The above non-ordered list is to be considered only a starting point—perhaps as an initial template for a future finalized list. Neither Party members are encouraged to change/modify this list as needed and prudent. The way this is imagined to work, is to offer these pledges to all candidates, and to support without party preference any/all office seekers who sign it without regard to their ‘official’ party affiliation. The idea is to make the ‘official’ parties largely irrelevant, by bypassing and otherwise making obsolete the obviously corrupted and falsely manufactured distinctions within the two-party system.
Financial support for this movement will be achieved through individual donations of a suggested “A dime a day for democracy”, or a suggested $36.50 per person per year. One million contributors equals $36.5 million, and 10 million contributors equals $365 million—which if applied to the support of candidates who support the above pledge, could change our corrupted system in just one election cycle, presupposing popular support. If this plan has any chance of working, all of this can and must be done only by popular support and without the influence of major political party or corporate persuasions or other corrupting influences.
Given the problems of forming a viable third party movement contrary to the wishes of corporate and established dominating political party determinations, this idea is deceptively simple and relatively easy to put into effect, reflecting the bottom-up determinations of the previously marginalized populace. While the above pledge platform is only a starting point and remains unfinished, the mechanisms for the organization of such a movement are already largely in place and awaiting popular support and the funding necessary to bring it to fruition. The work-in-progress can be seen at www.neitherparty.org where your active participation and support is sought and needed. The alternative to the above plan is the present-day destructive and destabilizing status-quo.