Buildings Topple Over

Normally, when buildings collapse, they topple over:

Why didn't this happen to the World Trade Centers on 9/11?

Normally, when buildings collapse, they topple over

Uh, no they don't. They start shredding to pieces from the top down at free fall speed until there's nothing left but a neat little pile. Or didn't you know? ;)

. . . Great pictures, BTW.

Happy Halloween!

What did these buildings fall over from?

My guess, in all cases: earthquakes - therefore irrelevant to WTC.

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Good work GW

I think this is very relevant, Good work GW, the buildings in the photos may have toppled due to earthquakes, but it demonstrates that buildings that fall that are NOT deliberately demolished can and do topple over, although that is not the only reason. As we know they can pancake leaving floors piled on top of one another. No evidence of this at WTC either. Photos of genuine pancake collapses may be useful here. There are some at this link:-

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