Sherry Peel Jackson's trial begins in Atlanta

Sherry Peel Jackson, one of the former IRS agents that appeared in the late Aaron Russo's movie America Freedom to Fascism, is currently under trial for criminal failure to file 1040 income confession forms in Atlanta, Georgia.

We arrived at the Russell Building at about 2 pm for Ms. Jackson's trial in courtroom 1908. Her defense attorney was finishing his opening statement, so we missed much of that and the Federal Prosecutors opening statement. However when the Prosecutor commence he called another IRS auditor. Ms. Deborah Fitzpatrick and began a line of question regarding the training that they receive to analyze and audit personal, small business and corporate tax forms. He also presented various forms related to Mrs. Jackson's income and tax forms she had prepared for herself and clients to this witness, strangely for no other apparent reason than expert identification of the forms. He then called a business partner of Mrs. Jackson's, Ms. Cameron, apparently again to identify the forms and establish that Mrs. Jackson had income during the period in question. One line of question that he took was if anyone Ms Fitzpatrick had ever audit questioned the income tax and that Mrs. Jackson had filed income tax in previous years. Additionally he asked Ms. Cameron if she had ever had any problem filling out the forms. The prosecution then rested.

As it was now past 4 pm the defense lawyer proposed recessing to the judge, but the judge wanted to continue the case, so Mrs. Jackson took the stand for about 45 minutes, answering questions about her childhood, education, and her career. Then Mrs. Jackson was able to continue telling her story of being approached by various people about the unconstitutionality of the Federal Income Tax and eventually being directed to the full page We The People ad in USA Today and the $50,000 reward if someone could produce the law. She then told of her efforts to find the law in the tax code, contacting numerous former colleagues at the IRS, and eventually running into Joe Bannister's information, and contacting him. The Defense attorney then tried to submit 1040 Instruction workbooks for 1990, 1991 and 1992, and the prosecutor objected. The jury was retired for the evening and then the judge pursued the objection and basically over-ruled the objection, allowing pertinent pages to be submitted to evidence.

I met Joe Bannister and Peymon Mottahedeh from Freedom Law School, as well as several other supporters of Sherry Peel Jackson at the court house. Other groups represented in court in support of Ms Jackson included members of the Atlanta 911 truth group and the Atlanta Ron Paul group.

We will keep you informed on the progress of the trial, and we ask everyone who is able to attend the trial to do so in support of Ms Jackson, and those who are unable to attend please pray for a fair and just outcome to this trial.

The trial is being held at 9:30 a.m. in the Richard B. Russell federal building on Spring Street in Atlanta.

Sherry Jackson Trial News


Written by djahn
Tuesday, 30 October 2007

October 29, 2007 ATLANTA, GA

Today, the trial of former IRS Revenue Agent and CPA, Sherry Peel Jackson commenced with the government charging ahead with its four count information of willful failure to file at the Richard B. Russell Federal Courthouse by eliminating a host of its estimated 17 witnesses down to only three and presenting then wrapping up its case before 3:30PM.

The Jury selection process took place at approximately 9:30AM and by around 12:40PM the pool of 35 prospective jurors were sorted by the respective counsel and the panel of 12 jurors and one alternate. The empanelled jury consists of white, black and Hispanic men and women.

The government called three witnesses to the stand to make its case. Debbie Fitzpatrick, an IRS Revenue Agent, hired at the same time and attended the same training classes as Sherry Jackson testified to the general aspects of job responsibilities and the training phases she had attended with Ms. Jackson.

Next on the stand was Ms. Marion Cameron, a shareholder in Cameron, Miles and Jackson, PC, a corporation formed after Ms. Jackson had landed a lucrative state contract involving the auditing of state-run day care centers. Ms. Cameron testified to the amounts of gross receipts earned by each shareholder.

The government’s third and final witness was John Sherritk, a fraud investigator with the DOJ. Mr. Sherritk, who was on the stand for a very short period of time and testified to the figures on checks issued to the corporation and other sources pertaining to the corporation in general and Ms. Jackson specifically.

By 3:45PM Sherry Jackson took the stand. Sherry introduced her background to the jury and Mr. Becraft was able to offer and admit one of Sherry Jackson’s approximate 33 exhibits to the record. Mr. Becraft offered the 1991 IRS Instruction Book as evidence and the government objected to it for no apparent reason.

After a brief debate, the court asked that the defense readmit the Instruction Book with only the pertinent portions that the defense intended demonstrate to the jury that Sherry Jackson relied upon to form and reinforce her beliefs.

The court adjourned at 5:15PM and Sherry Jackson will resume her testimony Tuesday morning and according to Mr. Becraft, he believes that Sherry’s testimony will conclude before lunch and the government’s cross examination could be finished before the close of court on Tuesday.

“This case has moved forward incredibly fast.” said Larry Becraft, “however, Sherry has been stellar at making adjustments to the unexpected occurrence of being called to the stand two days earlier than anticipated.”

Please stay tuned to for exclusive video interviews with Sherry Jackson and her defense team.

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The Willful Failure To File Heresy

In a recent email to his subscriber list, Larken Rose discusses the government's blatant hypocracy regarding the not filing of proper returns for a tax they claim you owe and filing returns for a refund of a tax you paid in error (after learning the truth).

Sherry's case is another Willful Failure To File case (four counts in this instance), as were those of Tommy Cryer and Vermice Kuglin

Dear Subscriber,

The IRS, with the help of the DOJ and the federal courts, is an
extortion machine. (But most of you already knew that.) All the tap-
dancing they do about "law" is nothing more than a show they put on
to try to give the impression that what they do is somehow legal,
and therefore legitimate. But they don't care one bit about the
law. They care about getting money, whether people owe it or not,
and they will use any means--legal or not--to destroy those who
don't pay the "protection" fee. They will try to hurt you if you
don't comply, and afterwards fabricate some legal excuse for why it
was okay for them to do so.

If the folks at the IRS and DOJ really did care about the law, and
thought they were truly collecting only what was "legally" owed,
they would NOT behave the way they do. They could still be zealous,
still prosecute some people, etc., but a few things would be very

In my trial, the JUDGE (acting as back-up prosecutor) took me to
task for not filing returns reporting my income as if it were
taxable, and then filing a claim for refund to get it back. Then
the DOJ picked up on that bizarre argument: that if I really
believed I didn't owe it, I would have PAID it, and then tried to
get it back. (Gee, I wonder if we should all do that for EVERY tax
we don't think we owe. I don't think I owe any Albuquerque, NM
property taxes--because I have no property there--but maybe I
should pay them, and then try to get them back, to please the
federal courts.)

But aside from the silliness of the argument, the prosecution and
the judge all decided that I was evil for NOT giving the IRS money
and then filing a claim for refund to try to get it back. In fact,
they harped on the fact that I DIDN'T sue the IRS as if it proves
that I believe I owe the tax. (How's that for a logical non-
sequitur?) So, if I were a good citizen, according to the
government, I would give the IRS lots of money, and then file a
claim for refund (1040X), and if they denied that, I would sue to
try to get my money back. That, in my case, is what they declared I
SHOULD have done, and I was a nasty criminal because I didn't do

In the case of Dr. Tom Clayton, however, he was nasty criminal
because he DID do exactly that. The DOJ called his claims for
refund "false claims"--when they were no such thing--and charged
him with multiple felony counts of filing false returns (26 USC
7206(1)). The claims themselves made no secret about the reason for
the request for refunds: he had concluded that he had previously
paid taxes on NON-taxable income. Nonetheless, the DOJ fascists
painted that as a CRIMINAL act, and flung him in prison for it,
where he is right now. (Incidentally, he did appeal his conviction,
and that gross misapplication of the "false returns" statute is one
of the main issues being challenged.)

What it boils down to is that if you don't accept on faith the
conventional wisdom regarding the federal income tax, there is
NOTHING you can do to make the federal fascists happy. If you
merely speak your mind, they will criminalize that, and call it an
"abusive tax shelter," or a "corrupt attempt to interfere with the
administration of the tax laws." If you don't file, they will
prosecute you, and say you should have paid and then sued to get it
back. But if you pay up, and try to get it back, they will
prosecute you for filing "false claims." In some cases even asking
QUESTIONS is portrayed as a criminal act by these lunatics (which
IRS Special Agent Donald Pearlman did in my own little

There's a reason I call it "heresy": that's exactly how they treat
it. In short, you are EVIL if you BELIEVE something they don't
like. No matter what you do, you are a heretic, and they will find
an excuse to persecute you--even if you're doing exactly what they
said the last "tax heretic" SHOULD have done. The IRS has its
indisputable doctrine (which happens to contradict the law), and--
from their cult-like vantage point--it is IMPOSSIBLE to honestly
disagree with them. Any who disagree are sneaky, nasty criminals,
who should be burned at the stake.

Luckily, the government can't fling people in prison without the
consent of the American people (by way of the jury box). Unluckily,
the American people tend to be idiots, who not only blindly believe
the gospel according to the IRS--which by itself would be
understandable--but who whole-heartedly AGREE that not accepting on
blind faith the proclamations of any moronic federal bureaucrat is
a SIN, and that anyone who does so DESERVES to be put in a cage.

Every once in a while, however, someone with a brain ends up on a
jury. It happened in Vernice Kuglin's case. It happened in Joe
Banister's case. It happened in Tommy Cryer's case. And, with any
luck, it is happening right now, in Sherry Jackson's case, which
(as I understand it) started today. We shall see.


Larken Rose
Mon, 29 Oct 2007

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)
"We are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse."(NIS)

I am sad to report...

From Larken Rose, Tue, 30 Oct 2007 17:28:

Dear Subscriber,

Well, after an extremely short trial, and an extremely short jury
deliberation (although I doubt they deliberated anything), Sherry
Peel Jackson was found guilty of the crime which she didn't commit,
and which the government knew she didn't commit. The charge was for
several counts of misdemeanor "willful failure to file."

I don't have much more to say about it at the moment. Once again,
the victims of oppression have betrayed someone who was trying to
help them. Twelve more sheep demonstrated that, for the most part,
the American people deserve to be enslaved, extorted, harassed and
oppressed. Unfortunately, one of the few who DOESN'T deserve that
is now being punished for telling the truth.


Larken Rose

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)
"We are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse."(NIS)