Michael Medved Still Won't Face Facts that 9-11 was a "military-industrial-intelligence complex, black budget, falseflag, psyop"

On thursday, I called into Michael Medved's "Disagreement Day" show once again to attempt to bring up some 9-11 facts. Although I got pre-empted and distracted by Medved, I got my basic point out there early on and responded fairly adequately to his questions. Maybe I speculated a bit too much when I answered his question about the reason for the Afghanistan War with "opium money." We eventually proceeded to talking about the '93 WTC bombing. And ended up with Medved giving me earnest, heart-felt advice to not ruin my life "with this stuff."

I would appreciate feedback. And I also would encourage folks to call into shows, record them and post for us all to hear and learn from each other. Thousands, if not millions, of people who might have never heard of WTC 7, let alone seen it come down, got to see it on CNN twice because of the WeAreChangeLA Bill Maher interruption. Millions of people's ears and minds are available to us every single day on the talk radio shows both left and right. We need to hit this opportunity up much more deeply. Check the previous post with shows and numbers at the end: http://www.911blogger.com/node/9489

Great job man!

Great job man!

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medved email sent , thanks for the link

why was it done? to shove a fascist agenda down americas throat and to get the us armed forces fighting in the middle east so israel can focus on beach tourism instead,thats sarcasm boy-s if youdont get 911 then im sure that went over your heads too even those of you who have them shoved up your. . . . ..

First WTC Bombing--be informed

First WTC Bombing
[web article has active links]
The first WTC bombing was an exercise in Muslim Patsyism.

From [WWW]Types of Terrorism and 9/11:

September 11, 2001 was not the first time someone attempted to topple the tallest landmarks in the USA. 1993 a bomb set off in the basement garage of the World Trade Center killed 5 and injured more than 1,000 people. A closer look at the facts surrounding this case shed an interesting light both on how the attack was organized and executed, but also on the role of US officials, their media and links to foreign powers operating on US territory.

Within moments of the explosion, James Fox, assistant FBI director, declared that Mohammed A. Salameh was the person who planted the explosives using a yellow Ford Econoline van for the purpose. His biography was widely distributed, and the New York Times declared him a "Suspect Tied to an Islamic Fundamentalist Sect."

According to one source this terrorist attack was initiated by a Josie - or Guzie - Hadas, an Islamist, who, according to the International Herald Tribune, was "long established as a Mossad operative." 1 She had hired 2 Arabs, who were later arrested, Mohammed Salameh, a Palestinian, and Nidal Ayyad.

Salameh was Hadas' driver. In this function he was directed by Hadas to rent a transport van. Salameh rented the van in his own name. The telephone number and apartment listed on the rental contract were those belonging to Hadas.

The man who proposed the bombing to followers of Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman (an Egyptian dissident) was Emad Ali Salem "a high level double agent working for Egyptian intelligence and an FBI informant/provocateur. It was Salem, who provided the FBI with taped conversations and all other evidence for the trial. It was Salem who had the idea and drew up the plans to blow up the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, the United Nations and other targets and also commit assassinations.

The FBI/Egyptian intelligence agent "provided the safe houses in which the bombs were manufactured, helped purchase the firearms and materials to be used in the attacks." 2


Afghanistan was about the pipeline to the Caspian area

Don't forget that Unocal wanted the Taliban's pipeline construction agreement, with Bridas of Argentina, to be vacated. The Taliban were entertained several times by Dick Cheney and co. to get them to rip up their contract with Bridas, which they ultimately refused to do, although Bridas did offer a partnership consortium to Unocal.

It sounds like that wasn't good enough and the Taliban were taken out. That is why the war with Afghanistan was planned prior to Sept. 11, 2001. The opium thing would be secondary, if any motive at all. I wouldn't use that in a discussion as it doesn't have legs.

The motive for the pipeline is naked and provable. Bridas won a judgement against Unocal for interference in a U.S. court but it doesn't have any merit in Afghanistan which is now run by a former Unocal consultant Hamid Karzai.

It is all about the oil.

Not so fast...

In a nutshell, PLEASE listen to the following CRUCIAL podcast as it illustrates the notion that the drug war certainly DOES have legs, parallels and should be considered in relation to 9/11, if you have your facts straight.

http://911Synchronicity.com - Podcast #5

More drug war/running in:

Panama Deception
Mohamed Atta & The Venice Flying Circus

"The important thing is to not stop questioning" - Einstein
"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance" - Einstein
Many hands make light work!
RRREMA=realize, recognize, reconcile, educate, motivate, activate

Good point...

Tony Szamboti makes a good point, the average Joe is having enough trouble digesting the concept of their
governments complicity in 9/11 without throwing CIA involvement in drug dealing into the mix also.

Lets stick to issues that the general public will be receptive to.

"Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past"
George Orwell 1984

Afghanistan was targeted

Afghanistan was targeted because of its geographical location. It served as a steel tubed highway for gas and oil distribution. It also was a base for training CIA al Queda mercenaries and a breeding ground for Muslim extremist to be used as CIA patsies. Oh, the other major thing is the poppy fields which generates massive cash flow for CIA operations throughout the Middle East bypassing Congressional budget and oversight while lining the pockets of the criminals in our government and injecting a healthy amount of capital into Wall Street .


That was FANTASTIC man!!!! You are certainly very VERY talented at thinking fast on your feet!

As for the reference to the opium trade in Afghanistan, you're speculation was to me right on the money as our country is not only involved in a War On Terror but also a War On Drugs, and both are part of the very profitable (for some) war machine.

If ever we truthers have need of someone on the debate front lines who represents the everyman in all of us, I'm voting for you to step forward!

You make me proud to be a 9/11 truther . . .

opium trade in Afghanistan

Biggest crop in history.

a new product developed for kids: "CHEESE" = Black Tar Heroin and Tylenol PM $2.00 a pop.

I seriously doubt that opium was the reason for 911 and the wars

While the opium crop might now be fluorishing from what the news on the street says, I seriously doubt that was the reason for 911 and invading Afghanistan and I believe so will anyone you tell that to without referring to the oil pipeline and the Taliban's intransigence on it with regard to the desires of the U.S. oil people.

Using the opium trade as a motive for 911 and invading a foreign country will be a hard sell to anyone new to 911 being an inside job.

Opium- A secondary Benefit

Opium- A secondary Benefit. The Taliban had almost totally eradicated Opium.

Very possible

It is very possible that those who prepetrated 911 and got us to invade Afghanistan might be involved with the opium trade. However, it is high specualtion as there is a war going on there and opium is a quick cash crop which nobody is policing right now. It is a stretch to try and make that a motive and it sounds like a stretch when people try to say it was a motive.

It is not a stretch to say people in high places would take out the Taliban for oil pipeline motives and there is ample evidence that that is just what happened..

3 points

Just for general 911 debates;
1. When people ask "why?", the answer is very simple- its all outlined in "Rebuilding Amerias Defenses", where the need for a new Perl Harbor is explained. This is the simplest and mst accurate stock response to such a question- to catalyse a military and strategic radicalisation to ensure US hegemony thr0ughout the 21st century.
2. The reason for invading Afghanistan is the Centgas pipeline, transporting trillions of $s natural gas from the Caspian Sea. Also look up the "carpet of bombs or carpet of gold" comment for further insight.
3. When people say "This admin is too stupid to pul off something so complex", the answer is again very simple- this is as blatant, bungling and obvious an inside job as could be conceived, and as such bears all the hallmarks of the Bush admin.

I should also add that I dont think anyone does theselves any favours when they state that they dont think that 19 hijackers did 9/11- I dont wanna open a can of worms here, but if you believe what the majority of the TM does, you do believe that there were 19 hijkers, just that they were assisted and abetted by the US gov. This should be properly enunciated, i think.

But well done on the whole.


Just an idea...


That might be very useful for stock/typical/standard questions.

BTW, "process of transformation" is in the 90 pg doc 27 times:

"The important thing is to not stop questioning" - Einstein
"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance" - Einstein
Many hands make light work!
RRREMA=realize, recognize, reconcile, educate, motivate, activate

That was interesting

I would have liked to hear you two go back & forth for another 10 minutes.

But of course all the quick blurps, & pressure on time, only help dumb down debate & real
understanding of events.

Sticking With Our Big Guns

I agree with those 3 points you made mjd-- those are very good responses to keep in mind. As for general 9/11 debates, I think we do best by sticking with several issues that strongly suggest inside job. My choices:
1) Building 7. Our movement has done a tremendous job at promoting this in 2007. It has become a true lightning rod.
2) Norman Mineta. Mineta's testimony to the 9/11 Commission is a serious thorn for any supporter of the bogus offical story becuase it directly contradicts Cheney and the Commission Report. Make sure you are fluid and knowelegable on this "lightning rod."
3) War Games. The fact that multiple overlapping war games exercises were being played out during the actual attacks has to be widely revealed. While there were potentially more than a dozen, pick 3 or 4 for discussion: Vigilant Guradian and Amalgam Virgo should be recited accurately. And the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) near D.C. whose job is to use satelites to look down on our skies also had a war game going on during the attacks that simulated an attack on them, and thus their building was empty as the "terrorists" began.

Additionally, thermite and molten metal are two more examples of hard evidence that our experts might vigorously promote. The point is to control the debate as best as you can and not necessarily go out on a limb to speculate on things. It is perfectly fine to say "I don't want to speculate. That's why we need a real investigation to find out these things." Then say "here's what I would like to know..." (and dive right back into one of these 3 lightning rods!)

I would also keep a list of the 9/11 polls handy. Good job though! Let's keep knocking down the castle walls.

phone #

I'd like to have the phone # of the lady who said that she was
passenger on one of the airplanes that landed at Hopkins Airport
in Cleveland ...

World Piracy

RL McGee has good sense. I love it.

Tony, gut feelings are not data. You sound like Noam, falling back on "seriously doubt," "it's a stretch," and "high speculation." The British ambassador to Uzbekistan corrects your bad paint job. We are not talking small peasants.

"The four largest players in the heroin business are all senior members of the Afghan government" - "Afghanistan...now exports...on an industrial scale."

If your test is numerical profits, compare the oil and drug trades. Oil's importance is similar, supporting the worldwide pirate economy. Drugs fund black ops projects, like, er, the Mujahadeen. They fuel a gigantic money laundry machine used by everyone from CIA to plunge-protection teams and (non)federal (non)reserve gold-riggers.


Drugs also play into the eugenics "endgame" and justify Big Brother's "War on Drugs," the older excuse to kill freedom.

Saddam's crime was wanting to sell *more* oil than approved, in other things than dollars. Now Iran is on the chopping block for identical reasons. Any cartel must limit supply, and that's what the Iraq war is about.