WeAreChange with Charles Giles and John Feal

WeAreChange with Charles Giles and John Feal

If you've been following the news around the the internet you may have heard that a man named Charles Giles, an EMT on 9/11, is about to be thrown out of his house because he fell a little over a month behind in his mortgage. This sick and dying first responder has been put through the ringer of government and corporate bureaucracy.

The town of Barnegat, NJ has done what it can to raise money for Charles and his family preparing for the inevitable sheriff sale of his house but John Feal's Foundation and WeAreChange has decided to fight for this man by taking his story to the masses and implicating the bank's and law firms behind this.

This man was severely burnt and had a badly damaged eye but refused to go home and went back to the pile at the trade center until December. He stayed because that's the kind of man Charles is. He wasn't going to give up on us and so we aren't going to give up on him.


Excellent job...

To everyone involved.

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A Real Tear Jerker

I think this IS extremely powerful and I hope we can make a documentary out of cases like this one in order to expose the Feds and Silverstein even further. Thank you guys for doing this and Mike, YOU ROCK DUDE !! =)

Excellent post GB

EMT's story needs to be shouted from the roof tops while we can still help these people. This subject is worthy of a series of articles and postings, WAC has taken on numerous campaigns of merit and the first responder's atrocities is deserves front page address in every major newspaper, talk show, etc.. Thanks GB for posting this.

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