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Randy, Zan and Stewart from We Are Change LA were the guests on the October 29 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. We talked about the Bill Maher disruption, Charlie Sheen's questioning of 9/11 and confronting the Skeptic's Society with actual skepticism. Drew from 9/11 Truth Tucson co-hosts.

Truth Revolution Radio October 29 MP3

A Message from Zan

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

These are the real leaders

These are the real leaders of the Truth Movement! My hats are off to them.

May we all be leaders as well.
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month



Don't you mean MARTIN Sheen's questioning of 9/11?

Haven't listened to the recording yet...

Martin is the elder, Charlie is his son :-)

Yes, of course

I'm pretty sure I didn't screw it up on the show... we do mention Charlie too!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

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