9/11 – A Letter to a Die-Hard Supporter of the Official Explanation

Dr. Frank Legge (PhD in Chemistry) writes a letter to an educated friend who is a "Die-Hard Supporter of the Official Explanation," presenting straightforward arguments regarding the collapse of WTC 7. This marks Letter #50 in the Journal of 9/11 Studies. He begins:

"Dear friend, let's not talk about the details of our previous discussions. Instead let's start from the beginning and consider emotions, and move from there to a brief summary of the case. You already have the observations, calculations and conclusions in the papers in front of you, from the Journal of 9/11 Studies. These will not be repeated, but the essential thread of the argument relating to WTC 7 will be carefully spelled out as an example of how the case for explosives may be made.

"Please believe that I approach this topic with fear and trembling. I do not want to believe that explosives were used at the WTC. I tried for a long time to argue against it. I am aware of the scale of the consequences to the people of America, and indeed the world, if the idea that explosives were used becomes widely accepted. I am however also aware of the fact that failure to recognize the use of explosives, if they were used, also has grave consequences. As a scientist I accept a duty to investigate this question, doing my best to set all pre-existing beliefs aside.

"Extreme difficulty is encountered in examining the case as strenuous efforts were made by the authorities to hide and destroy evidence. Some forms of evidence still exist however: eye witness reports, seismic records, analysis of debris, photos and videos. Among these the videos are unique in that they are in the hands of the public and allow the events to be reviewed. When I first heard that the buildings fell at near free fall speed it occurred to me that I could check this myself and thus would not have to depend on others for interpretation of the information. "

Dr. Legge's letter can be read in full here: http://journalof911studies.com/letters/f/LeggeLastTry4.pdf

Thank you again, Prof Jones,

Thank you again, Prof Jones, for posting another useful letter by Dr. Legge that I can and will use to explain my position on WTC 7 to friends and family members who are still having difficulty with their cognitive dissonance and new paradigm transformation.