My Second Encounter with Maxine Waters: She's Looking Into Wayward Nukes, but Says No to Saying the "T" Word for Lack of "Facts"

On Saturday October 27th, Maxine Waters received an award from Peace Action West, during its 50th anniversary celebration, for her peacemaking work in the "Out of Iraq Caucus." After a speech in which she urged us to keep the pressure on Congress and to work to pick up votes for the Democrats in the house and win the White House as the way to end the Iraq War, I decided to follow up with Representative Waters on our previous encounter months earlier-

After reminding her about our previous encounter regarding Brezinski's false-flag attack warning and war with Iran, she immediately jumped into talking about the incident with the "wayward" nukes and her intention to look into it on monday. She had begun speaking about the incident with the B-52 from Minot loaded with nuclear-tipped missiles when I turned the cellphone recording on...

MW: … the significance of that and these…

J: So now you’re tuned into that?

MW: Yeah, I’m tuned in, so, on monday, I’m going to do some research. I’m gonna see what I have. Ok.

J: Very good. And talk to Dennis about it too because he’s looking into it. Some of the guys have ended up dead …

MW: [inaudible but incredulous phrases] C’mon.

J: Yeah, go look at it. So, now it looks like there’s something serious going on there.

MW: You’re kidding me?

J: Nah, for real. So, DeFazio…

MW: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

J: You know when he decided to go look at the plan for after an emergency, he said maybe those people with the conspiracy theories are onto something, because they wouldn’t let him look at it…

So alright. My questions are about: Since we last talked, we made it through the summer with lots of warnings and threats from people like Chertoff, Rick Santorum, all of those guys right?

MW: Yes, that’s right.

J: And so.... but since then, the numbers of Americans have grown that either believe that the administration is guilty of letting the attacks of 9-11 happen or making it happen. Even if they didn’t let it happen, even if they just covered up, if you go into Article III Section 3 of the Constitution, it defines treason as aiding... giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Right?

MW: Uhuh.

J: So, if you cover up the worst terror attack in American history that is definitely treason, wouldn’t you agree?

MW: Uhuh, uhuh, uhuh.

J: So what I’m saying is that it doesn’t take the votes to accuse someone and to try them for treason. That’s just the law. That’s called justice right?

MW: Uhuh. Can we get to the question.

J: Ok, yes, good. So the question is: We haven’t had one congressperson yet to say the “T” word, treason, and are you…will you do that and call this administration to account for this matter?

MW: Members of Congress don’t easily, uh, make those kinds of accusations, because we are elected by alot of people who hold us responsible for facts. They hold us responsible for knowing what we talk about. And unless we KNOW THAT to be true, there’s no way that you can say it. Now, if you’re saying that you should keep your mind open and that you should be alert, and you should pay attention to everything that’s going on, so if you see any signs of anything that you will recognize them, of course you should. Of course you should. But that’s about all that you could do with it.

J: Well, and I appreciate that response, but meanwhile, the people of America have done the research- Building Seven’s collapse, which is clearly a controlled demolition. Controlled demolition experts have said it. It’s a smoking gun. Because if Building 7 alone is a controlled demolition, that means that 9-11 was something else other than Al-Qaeda. So, and the anthrax, you remember where the anthrax went to and came…

MW: But I don’t know that to be true. Look, let me tell you something. 600,000 plus people elect us to tell them factual information. To speculate on something that enormous…

-Interruption by others-

J: But millions of American people believe the president is guilty of treason.

-other people talking to her-
-I then follow up a couple minutes later-

J: I’m gonna leave you alone now, but I’m just gonna give you this one more time. (handing her pamphlet with circled)

MW: Yes, what’s that?


MW: Ok.

J: There’s 200 architects and engineers who say it was controlled demolition. So…

MW: Ok .Alright.

J: If you don’t know, go look at what they say.

MW: Ok. I’ll read it.

J: Ok. Thank you for your work.

MW: You’re welcome.

J: Alright, bye bye.

Nice work. "A long habit

Nice work.

"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of custom. But tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason."
-- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776


You know what the problem is?

These people are too eager to get reelected. If that wasn't the case, they would follow up on these issues as diligently as they could.

Just once I would love to see someone say "to hell with it" about rising up in the political hierarchy and simply do instead what's right for the people.

It's good Karma, to say the least.

"Fortune favors the bold" -- Pliny the Elder

The Damn will Break.

One of these efforts is going to provide us with the break we need. One of these fuckers is going to turn and blow a loud whistle. I can't wait. Great work. Thanks Shumonik.

I really hope it occurs.

We need to start entering the word "Treason" into the lexicon of American culture any time we find the opportunity because this is exactly what is going on.

Show "She wants facts?" by KT

Send her this: Missing

Send her this:

Missing Nukes: Treason of the Highest Order
by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Global Research, October 29, 2007