San Francisco October 27, 2007 Rally

Saturday, October 27th...The San Francisco Anti-War Rally had a great turn out. The Northern California Truth Alliance booth was very actively engaged with the crowd throughout the day in two locations while the famous 9/11 commission book rolled through the streets of San Francisco to Dolores Park.

The 9/11 Commission Book (full of holes) sits in Civic Center, SF awaiting its journey across town.

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Oakland and Santa Cruz Truthers Gathering for the march.

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The San Francisco group

The Northern California Truth Alliance Booth in action.

The Northern California Truth Alliance Booth in action.

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I have been documenting Rallys around the Bay Area since 2003 because the Main Stream Media either doesn't cover the events or their estimate of the turnout is divided by 10 and then published. "Tens of hundreds" ...right...