WeAreCHANGE Maryland visits the Baltimore Inner Harbor

(When action every eleventh is great but leaves you hungry for more...)

Earlier today, four members of WeAreCHANGE Maryland took 9/11 truth to Baltimore's main tourist attraction. Expecting rain but determined to take action nonetheless, we were pleased to be greeted by sunny blue skies.

Never have we received more supportive honks, waves, and pumped fists than we did today. We had a few middle fingers flipped at us -- tourists! -- but that's an acceptable consequence of taking a stand on this controversial issue.

We arrived with about 80 DVDs and 100 flyers and we left with approximately nothing.

Out of the many excellent interactions we had with passersby, two of the best conversations were with a Vietnam veteran and with a young Army soldier two months away from shipping off to Iraq. People from so many walks of life know something is terribly wrong with this country, and so many of them are happy to hear how 9/11 is a key puzzle piece in making sense of the chaos.

And oh, the benefits of demonstrating on a street corner! A tour-bus-boat thingie with about 20 passengers gazing eagerly out around the harbor stopped at a red light in front of us. The driver saw our signs, cheered into his microphone, honked the bus-boat's big horn, and beckoned for materials. One of us sprinted up to deliver a DVD, Deception Dollar, and pamphlet to the driver as the passengers looked on.

WeAreCHANGE Maryland is picking up momentum. Once we scrape enough funds together, we plan to take action every Saturday and every eleventh of every month, focusing initially on Baltimore.

It is uplifting beyond words to realize the tremendous impact so few people can have, to know that despite widespread apathy and disillusionment, there are countless minds ready and willing to be set ablaze if only they can find a spark.

We shall return!