Actor Ruffalo "Baffled" At Collapse Of Twin Towers

Actor Ruffalo "Baffled" At Collapse Of Twin Towers
Joins Martin Sheen in publicly doubting 9/11 official story, slams Commission as "illegitimate"

Award winning actor Mark Ruffalo says he is "baffled" at the collapse of the twin towers and Building 7 on 9/11 and has called for re-opening the investigation into the attacks, joining Martin Sheen in publicly doubting the government's official story.

Ruffalo's notable film roles include Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Academy Award-nominated 2000 film You Can Count on Me and most recently, 2007's Zodiac. He is a vocal critic of the Iraq war having appeared on Democracy Now and spoken at the October 2006 World Can't Wait protest in New York City.

In an interview with We Are Change L.A. at an anti-war rally in Los Angeles this past weekend, Ruffalo said he was "baffled" with how the twin towers and Building 7 came down, but cautioned that so much information had been put out that the truth had been "stretched" and that too many people were being distracted by the more "sensational" aspects of some claims made about 9/11 that were being fostered to "discredit the movement."

Ruffalo also slammed the 9/11 Commission Report.

"The fact that the 9/11 investigation went from the moment the planes hit to the moment the buildings fell and nothing before and nothing after I think makes that investigation completely illegitimate," said Ruffalo.

"If you're gonna do a crime investigation, you have to find motive....and we didn't follow that, it was quickly pushed away," he added.

Ruffalo concurred that the immediate interference in the crime scene as well as the initial appointment of Henry Kissinger to head the 9/11 Commission were obvious signs that the investigation was compromised, mandating a re-opening of the inquiry.

Ruffalo joins two other highly prominent public figures who have also expressed doubts about the official 9/11 story just in the last few days alone.

Actor Martin Sheen spoke at length about how he finds the government version difficult to swallow during the same ANSWER rally in Los Angeles that Ruffalo attended, a story that has received absolutely no mainstream press attention at time of writing.

Award winning comedian George Carlin also questioned the "received reality" of 9/11 during a recent appearance at Borders Bookstore in New York City.