Sydney 9/11 Truth Action - 11th October 2007

11th October was a coming of age for the Sydney 9/11 Truth Action Group. On that day we had our first encounter with the authorities. After five months of regular appearances at the Town Hall, on this occasion we were informed by city rangers that we had committed an offence (by setting up a card table and a banner). Subsequently were we told by the police that we were required to provide detailed information and identification in order to lawfully protest.

We are currently investigating the legality of the various statements made by Police and Sydney Council officers on the day. Surprisingly, it is not easy to get this information in a clear and unambiguous form. The most perplexing aspect of that day was the Police insisting that they need to get personal details of the "ringleader" of the protest. Presumably this information would be added to their database.

Recently, during APEC, a number of known protesters were put on a special blacklist of people banned from entering the CBD for the duration of the conference. This move was totally outside of any known laws at the time, and none of the protesters had criminal records.

We intend to return to the Town Hall on 10th November (a day early in order to avoid conflicting with Remembrance Day). All Sydneysiders are welcome to join us.

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Yes, remember that Hitler & the Gestapo began by taking

away people's rights slowly, gradually. We know what happened after that.

Please keep resisting anyone who attempts to infringe upon your rights!

Fascist Shift

To see the new style of police intervention in public protest, have a look at these photos from the Sydney APEC conference, September 2007. These photos were taken during the protest at Hyde park, miles away from the delegates. Nonetheless the police herded us like cattle, and anyone attempting to cross their lines was arrested.

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We are experiencing a fascist shift in this country. During the week of APEC the center of Sydney was cordoned off by a giant perimeter fence. Tourists were detained for photographing this fence, and forced to erase the images:

Editor -

No more USA,no more UK,no

No more USA,no more UK,no more Commonwealth of Canada,New Zealand or Australia. Now we are all citizens of Oceania.I do believe Orwell predicted this 60 years ago.A constant state of war against a 'make believe' enemy.A constant state of war that is used to 'justify' a totalitarian police state and if too many of us begin to see too clearly or ask too many questions,they have only to bomb a tube station or highjack a plane & the sheeple will all ways fall back into line.God help us.

be brave and fight waitew!

be brave and fight waitew! get out there and do something!
you will feel better i assure you! if you collapse in a heap they win.
print up some flyers, burn some dvd's make a sign, talk to friends.

i letterbox 200 dvd's a month and talk to anyone that will listen.
its the only way i can sleep... i can not stand idly by and watch this horror unfold!
911 was a inside job!
never forget! never kneel!

my children are not cannon fodder for the n.w.o.